7 Interesting Things to Know About The Blackpink and It’s Members 

Gradually, Korean pop music has moved into the international scene and they have gained worldwide recognition for their music style popularly known as K-pop. K-pop would also not be complete without the mention of the 4 girl group known as Blackpink which was started by YG entertainment in 2016. They dropped their debut album that same year and it didn’t take them long to win the hearts of many music lovers. Here is a quick look at 7 interesting facts about The Blackpink members as well as the details about their personal lives.

Who are the Blackpink Members?

1. Jisoo

Jisoo was born as Kim Ji Soo in South Korea and she is notable as the most humorous member of the Blackpink girl band. She lifts up the spirits of other members with her frequent jokes and spontaneous self-composed songs. Jisoo is also one of the vocalists in the group and prior to joining Blackpink, she has tried her hands on other show biz ventures like featuring in adverts, music videos and more.

2. Jennie

Blackpink member Jennie is a model turned singer who also serves as a raper for the group. She spent part of her life schooling in New Zealand after which she moved back to South Korea where she attended the auditions for YG Entertainment. She has also appeared in a music video tagged Big Bang.

3. Lisa

Lisa who was born Pranpriya Manoban changed her name to Lalisa Manoban. She is the youngest of the 4 members of the Blackpink group and she holds the position of lead dancer. It is also known that Lisa has always had a penchant for dancing and was a past member of a dance crew prior to joining Blackpink. However, her other talents also include singing and rapping which she does pretty well. It may also be right to say that she is the most popular member in the four-girl band as she has a larger fanbase than the other three.

4. Rose

Rose is one of the major singers in the Blackpink group and though she is a Korean, her birth country is New Zealand. It is also known that her birth name is Park Chae Young but she prefers being called Rose. Besides singing, this Blackpink member is a talented instrumentalist skilled in playing the guitar and piano.

7 Interesting Things You Should Know About the Blackpink Members

1. The Blackpink members have their own television show

The Blackpink members feature in a reality show which gives an insight into the daily life events in the girl’s lives. The reality show is called, BLACKPINK House and its spread over 12 episodes each season.

2. One of their hit records has received one of the highest K-pop views 

Their song ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ which was released in 2018 has garnered quite an outstanding number of views within a year and as of now, it has seen over 900 million views on YouTube alone.

3. They have an enormous fanbase 

Their followership on Youtube is quite amazing, compared to other groups as they stand out with over 30 million YouTube subscribers and their fans are spread all over the world. The views their videos receive are also enormous and its on record that they have the highest views from Indonesia followed by other countries like Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, the US as well as their home country, South Korea.

4. Blackpink members are set to sing individually

The Blackpink members have individual performances lined up before them currently and it will be amazing to see each of these girls’ unique talents as they perform solo. However, is worthy of note that though they will be going solo, the Blackpink group still remains together and strong.

5. Most of the Blackpink members are multilingual

Many of Blackpink members have lived in different nations during their formative years. This experience accounts for why they are fluent in Japanese, Chinese, and English – except for Jisoo who does not know how to communicate in English.

6. BlackpinK fans have their own name

The followers of the Blackpink group have a unique name – like many other Korean pop music followers, and theirs is Blinks.

7. The band has topped the charts at different levels

After the release of their popular song, ‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ Blackpink excelled far above their contemporaries. It took the 55th position on the Billboard charts for hot 100 and was listed as the 39th most popular song that was streamed during that period.

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