10 Free Sites That Are Alternative To 123Movies

Looking for alternatives to 123Movies? You’d be delighted to know that there are tons of options available. When it’s time to relax and let time go peacefully by, you can’t go wrong with a movie. With sites such as 123Movies which allow visitors stream and download movies online for free, enjoying a good movie has never been easier.

There is an endless supply of amazing movies just waiting to be discovered. Although the site ranks as one of the best-known places to find and view all sorts of movies on the internet, there are several wonderful alternatives to 123Movies that are just as good or even better. Here are 10 free websites similar to 123Movies that can serve as alternatives whenever you want to discover more films and television shows to watch safely and conveniently.

Top 10 Free Sites That Are Alternative To 123Movies

1. Niter Movies

First on the list of great alternatives to 123Movies is Niter, a site that offers a steady stream of movies and television series for your viewing pleasure. The user interface is a bit basic, but it’s still pretty easy to navigate and you can view the latest movies that have been updated without leaving the homepage. The videos on Niter are of a high quality which why thousands of movie watchers flock to the platform every day to keep themselves entertained without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Pros and Cons

It has an extensive movie collection and they can be sorted according to release date. More so, trailers are available if you need to check out the movie before deciding to commit time to it. Nevertheless, it has a poor layout and design whereas the latest movies aren’t added regularly.

2. YesMovies

If you’re looking to stream movies for free, then is easily the best alternative to 123Movies that you will find. It is also one of the most visited sites on this list. The platform does not restrict access regardless of the country you’re using it in and it features a large database of movies and television series. Another wonderful benefit of using YesMovies is that it loads videos very quickly and has the option of adjusting the video quality depending on your device. However, the highest quality available is 720p. The site also provides accurate English subtitles regardless of the language used in the movie.

Pros and Cons

Yes, it has too many pop-up ads but movies and shows are updated regularly and it suggests more videos for you to watch based on your viewing history. More so, it comes with a beautiful layout and design.

3. Vumoo

Of all the sites that are an alternative to 123Movies, Vumoo has the cleanest look. The collection of movies available range from classics to newly released films and more videos are being added daily. It provides direct links to other movie sites where you might be able to find the film you’re looking for if it’s not available.

The site is very easy to browse through and can be used on any device although it doesn’t have a mobile application option. All you have to do is search for the movie you’re looking for or use one of the filters and start watching. You can also download the movies straight to your device.

Pros and Cons

The site offers high-quality videos, the design and layout are beautiful and easy to use and signup is not required. Nonetheless, you will find that many of the latest movies are only available in CAM quality.

4. Sony Crackle

This movie streaming service is owned by the multinational corporation – Sony and it is one the best and completely legal alternatives to 123Movies. The site has tons of newly released movies, spanking hot television shows, as well as some original Crackle content. Unlike 123Movies, you will have to sign up to use this service but registration is completely free so you don’t have to worry about parting away with your money. Once you’ve signed up, you can begin enjoying the broad range of content available on the platform. There are multiple genres to select from and the categories are constantly being expanded. Sony Crackle has a mobile app for Android and iOS users that is also free to use.

Pros and Cons

Movies can be sorted alphabetically, there is a category for animes and high definition videos are available. Sadly, you will have to watch one or two ads before your movie starts and some countries cannot freely access the site.

5. Primewire

This site is similar to 123Movies because it offers a wide selection of movies for you to choose from, all of which are up to date. Primewire is a bit above its peers as it also gives you a music database to easily stream your favorite songs from. In addition, the site gives you several streaming and download options for the movie you’re looking for, so if one link is down, you can always try another and keep on watching. The sheer variety of content on Primewire is enough to keep you returning to the site over and over to catch up on the television series and movies that you cannot afford to miss.

Pros and Cons

There are multiple options for each movie selection and it offers extra content for music lovers. But signup is required, the design is a little outdated and ads pop up for almost every click.

6. Rainierland

This site is not as popular as the other alternatives to 123Movies on this list, but it is a premium platform to visit if you’re looking to watch movies for free. It features an elegant design combined with an enormous movie library that you can dive into at any time, from anywhere. It is easy to find the movies or shows you’re looking for without going to too much trouble. Rainierland puts its focus on latest movies so you’re guaranteed to find new releases on the site whenever you visit, so you can catch up on what you’ve missed whenever you’re ready.

Pros and Cons

There are more recent movie selections, the site has a brilliant design and perfectly curated video suggestions. However, vintage movies are hard to come by.

7. GoMovies

Compared to other sites on this list, GoMovies bears the closest resemblance to 123Movies with regards to services and features available. The videos on the site are of a higher quality than you’ll find in most places and the design is also more advanced. They are committed to providing the latest movies so the site is constantly being updated so you don’t miss out on all the awesome content out there. You can stream movies with ease because the media loads fast as long as you have a decent network connection. GoMovies comes highly recommended by many so it’s an excellent alternative to 123Movies.

Pros and Cons

Movies can be sorted by country and popularity and the site keeps you up to date on the latest movie news and announcements. Also, it curates special lists of top-rated movies that you should see. But then, ads pop up from time to time while movies and television series sometimes take a moment to buffer.

8. LosMovies

While most sites like 123Movies allow you to sort for movies by genre, release date, and country, LosMovies goes a step further by offering the ability to sort movies by director or actor. This way you can easily check out all the movies made by your favorite actor or director and watch them all. The site has a marvelous range of films, both old and new, subtitles to go with every movie, and the option of choosing your preferred video quality. You can also sort movies by alphabetical order. Their layout might not be the flashiest around but it is very intuitive and versatile. There are many alternatives to 123Movies, but LosMovies is one of the great ones.

Pros and Cons

No sign-up is required, there are more sorting and filter options, and the site is easy to navigate. However, the design could use a little polishing.

9. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is easily one of the best free movie streaming sites out there. It offers a seemingly endless array of TV shows and movies, all of which are available at the click of a link. It does not require registration of any kind. You simply have to visit the site, pick something to watch, sit back, and enjoy the experience. The listings are sorted out by genre to make it easier for users to make a choice or find their preferred movies. New content is being added to the site on a daily basis so you can be assured of finding the latest releases there.

PopcornFlix has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices so you can take your movies with you everywhere.

Pros and Cons

It’s an ad-free site that also has original content and a detailed directory, but there are geographical limitations so some countries can’t access the site.

10. Watch Free

Another site that is a great alternative to 123Movies is WatchFree. Like its counterpart, it has a large repository of television series and movies that you can watch at any time, wherever you are. Signup or registration is not required before you can begin enjoying the amazing content on this site.

The movies available on the platform are not actually hosted on it, instead, they are pulled from several sources all over the internet. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate. There are several filters and lists full of suggestions waiting for you if you need a little inspiration in choosing what you want to see.

Pros and Cons

While registration is required to watch HD movies, you will find that there are no ads and the site is completely safe to use.

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