12 Abigail Spencer Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

12 Abigail Spencer Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

Since Abigail Spencer made her acting debut in the daytime soap opera All My Children in 1999, she has gone on to garner dozens of acting credits, playing all kinds of roles. Over the years, she has grown into the famous actress we all admire. Abigail has given us several unforgettable performances, as well as a few very forgettable ones, which is not surprising considering how vast her acting portfolio is. After combing through her filmography, here is a list of the 12 best Abigail Spencer movies and TV shows ranked from best to worst.

Abigail Spencer Movies and TV Shows

1. RECTIFY (2013-2016)

12 Abigail Spencer Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography
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Peabody-winning Rectify is the television show that helped Abigail Spencer become a household name. She plays Amantha Holden, the sister of Daniel, a man wrongly accused of raping and murdering a teenage girl. He spends 20 years in prison on death row before new DNA evidence shines a light on his innocence and his conviction is overturned. When he returns home, he finds himself being treated as an outcast. As he struggles to navigate his newfound freedom, the only person that seems to be fully in his corner is his sister Amantha. She always believed that he was innocent and she had spent the entire time he was locked up working to free him. Abigail Spencer received a Satellite Award for Best Actress for her spellbinding performance.

2. COWBOYS & ALIENS (2011)

A gunslinger (Daniel Craig) wakes up to realize he has lost his memory and wanders into a town called Absolution. He soon discovers that strangers are not welcome in the area and every action is subject to the approval of the town’s tyrannical ruler Col. Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford). However, things take a surprising turn when the town is invaded by aliens and the gunslinger finds that the survival of the town and mankind in general rests on his shoulders. He quickly unites the townspeople and all the fighters he can find to put up an epic battle against the alien invaders. Abigail plays Alice, the gunslinger’s long-lost love. The movie is fast-paced and full of action. If you’re looking for something exciting to watch, give Cowboys & Aliens a shot.

3. TIMELESS (2016-2018)

When a group of people with sinister intentions decide to change the world as we know it by rewriting history, a historian named Lucy, a soldier named Wyatt, and a scientist named Rufus band together to keep that from happening. The unlikely partners travel through time to save the past. Their exciting adventures find them in the middle of some of the most volatile, and riveting events in history.

They go on a crusade to Nazi Germany, travel to the Alamo, venture deep into the Old West, and even get to be present for the Chicago World’s fair. Their travels also lead them to cross paths with historical figures like Ernest Hemingway, Al Capone, Harry Houdini, Elliot Ness, and Josephine Baker. The series is laden with intrigue as every move the time-traveling team makes puts the present and future at risk. Abigail Spencer received critical acclaim for her role as the daring historian, Lucy.


12 Abigail Spencer Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography
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One of the best Abigail Spencer movies sees the actress take the lead as Romy, a talented dancer who is suicidal and depressed. Her friends come together to try and convince her to not take her life by rehashing their past and reliving the bad and wonderful moments that have shaped their lives and the people they have become.

Abigail portrays the struggles of the mentally ill dancer with such intensity and vulnerability that is hard to match. She drifts back and forth between fantasy and reality while locked in the bathroom with a gun and a bottle of champagne. However, the rest of the cast and storyline never quite realized what they’re supposed to be before the movie runs out of time, leaving an unfortunate hole in the middle that we are not sure how to fill.

5. MAD MEN (2007-2015)

Mad Men was the television series that helped put Abigail Spencer’s name out there on the silver screen. She played Suzanne Farrell, Sally Draper’s teacher who meets Don Draper for the first time at a parent-teacher conference. Several months later, he gives her a ride home and becomes so taken with her that they begin having an affair. Suzanne has very liberal and pragmatic views on life and it is this quality that most endears her to Don as well as the audience. Although her story arc only spans six episodes, that was enough to leave a lasting impression of just how phenomenal an actress she is.

6. THE SWEET LIFE (2016)

After a chance meeting in Chicago, Lolita Nowicki played by Abigail Spencer and Kenny Parker played by Chris Messina both realize how messed up their lives have been. They decide that they have had enough of this life and make a pact to travel across the country to the Golden Gate Bridge where they will commit suicide together. This heartwarming comedy-drama takes on a sweet ride across town, weaving together intricate details that enrich the story all the way to the end. If nothing else, the chemistry and sparks flying between Spencer and Messina will be enough to keep you glued.

7. BURNING LOVE (2012-2013)

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Burning Love is a comedy TV series that parodies reality dating shows like Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette. The story revolves around a handsome firefighter who is searching for the love of his life. He is asked to describe what he’s looking for and doesn’t want in a mate, then made to date 15 women from all walks of life at the same time. The women are made to go through all kinds of challenges and are eliminated until the firefighter chooses his ideal love interest. Abigail plays one of the numerous dates. The TV series is wonderfully entertaining and a great way to pass time.


With an ensemble cast featuring Jason Bateman, Abigail Spencer, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver, Timothy Olyphant, Debra Monk, Rose Byrne, Dax Shepherd, Corey Stoll, and Connie Britton, this 2014 comedy-drama is one of the best Abigail Spencer movies ever made. The actress stars as Judd Altman’s (Bateman) cheating wife who is having an affair with his employer. He leaves and goes to stay with his sister who informs him that their father is dead. A series of unplanned, highly emotional, and cathartic events take place as the Altman clan and their close acquaintances gather to bid their final farewell to a man they all loved. While the movie does have a lot going for it, it never really manages to reach its full potential, so the final result feels a little disappointing.

9. SUITS (2011-2019)

The accomplished actress had a recurring role that spanned 14 episodes in this hit legal drama series. She played the character Dana “Scottie” Scott, a badass lawyer who used to have a relationship with Harvey. Although it was a limited role, Abigail Spencer still managed to delight fans with her appearances.


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This biographical drama is based on the life of the legendary American surfer, Jay Moriarty. It tells the story of how he became interested in the sport after he was saved from drowning when he was 8 years old by a surfer who happened to be his next-door neighbor. Years later, he begs this neighbor to teach him how to surf and the latter reluctantly agrees. A slow and fierce friendship soon develops between the young Jay and the older man. After many months of relentless practice, Jay soon learns to ride the Mavericks, a gigantic swell at Half Moon Bay that is considered a challenge for even the most experienced surfers.

Abigail Spencer is convincing in her role as Brenda Hesson, the neighbor’s wife who encourages her husband to train Jay and get closer to him. Her story is cut short when she dies of a stroke, but not before she dazzles audiences with her performance.

11. KILIMANJARO (2013)

Abigail Spencer stars alongside Brian Geraghty as his girlfriend. After she breaks up with him, he decides he is going to get his life together by first climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. A lot of interesting things happen on this journey of self-discovery. Both lead characters delivered pretty decent performances, although it was not the brightest or best of their respective careers.

12. THE FORGER (2014)

The premise of this crime thriller is simple: the best art forger in the world makes a deal with a crime syndicate to carry out an audacious heist in exchange for being released from prison so he can spend time with his son who is dying of brain cancer. To pull off the heist, he would need the help of his father and son to forge the painting, which he would swap with the original that he intends to steal.

The actress plays an intelligence officer, Agent Paisley who gets involved in the case. As far as Abigail Spencer movies go, this is one of the worst. Most of the reviews following the release of The Forger were unfavorable and it received very low ratings by viewers.