5 Things To Know About ‘Krypton’ – Cast And The Cancelled Season 3

Krypton is a science fiction drama television series based on the ancestral history of DC Comics’ most famous superhero, Superman. It is broadcast on the American television network, Syfy, and is set on the fictional planet Krypton some 200 years before the birth of Kal El, most famously known as Superman. The show premiered on Syfy on March 21, 2018, and had 10 episodes. In May 2018, the show was renewed for a second season premiered on June 12, 2019.

The show has now unfortunately been canceled, much to the chagrin of its fans. However, during its run, Krypton received a few nominations for awards, such as the Best Science Fiction TV series at the 2019 Saturn Awards. Here is more on the series and why it was abruptly canceled.

5 Things To Know About Krypton

1. Impressive Opening and Episodes Ratings

The premiere and opening episodes of Krypton drew an all-time high viewership on Syfy’s network. It attracted about 1.8 million viewers, which was the highest that the channel had in the last 3 years. The opening episodes made Krypton the most-watched television series on Syfy’s channel. The average viewer’s figures for season 1 of Krypton was almost 800,000 average per episode. Many lovers of Superman must have tuned in to watch Krypton, which is a prequel to the origin of one of TV’s favorite superhero and earth’s defender – Superman.

2. Criticisms of The Show

Many critics of Krypton had a lot of complaints about it. Some are of the opinion that the plot and the storyline of the show are too complicated and happened too quickly; by the end of the second season, probably all of the Villians of the show had been revealed. Other critics believed that most of the cast of the show were too inexperienced to really portray the characters they were playing. Perhaps these were some of the main reasons why the viewers of the show declined significantly in season 2.

3. Development And Filming Location

Krypton was filmed primarily in parts of Europe and Canada. The development for the TV show began in December 2014 with David S. Goyer being named as the producer and Damian Kindler as the showrunner. In June 2016, word got out that filming was to begin before the end of the year in Montreal – the most populous municipality in Quebec, Canada. The pilot episode was filmed in Serbia and season 2 was filmed in October 2018 in Belfast, North Ireland.

4. Trending Hashtag

After Krypton‘s cancellation which came as a rude shock to many of its viewers and fans, several hashtags were raised and began trending about the show; 3 of which were very prominent. #SaveKrypton and #RenewKrypton began trending with fans asking for the decision to ax their favorite show to be reversed and that it should be allowed to continue, particularly as Superman’s father had just been given birth to on the show. Another Hashtag #PickUpKrypton began trending by fans who wanted another channel to pick up their beloved show after it was cut by Syfy.

5. Spin-Off Cancellation

Syfy made an announcement on June 12, 2019, that it would be creating a spin-off series based on the character of Lobo (played by Emmett J. Scanlan) – an assassin and bounty hunter, who has regenerative powers and supernatural strength. The spinoff was scheduled to be produced by Cameron Welsh, who coincidentally was an Executive Producer on Krypton. Unfortunately, this project was not progressing as anticipated and had to be “set aside”.

The Cast of Krypton

Among the first cast members of Krypton to be revealed was Georgina Campbell who played the character of Lyta Zod. Campbell is an English actress whose career began in 2009. She is no stranger to the small screen as she is active in more TV shows than films.

Shaun Sipos, a Canadian actor best known for ABC series Complete Savages and CW’s The Vampire Diaries was next revealed to play the role of superhero, Adam Strange. Other Cast members announced in October 2017 include Cameron Cuffe, Ian McElhinney, Rasmus Hardiker, Wallis Day, and Aaron Pierre, Elliot Cowan, and Ann Ogbomo.

Cameron Cuffe played the main role of Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather. The supervillain Brainiac was portrayed by English actor Blake Ritson who is known for his various TV roles including Da Vinci’s Demons.

More On The Cancelled Season 3

The second season of Krypton premiered on July 12, 2019, with 10 episodes, so it came as a quite a shock to many of its fans when the show was canceled by Syfy in August 2019 soon after its Season 2 premiere; especially since events on the show only began to get very interesting in the second installment. Many believed that the drastic drop in the viewership base of the show was the main reason for the cancellation of the show by Syfy.

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