12 Ashley Greene Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

Ashley Greene’s decision to make the most out of acting came after she was discouraged from pursuing a career in fashion modeling as a result of her height. Standing at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches, she was told to forget about modeling and try her hands on commercials or better still acting. Greene did not take the disappointment to heart, instead, she immediately enrolled in an acting and commercial class to pick up ideas on how to navigate. While taking lessons on acting, the actress fell head over heels with the art and also discovered that it means more to her than modeling. Ashley Greene movies and TV shows are well-known among critics and the audience.

Through portraying characters convincingly, the actress has been able to make a good name for herself in the industry. Although some of her works failed to meet people’s expectations and the required standard; most of them are widely regarded to be successful, highly-impressive, and of critical acclaim. Greene debuted in the television industry as a guest on the popular reality TV program, Punk’d and later Crossing Jordan. Generally, she has appeared in a handful of television projects – about six of them to be precise. Her years in the industry have seen her invest much of her time and expertise in the movie industry, right from 2007 when she debuted in the film King of California. 

The crowning moment of Greene’s career is her role in the Twilight Saga series which is made up of the movies The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Twilight, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. She earned her career breakthrough when she bagged a role in the series in the year 2008.

Born to Joe Greene and Michele Greene (an insurance worker) in Jacksonville, Florida, on February 21, 1987, Ashley Michele Greene has an older brother called Joe Greene. She studied at University Christian School and later Wolfson High School, after which she relocated to Los Angeles, California, to fully pursue a career in acting at the age of seventeen. Ashley has been married to popular Australian-Lebanese voice talent/TV personality Paul Khoury since 2018. Below is a compilation of movies and TV shows, ranked from the best to worst.

12 Ashley Greene Movies and TV Shows: Best To Worst Filmography

Accident Man (2018)

Accident Man was one of the best action-comedy films to hit the market in the year 2018. The project is basically hilarious, entertaining, and occupies a very comfortable spot on the list of Ashley Greene movies. As expected from a movie featuring A-listers such as Greene, Scott Adkins, , Jamie Long, and , Accident Man is nothing short of stunning. From its amazing action scenes to its thrilling script and characters, it is an action thriller.

Arguably the most entertaining movie of Greene’s career, the actress practically stole every scene she appeared in with her beautiful acting skills. Accident Man was inspired by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner’s comic strips of the same name. The film revolves around the main character Mike Fallon popularly known as Accident Man. He is a master stone-cold assassinator who knows how to take lives very well. But when his own crew dragged a loved one into the London underworld and got the person killed, Mike is forced to avenge the death of the one person he loved so much.

Accident Man received critical acclaim, however, information on its performance at the box office is yet to see the light of the day.

King of California (2007)

Written and directed by Mike Cahill, this is a comedy-drama film starring Evan Rachel Wood, Paul Lieber, Arthur Santiago, Willis Burks II, , ,  Anne L. Nathan, Arm Will Rothhaar, Ashley Greene, Ian Hopps, and Laura Kachergus. The project tells the story of a newly-released mentally deranged man [Douglas] who sets out to unearth a treasure he believes lies beneath a Costco while winning back the love and attention of his estranged daughter who he abandoned earlier.

King of California is not totally a critical failure but its performance at the box was a massive fail. It was made on a budget of $10 million but struggled to turn up a disappointing $1.3 million. Regardless of this, however, it is still considered one of the best of Ashley Greene movies.

Twilight (2008)

Ashley starred in this series of Twilight Saga franchise as a secondary character Alice Cullen. Produced by Wyck Godfrey, Greg Mooradian, and Mark Morgan, this romantic fantasy thriller was adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s novel of the same name. The film chronicles the evolution of the friendship between a vampire Edward Cullen and a teenage girl Bella Swan as well as the efforts Cullen and his family made to ensure Swan is safe and far from the harmful intentions of a group of dangerous vampires.

Twilight is a commercial hit which earned a whopping $393.6 million at the box office from a $37 million budget. Critical-wise, the film received mixed reviews on most film review sites; 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, 5.2/10 on IMDb, 56% on Metacritic, and 4/5 on Empire. The thriller earned Ashley an award from three nominations in 2009 at the Teen Choice Awards and Scream Awards.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is the 4th and penultimate installment in The Twilight Saga film series. Also starring Ashley as Alice Cullen, Breaking Dawn was mainly filmed in and around Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Turning out $712.2 million at the box office from a budget of $110 million was really amazing as it goes to prove the film commercially successful. But critically, the project was met with an avalanche of negative reviews, with many critics asserting it can only appeal to Twilight Star fans.

On the review film website Rotten Tomatoes, the film scored 25%, 45% on MetaCriticof critics based on reviews from 36 critics, and 4.9/10 on IMDb. Irrespective of these poor ratings, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 earned Greene an award and was nominated for eight Razzie Awards, including Worst Actress (for Kristen Stewart), Worst Director (for Bill Condon); Worst Picture; Worst Screen Ensemble; Worst Prequel, Worst Screenplay; Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel; and Worst Actor (for Taylor Lautner).

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2010) 

In this thriller which is the second installment in the Twilight Franchise, Edward Cullen () decides to leave town abruptly in order to protect his love interest Bella, who then develops a one-sided friendship with a member of the Cullen family Alice (Ashley Greene) who had left with the rest of the family. stars as Bella Swan, as Jacob Black, as Esme Cullen, as Rosalie Hale, and Billy Burke as Charlie Swan.

Despite receiving negative reviews from critics generally due to shortcomings such as excessive length, downcast tone, slow pace, New Moon was garnered hardcore fans and also excelled at the box office – it made $709.7 million from a budget of $50 million. In 2010, Greene won Teen Choice Awards (twice) for Scene Stealer Female.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

This is the 3rd installment of The Twilight franchise. Unlike New Moon, Eclipse received mixed reviews that are more favorable than the latter. It was praised for quality performances,  an improved mixture of action and romance fantasy, and scooping numerous awards from nominations.

The film was produced by the production companies by Temple Hill Entertainment, Imprint Entertainment, Maverick Films, and Sunswept Entertainment and distributed by Summit Entertainment. With $68 million, Eclipse made $698.5 million in return and also fetched Ashley a Teen Choice Award for Scene Stealer Female in 2011.

Pan Am (2011-2012)

This TV series was put together by writer Jack Orman. Ashley played the role of Ted Vanderway, Michael Mosley’s childhood friend and later, love interest and fiancée, Amanda Mason. It has one season and fourteen episodes. After reprising her role in the series, Pan Am was picked as one of the best of Ashley Greene movies and TV shows. The TV series was well received and rated by review sites and critics and has won several accolades, including the Golden Rose Award for Best Series in 2012. Information on how it thrived commercially is yet to be released.

Crossing Jordan (2001)

Although Crossing Jordan was canceled by NBC after six seasons and 117 episodes, it was one of the best series where Ashley brought to bear her outstanding acting skills. Put together by Tim Kring, this thriller is a crime drama with an ensemble cast such as as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, , Ravi Kapoor, , and Ken Howard. The actress was cast as Ann Rappaport in the episode: “The Elephant in the Room. The series is one of her best projects because it is a critical success but its financial statement is currently under the radar.

Shark (2008)

Shark was created by Ian Biederman and aired originally on CBS from 2006 to 2008. Starring , Kevin Alejandro, Danielle Panabaker, , Sophina Brown, Sarah Carter, and , Shark follows defense attorney Sebastian Stark (James), who is also the protagonist of the series. Greene portrayed Natalie Faber in the episode: “Partners in Crime”. Shark won moderate ratings from critics and several review websites but it is not known how much it turned up commercially and the exact amount spent in producing the series. Greene didn’t have a poor outing in the series as her character was moderately loved.

The Apparition (2012)

The Apparition is an American-German horror thriller which features Greene as one of the main characters. It is written and directed by Todd Lincoln. Sadly, this project was a massive failure both commercially and critically. It was created with $17 million but it only turned up $9,627,492 at the box office. The Apparition is apparently not the best of Ashley Greene films.

Urge (2016)

Things swiftly take a turn for the worst at a weekend getaway when a mysterious nightclub CEO () brings to the notice of a group of friends a never seen designer drug. This thriller was directed by Aaron Kaufman and heavily criticized for serious shortcomings in almost every segment of its presentation. It is a total failure and one of the worst films on Ashley’s timeline.

CBGB (2013)

Featuring Ryan Hurst as Mad Mountain, Alan Rickman as Hilly Kristal, as Debbie Harry, Ashley Greene as Lisa Kristal, and Freddy Rodriguez as Idaho, CBGB is a historical movie that brings to the limelight everything about Hilly Kristal’s New York-based club center from its original concept as a hub for Country, Bluegrass and Blues (CBGB) to what it eventually metamorphosed into. Even though the film did well at the box office, it bagged unfavorable reviews from critics. It is considered one of the worst projects on the list of Ashley Greene movies.

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