10 Celebrity Death Hoaxes That Almost Broke The Internet

If some celebrities were cats, they would have lost their 9 lives, thanks to celebrity death hoaxes that have refused to stop resurfacing about. In fact, for some of them, we are getting used to hearing that they have died again and again. Nonetheless, there are some celebrities that such hoaxes about their deaths have broken the internet.

The most surprising thing about these hoaxes is that while they claim that people who are alive are dead, others are claiming that those who have died like Tupac are still alive somewhere and have been sighted.

Celebrity Death Hoaxes

1. Sylvester Stallone

When it comes to , we don’t just learn. More than once in the past, the death hoaxes have been falling on him, and we have kept falling for it. On June 13, 2014, it was reported by a fake news website, Global Associated News that the Rocky actor died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. It was again reported in August that same year that he died in a car crash, but this time around, it was in Australia.

In 2016, someone took the ungracious effort to create an image that looks like a CNN footage, just to spread the news that the actor had died. The Death hoax about Sylvester Stallone that broke the internet came in 2018 when it was announced by someone on Facebook on February 18, that the actor had died of prostate cancer, using a frail picture of the actor. In 24 hours, it had spread on Instagram and the entire internet, but then Sylvester and his brother, Frank Stallone were quick to debunk the claim.

2. Rowan Atkinson

There are many people who till now, still don’t know whether Mr. Bean is dead or alive because of the number of times he has been killed on the Internet. In 2012, someone took to Twitter to claim that the actor had died in a car crash. The next time he would die on the Internet was in 2016 when someone was crazy enough to spread the news that had committed suicide.

And then in 2018, the madness resurfaced again, claiming the actor had died in the same way as many other celebrity death hoaxes – car crash. The only thing, however, was that instead of 2018, the date on the image used read 2017. Apart from the fact that it was Mr. Bean, one of the other reason the news broke the internet was that the hoax was used to send viruses to the computers of people who clicked the links.

3. Cher

The Goddess of Pop was also not spared death on the Internet, where she was forced to die more than just once. In 2015, she was said to have died on 15 December. Although no reason was given for the said death, a Facebook page was created for her, pulling in over a million likes.

The death hoax on that broke the internet came years before, in 2012 when it was reported on Twitter (where many celebrities die before their deaths), that the recording artist had died at the age of 65, and her body was found at her home in Malibu. The news which was purportedly from CNN got the attention of so many people including who tweeted that she hoped it was not true. And sure, it wasn’t.

4. Jackie Chan

Action star is another celebrity who had to tell the world more than once that he is still alive, breaking the internet many times. In 2011, he woke up twice to find himself dead on the internet. The Rush Hour actor was first said to be dead in March 2011 after suffering a heart attack. The news went wild, but his representatives were quick to come out and put to rest the news.

He would suffer the misfortune of the news resurfacing again in August of the same year when it was claimed that he had died again on Facebook. The page that began the report garnered close to a hundred thousand likes.

The next time he broke the internet was in 2013 when it was claimed again that he had died. This time around, he came out to state that if he died, he would probably tell the world.

5. Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has found her name swimming in the muddy waters of celebrity death hoaxes more than once and breaking the internet twice for it. In 2014, the singer took some time off Twitter for 3 days and the news came on Facebook that she was found dead in her home following an overdose. Fans were too quick to believe this because she had not shared anything on Twitter. In order to put the news to rest, uploaded a topless picture on Instagram.

That would not put a rest to the death hoax about her as in 2016, she was again a victim of the same thing when it was reported that the wrecking ball singer had died in her bathtub. What helped the news this time around to spread even more was that Hollywood Life made a post about it stating that it was not true, but their headline did not help matters as it got many people who have not read the news to believe she was actually dead.

6. Lady Gaga

The singer was also not spared the noose of the death hoax. News of her purported death circulated the internet in 2013. The news first emerged on a Facebook page claiming that the singer’s body was found in a hotel room. A click on the link took visitors to a fake BBC website, but like all other hoaxes, it was discovered before too long that it was only what it was.

Nonetheless, the Facebook page that began the fake news had millions of likes as well as hundreds of comments on the post.

That was not the only time that news came out that had lost her life; in 2011, there were also the same reports claiming she was found dead in a hotel room.

7. Paris Hilton

Hilton has not been spared anything, not even finding herself among the death celebrity hoaxes list. The interesting thing, or not so, about her is that she has suffered it more times than many others.

In 2012, the internet was broken when it was reported that was killed in a car crash. Sadly enough, one of the reports claimed that alcohol and drugs might have caused the crash.

Back in 2007, there was a claim that Hilton had died in prison where she was serving a 45-day jail sentence for violating her probation. Although it was true at the time that she was serving, the report that she was stabbed was completely false and obviously, the report that she had died.

8. Jeff Goldblum

In 2009, American actor, became a victim of the celebrity death hoaxes when it was reported that the Jurassic Park star fell off a cliff in New Zealand to his death. While the news was being shared around, the actor could not reach his mum early enough to tell her it was all false. Because of this, she was distraught before she reached him to confirm it was all false.

Apart from his mother, his friends and fans were also worried, but there was no report on the said death on any serious site and he later came out to calm nerves.

9. Macaulay Culkin

Anyone who has watched Home Alone will definitely love . However, his life has not been one of the smoothest that many would have wished for him. But then, he is still very much alive although the news of his death, thanks to those who have mastered the ungracious art of death hoax, has broken the internet in the past.

The news of his supposed death hit the internet in November 2014, claiming that the actor had gone missing in New York and was found dead at the age of 34.

To debunk the rumors, the actor took to his social media where he laid motionless in the arms of his bandmate, but that did not also help so he took to his band’s twitter to snap himself drinking punch while on tour.


10. Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible found himself in 2010, dead on the internet like many other celebrities who have been killed by scammers. He was killed in a rather odd manner by the post which claimed he lost his life in New Zealand after a plumbing mishap.

According to the report which originated from Global Associated News and believed by many, the death of the actor had been confirmed by the Royal Queensland Police and his body was identified with the help of an identity card that was found on him after the accident.

Although the site that began the report pointed out that it was 100 percent false, that did not stop the internet from going agog. In the same way as most others, Tom Cruise took to his social media to tell his fans that he was still alive and well.

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