100+ Trivia Questions About Movies And Their Answers

If you are a popular film lover or a true movie buff, then you are certainly at the right place. Movies tell us a lot about the world around us and perhaps, change the way we think sometimes. That being said, no game night will be complete without playing a trivia game and what better trivia category is there than answering trivia questions about movies.

While there are over a hundred movies that hit the American cinemas every year, it will be hard to keep track of all of them. If you are thinking of a better game to play with your friends on your next outing, here’s a long list of trivia questions about movies and their answers, that will help you on your next game night or date night.

100+ Trivia Questions About Movies And Their Answers

Trivia Questions About Movies and Their Answers

1. In what US city did was the movie Die Hard set in?

Answer: Los Angeles

2. In Pirates of the Caribbean, what was the name of Jack Sparrow’s ship?

Answer: The Black Pearl

3. What year were the original Transformers released?

Answer: 2007

4. What planet did the 2009 epic sci-fi adventure film, Avatar take place?

Answer: Pandora

5. What is the title of the only film for which actor John Wayne won an Oscar?

Answer: True Grit (2010)

6. What is the sub-title of the 1984 film, Star Trek 3?

Answer: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

7. In the Star Wars series, what is the name of the fictional weapon consisting of a published hilt which projects a blade of plasma, used by the Jedi and the Sith?

Answer: Lightsaber

8. Who directed the 2005 superhero movie, Batman Begins?

Answer: Christopher Nolan

9. When was the martial arts action film Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon released?

Answer: 2000

10. What game does James Bond play in the movie, Casino Royale?

Answer: Poker

11. Who is the only person to win an Oscar for Best Director for the only movie he ever directed?

Answer: Jerome Robbins (West Side Story in 1961)

12. Which two actors directed themselves in movies and won Oscars for Best Actor?

Answer: Laurence Olivier (Hamlet in 1948) and Roberto Benigni (Life is Beautiful in 1998)

13. In which movie was the Oscar-winning song “Do Not forsake Me, Oh My Darlin’” prominently featured?

Answer: High Noon (1952)

14. “After all, tomorrow is another day!” was the last line in which Oscar-winning Best Picture?

Answer: Gone with the Wind (1939)

15. Who is the most nominated actor in Academy history?

Answer: Jack Nicholson

16. In which plot-twisting movie was it revealed in the surprise ending that the crippled con man who was released after being interrogated in a police station was in fact the criminal mastermind Keyser Soze?

Answer: The Usual Suspects (1995)

17. What was the first film to receive an Academy Award nomination in each of the performance categories?

Answer: My Man Godfrey (1936)

18. What Cameron Crowe-directed Hollywood remake was the setting for the on-screen and real-life romance of married actor Tom Cruise and Spanish actress Penelope Cruz?

Answer: Vanilla Sky (2001)

19. Who are the only two actresses to win the Best Actress Oscar (Academy Award) two years consecutively?

Answer: Katharine Hepburn and Luise Rainer

20. Which two movies have received the most Oscar nominations ever?

Answer: All About Eve (1950) and Titanic (1997)

21. What was the first musical to win the Best Picture Academy Award?

Answer: The Broadway Melody (1928/1929)

22. Which English director is responsible for the epic movie, Gladiator in 2000?

Answer: Ridley Scott

23. In which movie did Julia Roberts play a kind-hearted prostitute called Vivian Ward?

Answer: pretty Woman

24. Who directed the epic historical drama, Schindler’s List in 1993?

Answer: Steven Spielberg

25. What was the name is the second Indiana Jones movie released in 1984?

Answer: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

26. When was the Emperor’s New Groove released?

Answer: 2000

27. Which actress played the character of the arms dealer’s daughter in the 2015 action comedy film, Spy?

Answer: Rose Byrne

28. In Walt Disney’s 2001 animated film Monsters Inc, what do the monsters collect?

Answer: children’s screams

29. Who voices Kung Fu Panda?

Answer: Jack Black

30. In what year was Dr. Dolittle released?

Answer: 1998

Best Trivia Questions about Movies and Their Answers

31. Which actress plays the title role in The Princess Diaries?

Answer: Anne Hathaway

32. Who directed the 2014 wacky comedy film, The Grand Budapest Hotel?

Answer: Wes Anderson

33. In the 1987 classic comedy The Princess Bride directed by Rob Reiner, what is the pirate’s name?

Answer: The Dread Pirate Roberts

34. In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, what is Aragon’s nickname?

Answer: Strider

35. What was the name of the street where Harry lived in the movie, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone?

Answer: Privet Drive

36. Which actor played the role of the title character in the 2016 comedy superhero movie, Deadpool?

Answer: Ryan Reynolds

37. What is the name of Lindsey Lohan’s character in the 2004 teen comedy film, Mean Girls?

Answer: Cady

38. In the 1996 action spy movie Mission Impossible, what agency does Ethan Hunt work for?

Answer: IMF

39. Who voices the donkey’s character in the 2001 animated movie, Shrek?

Answer: Eddie Murphy

40. Which actress played the Wonder Woman in the 2017 superhero film directed by Patty Jenkins?

Answer: Gal Gadot

41. What is the name of Jet Li’s character in the 2006 movie, Fearless?

Answer: Huo Yuanjia

42. What is the name of Vin Diesel’s character in the movie, Fate of the Furious?

Answer: Dominic

43. In the 2005 animated comedy film Madagascar, where do the animals escape from?

Answer: The Zoo

44. Which actor played the role of The Grinch in the movie, How The Grinch Stole Christmas?

Answer: Jim Carey

45. Who directed the 2009 film, Avatar?

Answer: James Cameron

46. Which American actress was born as Ruth Elizabeth Davis?

Answer: Bette Davis

47. On which fictional planet was Superman born?

Answer: Krypton

48. Which actor played the role of President in the 1997 movie, Air Force One?

Answer: Harrison Ford

49. In the Stars Wars series, what is the name of Han Solo’s Wookie co-pilot?

Answer: Chewbacca

50. Who played the character of Fred Flintstone in the 1994 movie, The Flintstones?

Answer: John Goodman

51. In what movie was Bruce Willis featured as John McClane, a New York police officer, taking on a gang of criminals in a Los Angeles skyscraper on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Die Hard

52. What is the name of the 1997 science fiction movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones tells the story of a secret agency that polices alien refugees who are living on earth disguised as humans?

Answer: Men in Black

53. Which 1952 musical comedy tells the story of three performers making the transition from silent movies to talkies?

Answer: Singing in the Rain

54. What invisible power binds the whole galaxy together according to the Star Wars movie?

Answer: The Force

55. Which movie of Arnold Swaggarzniggar was first nominated for an Oscar Award?

Answer: Terminator 2

56. What movie did Quentin Tarantino write but not direct?

Answer: True Romance (1993); directed by Tony Scott

57. What is the 2014 fantasy adventure film based on the 2007 novel by Richelle Mead?

Answer: Vampire Academy

58. Who played the role of Brother Maynard in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Answer: Eric Idle

59. What is the clown’s name in Devil’s Rejects?

Answer: Captain Spaulding (played by Johnny Lee Johns)

60. Who plays Freddy Krueger in the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies?

Answer: Robert Englund

Famous Trivia Questions About Movies and Their Answers

61. Which future Seinfeld star appears in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation?

Answer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

62. Which X-rated movie won an Oscar:

Answer: Midnight Cowboy

63. What did Marlon Brando and George C Scott refuse?

Answer: Oscars

64. In Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, what is the name of the Queen witch?

Answer: Maleficent

65. What film was the last sequel to win the best picture award?

Answer: Silence of the Lambs

66. William Hurt won the Best Actor Oscar for what 1985 movie?

Answer: The Kiss of the Spiderwoman

67. What was the first female monster to appear in a movie?

Answer: Bride of Frankenstein

68. What was Marilyn Monroe’s first film?

Answer: The Egg and I

69. What actress starred in the 1978 historical drama film, Pretty Baby?

Answer: Brooke Shields

70. What movie directed by Sydney Pollack starred Paul Newman and Josef Sommer?

Answer: Absence of Malice (1981)

71. Who played the evil Lex Luthor in the movie Superman Returns?

Answer: Kevin Spacey

72. What Aussie actress played wannabe celebrity Suzanna Stone Maretto in the movie To Die For?

Answer: Nicole Kidman

73. What was Neo’s official name in the Matrix trilogy?

Answer: Thomas Anderson

74. What film won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Special Effects in 1956?

Answer: The Ten Commandments

75. Which actor starred in the 1991 remake of Cape Fear?

Answer: Robert De Niro

76. What character asked the question “My parents died when I was ten, do you wanna talk about that”? and in what movie?

Answer: Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer

77. What is Denzel Washington’s most iconic role in a movie?

Answer: Eli in The Book of Eli (2010)

78. What movie did Kate Winslet star in that was directed by Sam Mendes?

Answer: Revolutionary Road (2008)

79. What film squashed Avatar’s record for 3D movie opening weekend ticket sales?

Answer: Alice in Wonderland

80. Which actress played the character of Gina in both Barbershop 2 and Beauty Shop?

Answer: Queen Latifah

81. Who was the main villain in the original Friday the 13th movie?

Answer: Mrs. Voorhees

82. Before The Artist (2011), what was the last silent film to be nominated for Best Picture?

Answer: The Patriot (2000)

83. What actor starred in the movie The Sixth Sense?

Answer: Bruce Willis

84. Which movie was the only horror nominated for the Best Film Oscar?

Answer: The Exorcist in 1973

85. What unusual role did Bogart play in The Return of Doctor X in 1939?

Answer: A Vampire

86. Who is famous for hijacking bull when he was drunk?

Answer: Otis Campbell

87. Who starred in the movie When Harry Met Sally?

Answer: Billy Crystal

88. What year did Clint Eastwood star in the movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?

Answer: 1966

89. When was the billion-dollar movie Rogue One released?

Answer: 2016

90. Which pair of real-life brothers (including first names) play the titular roles in The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)? And what is the name of the alluring singer for whom they both fall, played by Michelle Pfeiffer?

Answer: Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges; Susie Diamond

More Trivia Questions about Movies and Their Answers

91. Apart from his mockery of Hitler as Adenoid Hynkel hat part was played by Chaplin in his own The Great Dictator (1940) The character Napolini in the same film was a parody of which other political figures?

Answer: A Jewish barber; Mussolini

92. Which comic book hero provided a big break for Mexican director Guillermo del Toro in 2004? What was the subtitle of the follow-up, released in 2008?

Answer: Hellboy, Hellboy 2; The Golden Army was the full title of the sequel

93. How many days did it take David Niven to go Around the World?

Answer: 80 days

94. Which distinguished actor, later a Lord, played the lead in ‘Henry V’?

Answer: Laurence Olivier

95. Which planet features in the title of a 1979 Bond movie?

Answer: Moon

96. Which western actor won his only Oscar for ‘True Grit’?

Answer: John Wayne

97. Who is Clark Kent better known as?

Answer: Superman

98. Which actress starred as Cleopatra and married co-star Richard Burton?

Answer: Elizabeth Taylor

99. Serve the trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law. whose mantra?

Answer: Robocop

100. What was the 1982 film starring Jeff Bridges as a computer software programmer battling to escape from being trapped inside his own program?

Answer: Tron

101. The 2013 Star Trek film brings the number of films in the official franchise up to eight, twelve or sixteen?

Answer: Twelve

102. In which movie David Bowie appears as Jareth the Goblin King?

Answer: Labyrinth (1986)

103. What is the name of the villain in the first Superman movie (1980) played by Gene Hackman?

Answer: Lex Luthor

104. Who plays the body-swap mother and daughter in Freaky Friday (2003)?

Answer: Jaime Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan

105. Which actress reportedly claimed to have created the nickname “Oscar” for the Academy Award statue?

Answer: Bette Davis

106. With which cartoon character that he had created did Chuck Jones most identify with?

Answer: Wile E. Coyote

107. Which Oscar-winning film was dubbed “Cohn’s Folly” in Hollywood and thought to be non-adaptable for the big screen?

Answer: From Here to Eternity (1953)

108. Which actress in an Indiana Jones film became the future wife of director Steven Spielberg?

Answer: Kate Capshaw

109. Which actor had his major feature film debut in the first Indiana Jones film, and later starred as the superhero’s main villain in Spider-Man 2?

Answer: Alfred Molina

110. Two big-budget space disaster sci-fi action films involving giant meteors, comets or asteroids (on a collision course with Earth) were released by Hollywood in 1998 – one was Armageddon, what was the other?

Answer: Deep Impact

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