10 Celebrity Weight Gains We Were All Shocked About

Depending on who you ask, increase in body weight can either be the worst thing to ever happen to a person or just a natural way of the body reacting to a phase in a person’s life. Weight gain is a controversial subject in the world. Decades of promoting slimmer bodies as the ideal and only acceptable form of beauty has created a world where humans with a lot more fat than runway models are considered less beautiful. This is not an effect that is limited to regular human beings alone, celebrities also have to deal with the pressure and body shaming that comes with putting on a few pounds. Below, we will examine a few celebrity weight gains weight and how they have affected people’s perception of them.

Celebrity Weight Gains That Shocked Everyone

Here are a few selected celebrities who at one point over the course of their career gained some weight. To say we were perplexed and it took some getting used to isn’t an understatement.

1. Jared Leto

is one of the few method actors left in Hollywood and even for him, his 67 pounds weight gain for the character he played in Chapter 7 – a biopic about the mentally ill Beatles fanboy who assassinated John Lennon, left a bewildering effect.

The actor who is usually known for his fit Rockstar/Jesus-like looks looked like a jobless man-child who spent his entire day sleeping in his mother’s basement and harassing women on the internet. He gained so much weight that he had to be confined to a wheelchair because his feet hurt all the time and his body was in constant agony, showing us how a diet of pints of ice cream mixed with soy sauce and olive oil along with several slices of pizza can wreck a body. Thankfully, he’s shed the weight and is back to being the hot, shredded Leto we know and love. Nonetheless, his has remained one of the most shocking celebrity weight gains of recent generation.

2. Kelly Clarkson

won the first season of American Idol, dropped a few hits and left us all alone. The beautiful singer came onto the limelight as a skinny goddess but has since gained some serious weight. When pressed by those who felt concerned about her weight gain, the singer declared that a skinny body was a source of unhappiness for her and that she is happy with having meaty skin all over.

She never shied away from clapping back at people trying to shame her for the weight. According to her, skinny pressure will never affect her because she worked hard to get her health and happiness where she wanted it to be. Who is to resent the talented singer for a few pounds of weight gain? Certainly not us.

3. Oprah Winfrey

Being a billionaire doesn’t stop you from gaining a few dozen pounds. for over 30 years has been battling to stay off the list of celebrity weight gains. She has always had an unhealthy relationship with food; it was her chosen method for coping with stress and the pressures of daily life. Coupled with her thyroid issues, she didn’t stand a chance against gaining weight and it’s pretty tough to watch her lose and gain weight over and over again.

While we will probably never see her skinny again, Oprah has put in some work on her body and she looks a lot healthier these days. She has gone as far as sticking to a strict diet, although she swears she can never give up bread.

4. Alec Baldwin

For certain celebrities, their weight gain is a transformation process for a role. For some, it is a change in lifestyle and for others, it is the stress of human life – possibly depression. For a brief period, the latter was why was detected on the celebrity weight gain radar. As claimed, the actor gained some weight due to the stress of putting his daughter up in rehab in 2015.

It was hard to reconcile the overweight man he became with the incredibly fit stud who brought women to their knees simply by winking. Thankfully, the silky-voiced 30 Rock star has since overcome the stress and is back to being a delight, while shedding a few pounds here and there.

5. Mark Hamill

One cannot say for sure if fans of Star Wars share the same feeling of disappointment at seeing grow out of his OG Luke Skywalker body and transform into a nerdy grandpa. The man who was the heartthrob of many in the 80s now packs a grandpa bod. The force was with him but on the wrong side of the scale. Maybe the Star Wars actor grew tired of the slim, training-filled life of a Jedi and decided to let himself go. Thankfully, while he may have lost some of that physical fitness, he still has the charm that makes him one of our favorite actors on the planet.

6. Mariah Carey

One supposes that after a certain age and a level of achievement, you stop caring about the body standards set by a superficial industry. in her heydays was one of the most attractive women on the planet — from her voice to her body, she was superb in every way before she got caught up in the celebrity weight gain phenomenon.

Mariah gained so much weight — ballooning up to 263 pounds at some point — that doctors warned she was on the cusp of battling crippling health issues if she didn’t make drastic changes to get her weight under control. As a result, she had to undergo a weight loss surgery and embrace a more refined diet. Now the Queen comfortably rocks a noticeably smaller body that certainly befits her status.

7. Brendan Fraser

Is it possible that years of not getting roles in the industry contributed to the dad bod Brendan Fraser currently possesses or is that just what growing older means? Regardless, a before and after picture of Fraser in his George of the Jungle days filled with six packs and well-toned body is a stark contrast to the big stomach and pale skin he currently possesses the last time we checked on him.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the actor revealed that all the years of performing stunts had caught up with his body and was causing it to break down. With rumors that he’s coming back into the industry with a major project, we certainly hope he’s gotten a lot fitter.

8. Christian Bale

It is impossible to make a list of celebrity weight gains without mentioning Christian Bale, regardless of how random it might be. The Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy star slips in and out of different body shapes for his movie roles and his weight gains leave us shocked at what can happen to a man if he just gives up. His gains for American Hustle and, most recently, Backseat, and Vice is simply one of the strangest body changes we’ve ever seen. One could be forgiven for not recognizing him in these movies, on the red carpet or in pictures taken by paparazzi months after. Without a doubt, Christian Bale is a seasoned shapeshifter, and we certainly appreciate his dedication to the craft even when it requires him dramatically gaining weight. Thankfully, they are merely transformations for a character and not the default body type of the star.

9. Val Kilmer

He too once played Batman, but his weight gain feels a lot more permanent compared to that of Bale. He was once a well-chiseled and beautiful man; as the star of Top Gun he was considered one of the sexiest actors alive, but those glory days are far behind him now. For some reason, the actor let himself go and his body paid a heavy price for his indifference. He became terribly overweight, climbing very close to 300 pounds on the weight scale.

The media and public were very unforgiving about Val Kilmer’s size, and online trolls did not waste any opportunity to bully him. The action movie star decided to take charge of his physical appearance when he saw a picture of himself in the tabloids and couldn’t believe that the obese man staring back at him was him. He began working out and eating right when his health came under threat. Recently, Val debuted a much slimmer figure to everyone’s surprise and commendation.

10. Jessica Simpson

was once the woman plastered all over the walls of teenage boys and some girls’ rooms because of her flaming hot body. However, she is a far cry from the skinny woman she used to be as she’s settled into an overweight body, quietly enjoying her life away from the intense pressure of the spotlight. Her weight struggles started during her first pregnancy, she ballooned up and had a hard time shrinking back down. She has been every size between slim and plus-sized.

So, there they are. Celebrity weight gains that left us surprised. Think there are others who should be on the list? Shoot us a comment.

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