5 Facts You Need To Know About Uday Hussein – Saddam Hussein’s Son

5 Facts You Need To Know About Uday Hussein – Saddam Hussein’s Son

Saddam Hussein was a globally known tyrant who ruled Iraq with total disregard for laid down rules or any international regulation; but if Saddam Hussein was bad, his son, Uday, Hussein was worse. In Uday’s lifetime, he committed a lot of crimes, including mass murder, torture, rape, brutality, just to mention a few. He was the supposed successor of his father, Saddam Hussein, as the President of Iraq, however, due to his misdemeanors, successorship fell to his brother, Qusay.

Uday Hussein lived a short and brutish life. He was often accused of abusing his wives and never showed loyalty to anyone except his parents. He killed some of his relatives, friends, and bodyguards; anyone that got on his bad side was dealt with ruthlessly. This comes as little surprise considering the upbringing he had, living as the son of one of the greatest dictators the world has ever known. Let us take a sneak peek into the life of Uday Hussein, keep reading!

Who Was Uday Hussein?

Uday Hussein was born on June 18, 1974, in Tikrit, Iraq to Saddam Hussein and his first wife, Sajida Talfah. He was born while his father was imprisoned for the attempted assassination of the 24th Prime Minister of Iraq, General Abd al-Karim Qasim. Uday was also a very ruthless leader, who took pride in killing his enemies. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Iraq alone.

Whereas, his mother was nothing more than a loyal wife and a cousin to her husband, Saddam. While he was in prison, she would deliver secret messages to him by placing them in Uday’s nappies whenever they went to visit. Uday had four siblings, a younger brother, Qusay, and three sisters – Raghad, Rana, and Hal.

At the age of 5, Uday began to watch public executions of Iraqi Jewish spies by his father. Saddam took pride in this and thought it wise for his children to know how to vanquish their enemies. There is no information regarding Uday’s basic education; however, it is known that he attended Baghdad University College of Medicine. After dismissing himself, he enrolled in a school – College of Engineering – one kilometer away from the former and later graduated with a degree in engineering.

In 1983, Uday joined the military. He sought to fight in the Gulf war between Iran and Iraq, by the side of his home country. However, before he joined the military, he studied military strategy at Al-Bakr Military Academy. There, he also learned how to fly a helicopter. As is typical of Uday, he also mishandled this privilege as he engaged in flying missions without due instructions. He also destroyed a lot of properties and killed many people due to his failed flying missions during the war. His father didn’t take kindly to his actions and therefore banned him from flying any of the military planes.

Uday Hussein must have had some sort of interest in journalism, or he understood the power of the media, hence his establishment of a youth radio station, a television station, and then a youth newspaper in 1985. Five years later he established another newspaper organization called Babel. Initially, it was built to disseminate news, however, it eventually became an instrument to propagate the ideologies of the Ba’athism movement.

After this time, he had fallen out with his father and was banished to Switzerland where he was also deported from for getting into a lot of trouble. On his return to Iraq, his father appointed him as the chairman of the Iraqi Olympic Committee and the Iraq Football Association. As a chairman, he would torture any athlete or footballer who didn’t perform up to his expectations. Many would describe Uday Hussein as psychotic which was hard to believe judging by the sustained pattern of behavior.

His erratic behavior popularized him, as expected in a bad light. Even as the secretary of the Iraqi Union of Students and leader of Fedayeen Saddam, a para-military unit, he still exhibited violent tendencies and was responsible for badly injuring his father’s half-brother. In December 1996, he survived an assassination attempt that left him with an obvious limp and two bullets in his spine after being shot about 13 times. He underwent multiple surgeries to remove most of the bullets and survived.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Uday Hussein – Saddam Hussein’s Son

However, on July 22, 2003, Uday was killed by JSOC Task Force 20 and the U.S Army. The U.S accused the Iraqi government of possessing nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and having strong connections with the Islamic terrorists’ group, Al-Queda. Upon the invasion, Uday and his brother, Qusay Hussein, went into hiding in Mosul where they were eventually discovered and killed, alongside his 14-year-old nephew, Mustapha Hussein (Qusay’s son).

5 Facts You Need To Know About Uday “Wolf” Hussein

1. He Became a Murderer at the Age of 15

At the age of fifteen, Uday Hussein was among those who massacred the whole Iraqi cabinet members. At this time, his father had intentions to become the president of the country, which he eventually did. This event occurred in 1979.

2. He Lost His Right of Successorship

Uday lost his successorship right to his younger brother, Qusay. At the onset, he was being groomed to take over from his father, however, he lost this privilege when he murdered one of his father’s most trusted ally, food taster and valet, Kamel Hana Gegeo. It was reported that Kamel had introduced Saddam Hussein to his second wife, Samira Shahbandar which Uday saw as an insult to his mother, who was the first wife.

In a party organized for the then-Egyptian president’s wife in October 1988, Uday murdered Kamel by stabbing him repeatedly with an electric carving knife in front of his father’s distinguished guests. This was the peak of it all, Uday had succeeded in entering his father’s black books, hence the shift of successorship. It is also said that the injuries he sustained from his attempted assassination in 1996 also contributed to his father’s final decision on the matter.

3. He was Imprisoned and Deported

After the murder of his father’s valet, Kamel, Uday was sent to prison and sentenced to death by his father’s regime. His fleet of cars was also set ablaze by his father. However, he wasn’t destined to die by his father’s hands as he was released from prison on the plea of King Husseini of Jordan. Although he was set free, he was banished from Iraq, so he relocated to Switzerland. In Switzerland, he continued his violent behavior and was eventually deported as a result.

4. Uday Raped and Sexually Assaulted Several Women

In addition to being a murderer and a tyrant, Uday was also a rapist. He raped any woman or girl he chose at will. He was also reported to crash wedding parties and raped the brides at the wedding. Underaged girls and students were not left out of his evil agenda and he was never reprimanded for these actions.

5. Uday Hussein was Married 4 Times

Uday Hussein married four times in his lifetime, however, all his wives deserted him due to his abusive nature. Most of his marriages were to build political relationships. He was first married to Nada his father’s first cousin’s daughter. The marriage ended soon after with a divorce. Uday went on to marry Saja but she also left Uday and fled to Switzerland after being emotionally and physically abused.

His third marriage was to the daughter of Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, vice president of the Revolutionary Command Council. Her name was Suha. It was like the former and soon it was dissolved. His last marriage was to a former beauty queen, Sevim Torun and their affair was no different from the rest.

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