5 Interesting But Lesser Known Facts About WayV Boy Group Members

WayV Boy is a sub-unit of popular K-pop group NCT. The WayV unit which has its base in China comprises of seven members – Kun, Winwin, Ten, Lucas, Yangyang, Hendery and Xiaojun. The Chinese boy band specializes in C-pop and Mandopop genres.

WayV released their debut album, The Vision, on January 17, 2019. Prior to the formation, all of the seven members of the group were previously part of a pre-training unit known as SM Rookies. The popular band is currently signed under Label V, a division of SM Entertainment.

Learn more about the members of the Chinese based boy band as we unravel five interesting facts we have been able to uncover about them.

5 Lesser Known Facts About WayV Boy Group Members

  • They are not all from China

There is a popular belief that all of the members of the seven-man band are Chinese. That’s not entirely true as the group comprises of members from different ethnicities and nationalities.

Kun, who happens to be the leader of the group, was born and raised in China. Winwin, who does the visual in the group, is also of Chinese origin. Ten, a rigorous dancer and vocalist, is of Thai descent.

Lucas, one of the group’s rappers and vocalist, possesses dual nationalities despite being born in China. His father is of Chinese origin while his mother is of Thai descent. Xiao Dejun who goes by the stage name Xiaojun was born and brought up in Guangdong province of China.

Wong Kunhang, popularly known as Hendery by his fans, was born in Macau which is mapped under the People’s Republic of China. Wong is often mistaken to be a South Korean because of his Korean name Hwang Kwan Hyung.

Yangyang has Taiwanese nationality as he was born in Taiwan. The Taiwanese celebrity can also be said to be a German national as he possesses a German passport. Yangyang relocated to Germany in 2011, only 11 years old at the time.

Many fans and followers of WayV would definitely find this very amusing and interesting due to the fact that the various hobbies of the members of the popular boy band are kept hidden from the public.

Kun’s hobbies are cooking, playing the piano and doing what he calls magic tricks. Ten, on the other hand, loves sports, playing with animals, singing, rapping, dancing and drawing. For Winwin, it is either swimming, watching movies, playing the piano or nothing.

Lucas is more of a foodie and also loves exercising his dogs. Xiaojun, asides his undying love for food, also loves reading, writing songs and watching movies. Hendery’s hobbies are playing billiards, basketball and listening to music. Yangyang is more of a sports person with particular interests in basketball and football.

The self-acclaimed or fan given nickname of WayV group members are quite interesting to note. Kun has a lot of nicknames given to him by his fans and followers. They include Little Kun Kun, Dandan, Kun-ge and Xiaodan.

Ten, whose real name is Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul, was nicknamed Cute Devil and TNT by his fans. Winwin, Lucas and Xiaojun don’t really have nicknames other than their stage names. Hendery has the most amusing nicknames of all the members of WayV Boy members. His nicknames include Prince Eric, Cucumber and Donkey.

Yangyang’s German fans nicknamed him Brezelbruder and Ehrenmann. The Taiwanese often laughs at the names to the amusement of his fellow group members.

All seven members of WayV are in their early twenties. The individual members of the widely acclaimed group in order of the oldest to the youngest are as follows- Kun (January 1, 1996), Ten (February 27, 1996), Winwin (October 28, 1997), Lucas (January 25, 1999), Xiaojun (August 8, 1999), Hendery (September 28, 1999) and Yangyang (October 10, 2000).

The Chinese based boy band comprises of very tall young men. Many even attribute their height to the reason for the huge female followership they have amassed. Kun, the leader of the group, stands tall at a height of 1.76m which is equivalent to 5 feet 9 inches.

Ten is not as tall as Kun despite having a height of 1.7m. Winwin, on the other hand, has a height of 1.78m. Lucas ranks as the tallest member of WayV Boy group with a height of 1.83m. Xiaojun stands tall at a height of 1.73m while the heights of Hendery and Yangyang are not known at this time but we believe it to be above 1.7m.

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