5 Greatest Anusha Dandekar Movies Rated From Best To Worst

5 Greatest Anusha Dandekar Movies Rated From Best To Worst

Anusha Dandekar is popular for being an Indian-Australian lady who spent most of her life in the boisterous city of Sydney. She picked up interest in the entertainment industry from a very young age and by the time she turned 19, she relocated to Mumbai in pursuit of a career as an entertainer. Anusha later landed jobs as the anchor of several shows which include MTV shows like Splitsvilla, MTV Teen Diva, MTV Love School, and MTV Rock On. The gorgeous lady in 2015 served as the host of India’s Next Top Model and in 2018 she is known for appearing as a guest in shows like Ace of Space and MTV Troll Police.

With a very flourishing career as a presenter, Anusha Dandekar also took the bold step to become an actress. She made her film debut in the 2003 movie Mumbai Matinee in which she played the role of a temptress. She has also been seen in a number of movies over the years and a list of her movies rated from best worst is given below.

5 Anusha Dandekar Movies Rated From Best To Worst

1. Delhi Belly

This 2011 movie directed by Abhinay Deo and Akshat Verma is definitely the best of Anusha Dandekar’s film appearances making $20 million in the box office on a budget of $5million. It is notable for starring Bollywood stars like Aamir Khan, Kim Bodnia, Shenaz Treasury, and Imran Khan.

Dehli Belly also had very good reviews from most film critics who see it as a different way of presenting an Indian film. The movie did not come with the normal music breaks which are the legendary style of Indian movies and most of the conversations were done in English. Rotten Tomatoes gave it an impressive 88% on its site and this attests to the fact that it is definitely one of Anusha Dandekar’s films worth seeing in the cinemas.

2. Viruddh

In Viruddh, Anusha Dandekar was starred alongside popular  Indian acts likes Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, and John Abraham. The storyline of this film revolves around bereaved parents who had to go through a lot of challenges to nab those who conspired to kill their son.

Vidhyadhar Patwardhan portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan was the father of Amar played by John Abraham while his mother Sumitra was Sharmila Tagore. Anusha played the role of Amar’s fiance, Sanjay who was pregnant at the time he was killed. The film received a good number of reviews as its storyline about family ties and bonds was loved by many. It ended with a 68% rating on the Tomatometer.

3. Mumbai Matinee

Mumbai Matinee is an Indian movie that was released in 2003. It was written by the film director Anant Balani. However, it ranks among the worst of Anusha Dandekar’s film appearances as the movie was criticized by a lot of people. Although the storyline was believed to have been very interesting, as it was a romantic comedy movie, film critics were not amused with the turnout of events. Most of them said things could have been arranged better for the movie to have more humor that will appeal to the audience. Some even believed that the movie was done hurriedly and this made it look shabby in the end.

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4. Anthony Kaun Hai?

Anthony Kaun Hai? which is translated in English as ‘Who is Anthony?’ is an Indian movie which was directed and produced by Raj Kaushal and Nikhil Panchamiya respectively. It featured Arshad Warsi, Raghurvir Yadav, Sanjay Dutt, Minissha Lamba, and Anusha Dandekar is known to have had a cameo in it. The movie is also notable for being shot in Bangkok, Krabi, and Thailand. The storyline which was an attempt to tell a crime story filled with action and suspense was a big flop in a blend of a comic. It did not get a good reception from its audience and when polls were carried out on the Rotten Tomato site it had a poor 20% rating..

5. City of Gold 

This 2010 film is another film in which Anusha Dandekar played a small role. It had dual versions- one in Hindi and the other was in Marathi with the name Lalbag Parel. The City of Gold was directed by Mahesh Manjrekar who is notable for directing critically acclaimed movies like Astitva and Viruddh – which featured Anusha. However, City of Gold was not as successful as Anusha’s other productions as the movie was criticized for portraying some facts falsely. It even resulted in a lawsuit when Samant sued Mahesh for accusing him falsely in the movie.

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