1917 Epic Movie: What We Know About Sam Mendes’ WW1 Rescue Mission

1917 is an upcoming film written by Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns. The British-American film features George Mackay, , Dean-Charles Chapman, Richard Madden, Andrew Scott, , Claire Duburcq and as members of its cast. It is also known that 1917‘s storyline is partly based on Alfred Mendes, Sam Mendes’ paternal grandfather’s, account of the events that occurred during World War I. Read on as we reveal what we know so far about Sam Mendes’s upcoming war movie.

Facts About Sam Mendes’ WW1 Rescue Mission Film – 1917

1. 1917’s Plot

1917 is a big Screen adaptation of a War World I story told to Sam Mendes by his paternal grandfather, Alfred Mendes. The film is based on the fragments of the story and it is believed to be non-fictional.

The 2019 film is set in the year 1917 – inspiring its title – and the location is somewhere in the northern part of France. The movie showcases two newly recruited British officers – Blake and Schofield and their quest to carry out a seemingly impossible assignment as they were tasked with delivering a warning message across enemy lines to British forces stationed at the other end. The message contained information about an impending ambush planned by the enemy to wipe out the battalion of 1,600 men which included Blake’s brother.

1917 is simply a story that exemplifies courage, wits, speed and survival instincts aptly displayed by Blake and Schofield. The filmmakers employed the use of a continuous shot to focus the viewer’s attention solely on the two main characters.

 2. Production Crew

New Republic Pictures and Amblin Partners acquired the rights to produce 1917 from its original proprietors in 2018. A further alliance was created between them and DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, and Neal Street Productions.

Sam Mendes, who was the originator of the story, was given the directorial role for the upcoming film. Mendes also teamed up with other talented film producers like Pippa Harris, Jayne-Ann Tenggren, Callum McDougall and Brian Oliver to produce the film.

The cinematography for 1917 was done by Academy Award-winning British cinematographer, Roger Alexander Deakins. It is also known that multiple times Grammy Award winner, Thomas Newman, was hired to compose the music for the film.

3. Cast and Characters

The cast and crew for 1917 will feature several top actors and actresses selected across the United States and the United Kingdom as earlier mentioned. Award-winning British actor, George Mackay will portray Schofield while Blake will be played by the widely acclaimed British actor, Dean-Charles Chapman. Adrian Scarborough is set to appear as Major Hepburn while will play the role of Blake’s brother, Lt. Blake.

Other members of cast known to us at this time include Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Claire Duburcq, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Mays, Jamie Parker, Nabhaan Rizwan, Daniel McMillon and George Verrall. The various characters portrayed by these seasoned actors and actresses will be revealed when 1917 is released.

4. Trailer

A number of trailers for the upcoming film have been released so far. The official 1917 film trailer was released on August 1, 2019, by Universal Pictures. The Studio went further to release a behind-the-scenes featurette of the upcoming film in October 2019. A second trailer was released shortly after the featurette was released and all these have heightened the expectations of the audience.

5. Release Date

The film’s distribution and release are solely under the jurisdiction of Universal Pictures, a widely recognized film studio based in the United States of America. At the moment, Universal Pictures has planned the release of the upcoming film in two phases. The first phase which will be a limited release is scheduled for December 25, 2019. The second phase which is expected to be the worldwide and final release is scheduled for January 10, 2020. However, the intrinsic details of 1917‘s release are yet to be announced by the distribution company.

6. Ratings

Motion Picture Association of America, otherwise known as MPAA, has announced that the upcoming Sam Mendes film will be accorded an R rating. The R rating is a result of the disturbing images, language and violence depicted in the film. The rating was expected as it is synonymous with war films. This may pose a serious challenge in the box office due to the fact that only adults can be permitted to view the contents of the film. However, Universal Pictures remains undeterred as it expects to have enough audience for the upcoming film.

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