7 Quick Facts About Liane V The Musical Artist and Instagram Star

7 Quick Facts About Liane V The Musical Artist and Instagram Star

Liane V is a social media celebrity, musician, comedian, model, dancer, actress, and producer. Having discovered her talents at a young age, she came to Los Angeles in 2006, hoping to actualize her dreams of stardom. Upon arrival, she tried several career options, including backup singing, red carpet/show hosting, as well as participating in a beauty contest. However, none of these gave her the kind of exposure she needed to shine.

In 2009, Liane V started posting funny videos on the social media site, Vine. This gave her the exposure she required and transformed her into an international star and currently, her fan base cuts across all major social media sites. She has millions of followers and endorsement deals keep her smiling to the bank. There’s so much more to know about the entertainer, but first, let’s give answers to the question:

Who Exactly is Liane V and Where Is She From?

Liane “V” Valenzuela was born on August 22, 1986, in San Jose, California. Although her parents are originally from the Philippines, she was raised in Modesto, California, alongside her two older siblings. As a teenager, Liane Valenzuela was a high school cheerleader. She also participated in gymnastics, played basketball, sang in a choir, and played in a band; she was just that active. After high school, she gave up the opportunity of a college education and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an entertainer. She worked in a car dealer shop to earn a living while taking acting and dancing classes to perfect her craft.

Liane V eventually landed her big break via the internet. She started posting fun videos that featured family, fashion, music, and many other categories on Vine, simply as a hobby. Her skits soon went viral and earned her numerous followers, as well as several promotional deals. As a result of her rise in fame, she decided to quit her job and go full-time on Vine. Before Vine was shut down in 2017, she migrated along with her followers to YouTube, Instagram, and other popular social media sites.

So far, Liane V has expanded her content beyond comedy. She has delved into the world of fashion and also features hair and makeup tutorials. She has equally performed covers of songs by Christina Aguilera and Justin Bieber. Indeed, there is no limit to what this multitalented Filipino can achieve.

Here are 7 Lesser-Known Facts About the Instagram Star

We bet you didn’t know these very interesting facts about Liane V. Find out more as you scroll through.

1. Her Family Helped Shape Her Career

While she was growing up, Liane’s family owned a DJ company which helped her to explore her numerous talents. Her father is also a great comedian, dancer, and actor. He features in some of his famous daughter’s dance videos, while her mother plays the behind-the-scenes role of camerawoman. With the initial exposure Liane got from her family, she has gone on to become a well-known social media star.

2. Asides from Social Media, She is Also A Supermodel

The amazing internet sensation is also a model. She represented the Philippines in the Miss Asia USA Cultural Pageant in 2008. Since then, she has scored several modeling gigs from notable companies. In addition to her modeling career, Liane V has also played as a video vixen and has appeared in several music videos of popular artists, including the Far East Movement and Tyga.

3. She Owns a Clothing Line

Like we aforementioned, Liane is a woman of many talents. In 2014, she launched an online urban streetwear shop called “Donut Headz.” Soon after it was launched, the website of the clothing line gained so much traffic and as a result, it crashed within a short while.

4. Details of Her Relationship

Liane V is known to be confident in whatever she does. Her relationship is also not left out on this fact. She is in a relationship with a fellow internet sensation, musician, and model named Don Benjamin. Way back in 2013, Don came into the spotlight as a finalist on season 20 of America’s Next Top Model.

 7 Quick Facts About Liane V The Musical Artist and Instagram Star
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The couple met through a mutual friend in 2013, however, they remained platonic friends for a few years. They started dating officially in 2015 and have continued to wax strong ever since. They feature on each other’s comedy skits and even get booked for shows together; that’s some serious couple goals. A couple that makes money together definitely sticks together!

Before her current relationship, Liane V was previously linked with fellow Vine star King Bach.

5. Liane V Has An Incredible Net Worth

The internet star has been able to garner millions of followers across several social media sites. As a top Viner, Liane V earned as much as $1,000 per 100,000 followers. After the shutdown in 2017, she was able to migrate her vast followership to other social media sites.

She has equally earned lucrative deals from notable brands like Target, and G by Guess, among several others. Thanks to her numerous talents, Liane V has also expanded her scope of influence beyond social media. That being said, Liane V is said to have an accumulated net worth of $1 million.

6. She’s Got a Famous Pet Dog

Liane V’s pet dog named “Noah Pom” is not left out in the fame. In November 2014, Noah Pom was featured on the Forbes list of “four-footed social media stars.” Just like his popular momma, the lucky pet enjoys a followership of over 60,000 on Instagram.

7. Is Liane V a Tall Woman?

Liane isn’t just beautiful, but also very tall. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, which is about three inches beyond the average height for American women. She weighs a proportional 53kg and her body stats measure 37-23-35 inches for bust, waist, and hips, respectively.

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