10 Alexandra Hedison Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

Alexandra Hedison is a gifted artist who has found fame as an actress, director, and photographer. Her career in the latter is the one she has given the most attention in the last few years. Her work addresses themes of transition, recovery, loss, memory, and the subconscious. Hedison’s work has been exhibited all around the world and is being held in reputable public and private collections across the globe. While no one can deny her artistic accomplishments in the field of photography, Alexandra has also enjoyed a successful career as an actress. Her portfolio is packed with roles on the big and small screen. There are a number of Alexandra Hedison’s movies and TV shows out there for you to enjoy.

The multi-talented creative is also known for being the former partner to the media guru and comedian . Alexandra is currently happily married to the actress , although it seems as if she has left the acting industry behind. Regardless, Hedison has been in a number of memorable projects in film and television and also has her fair share of bad ones. Here is a list of 10 Alexandra Hedison’s movies and TV shows ranked from best to worst.

Alexandra Hedison Movies and TV Shows

1. The L Word (2004-2009)

This award-winning television series was created by Ilene Chaiken, Kathy Greenberg, and Michelle Abbot and it revolves around a group of friends living in West Hollywood, most of who are lesbian women. The show lasted for six seasons and was received with praises and open arms when it first began to air. While the latter seasons of the show are not everyone’s cup of tea, The L Word is still considered a wonderful series that explored the varied experiences of gay people everywhere.

Alexandra Hedison managed to shine even as a recurring character. She plays Dylan Moreland, a documentary filmmaker who strikes up a relationship with Helena Peabody even though she’s straight so she and her boyfriend could con her. She ends up falling for Helena and suing her for sexual harassment. Years later, she runs into Helena again and the two resume their ill-fated relationship. The L Word is one of the best Alexandra Hedison TV shows you can watch.

2. Max is Missing (1995)

The actress plays Rebecca in this entertaining juvenile drama about a young boy who reluctantly accompanies his historian father and his new girlfriend on a vacation trip to the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. Along the way, the boy, Max goes missing and has to find his way back to his family with the help of a young Peruvian boy. He soon finds himself in possession of a priceless ancient mask that is being hunted down by a group of thieves hoping to sell it for a fortune.

The movie is kind of like Home Alone, except it takes place on the streets and through the jungle of Peru. In the same fashion, it is brimming with hilarity and exciting thrills. Whether you’re a teenager or not, the movie promises to give you a free ride back to the simpler times that was your childhood. It is an adventure you will most definitely enjoy.

3. In the Dog House (2005)

One of the best Alexandra Hedison movie performances is delivered in the reality television series In the Dog House, also known as At the end of My Leash. The actress lends her voice to the character Maggie. The series has picked up over a dozen awards and nominations for how brilliant it is.

The series follows the star of the show Brad Pattison, a life coach and dog trainer as he travels about and visiting homes where he deals with problems people have with their dogs. He also tries to fix the relationship between the individuals that allowed the problems to develop in the first instance.

4. Blackout Effect (1998)

After a mid-air collision between a passenger jet and a cargo flight results in the death of all 185 people aboard both planes, an NTSB investigator is sent to find out what really happened. Everyone is quick to throw the blame on the air traffic controller, who insists that his system went blank shortly before the crash.

However, his superiors and coworkers are intent on making him the scapegoat and claim that the crash was as a result of human error, not system failure as he suggests. The investigator must find out there is a massive cover-up afoot or a catastrophic case of an error on the part of the air controller. Alexandra plays Catherine Parmel the concerned girlfriend of the investigator. Her performance, as well as that of the other cast members, were greeted with effusive praise and commendation.

5. Melrose Place (1992-1999)

The acclaimed actress guest stars as Dr. Reshay on an episode titled Blind Ambition. Melrose Place is an award-winning prime-time soap opera that ran for seven seasons. The show follows a group of young adults who call Melrose Place, an apartment complex in West Hollywood, California home. The show belongs to the Beverly Hills 90210 franchise and it picked up a number of Golden Globe nominations during its seven-year run.

While the show was not exceptional by any standards it was full of melodrama and twists that were very entertaining and kept viewers coming back for every new season. If you’re looking for an Alexandra Hedison movie or TV show to watch, then Melrose Place is a good place to dive into her filmography.

6. Prey (1998)

This sci-fi TV series only aired for one season before it went off the air. It follows an anthropologist, Dr. Sloan Parker, working hand in hand with her colleague Dr. Ed Tate and associate Tom Daniel to investigate a secret species of humanoids who might one day drive humans into extinction. Alexandra’s character is credited as Attwood’s Boss and she only appears in 7 episodes. Prey happens to be one of the better and more memorable performances of her career.

7. NightMan (1997-1999)

Johnny Domino, a saxophonist finds that he has the ability to detect evil after he is struck by lightning. Using his newfound superpowers, he takes on the moniker NightMan and sets out to defeat the bad guys and those who seek to perpetuate crime and evil. The series is closely adapted from the comic books based on the character.

While he spends every episode trashing bad guys, his ultimate nemesis is tech billionaire named Kieran Keyes. Alexandra is a recurring character on the superhero series. She plays a reporter named Jennifer Parkes.

NightMan received positive reviews from critics and comic book lovers, although it has received some heat for how frequently it moves away from the story as laid down in the comic books.

8. Sleep With Me (1994)

This comedy-drama film stars Craig Sheffer, Meg Tilly, and Eric Stoltz as longtime friends who are stuck in a love triangle. Meg and Eric’s character get married, but the night before the ceremony she tells Craig’s character that it could have been him and kisses him. Naturally, this complicates things as he also happens to have strong feelings for her. The story tumbles through the relationship between all three until it reaches a somewhat unsatisfactory end.

Although the film received a standing ovation when it premiered at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival, it ended up being a commercial failure mostly due to distribution problems. It received a low rating from viewers, making it one of the worst Alexandra Hedison movies there is even though she only had a minor role in it. Her character is credited as Brunette and the acclaimed director, Quentin Tarantino also had a cameo in the film.

9. The Rich Man’s Wife (1996)

In this crime thriller, takes the lead as the titular character who has become very dissatisfied with her marriage as a result of her husband’s preoccupation with his work, drinking and sleeping around. Although she cheats on him too, she is holding out hope that they can still make things work until she meets a handsome and dangerous man who makes her worst imaginations come true.

After her husband ends up dead, the plot of the story focuses on unraveling a complex web of deception to discover who the real culprit is. Alexandra had a small role as an unnamed party guest in the movie, which is great for her as she cannot be held responsible or how ridiculous and unsatisfactory the film is. It was met with wildly negative reviews and really low ratings from viewers.

10. Fire Co. 132: L.A. Firefighters (1996)

In between putting out fires all over the Los Angeles County, a group of firefighters led by Jarrod Emick (who stars as fire captain Jack Malloy) battle other tough and uncomfortable situations in their personal lives. The American drama series only aired 7 episodes before it was taken off the air due to the bulk of unfavorable reviews it received from viewers and real-life firefighters.

The actress plays a firefighter named Kay Rizzo, and the show has been hailed as one of the worst Alexandra Hedison TV shows ever aired. Even the good looks of the cast members couldn’t save the series.

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