Aaron Eckhart – Bio, Net Worth, Is He Married, Who is The Wife?

Aaron Eckhart – Bio, Net Worth, Is He Married, Who is The Wife?

Aaron Eckhart is a popular American actor who has a lot of amazing works to his name. Since he came into the limelight, it has been a tremendous list of achievements for the actor. Eckhart got his breakthrough after portraying the remarkable character of George in Erin Brockovich in the year 2000. The movie ushered in a bigger platform for the actor, and he got more prominent roles which he successfully and effortlessly pulled off.  Judging from his achievements, Aaron is indeed a force to reckon with in the business of bringing characters to life. Here are other interesting facts about him.

Aaron Eckhart Biography

He was born Aaron Edward Eckhart on March 12, 1968, in Cupertino, California to his parents; Mary Martha, his mother and James Eckhart, his father. Eckhart the youngest of three brothers, came from a family of enlightened people having a writer, poet, and artist as mother and a computer executive for a father. It may have been his mother who motivated him to go into arts seeing that he is inclined to everything that had to do with art and entertainment.

Having a father who dealt on computers meant having to travel to various places. This constant move had taken Aaron and his family to England where he attended American Community School. While at the school, he got involved in a lot of school drama and gradually became acquainted with the art.

Moving to Australia in 1985, he attended American International School of Sydney but left in his senior year to work at the Warringah Mall movie theatre. Still determined to complete his education, Aaron enrolled in an adult education program and earned a diploma. He later studied film at Brigham Young University-Hawaii after returning to the United States in the late 80s. After all the hurdles, Aaron  Eckhart finally earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 1994.

Eckhart was an underdog at first but not for so long. He had toiled and struggled in search of roles but only ended up with small roles in commercials and series at the time. Amid the hustle, he did some odd jobs including working as a bartender, construction worker, and bus driver. Luck came his way in 1997 when he was offered a role by director Neil LaBute in a stage play In the Company of Men. His role in the play as a frustrated worker received positive reviews and drew little attention.

Only three years later Aaron Eckhart got his breakthrough in the movie Erin Brockovich which also starred Julia Roberts. His remarkable portrayal of George received critical acclaim as well as earned him more notable roles in the industry. These included his portrayal of Nick Taylor in the popular comedy, Thank You for Smoking, his 2010 stint with Nicole Kidman in the drama, Rabbit Hole for which she (Kidman) selected Aaron by herself to play her husband; and many others. Aaron Eckhart’s other notable movies including Olympus Has Fallen, I, Frankenstein, My All American, and a host of others. We are also not forgetting his remarkable role as Harvey Dent in the superhero movie Dark Night in the year 2008.

Aaron Eckhart – Bio, Net Worth, Is He Married, Who is The Wife?
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In 2008 he was nominated for Best Cast, Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor and Scream Award for Best Villain for his portrayal in Dark Night. He also won the Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award for Best Acting Ensemble People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cast, for the same movie. These are only but a few of his numerous accolades.

His Net Worth

Aaron Eckhart sits on an estimated net worth of $25 million which he has his works to thank for. He may not be the richest but Eckhart is surely above average on the table. The actor has continued to climb the ladder of success as more prominent roles grace his portfolio year in year out.

Is He Married, Who is the Wife?

Aaron Eckhart like most of his counterparts has got lots of stories in his love diary. But then being a private person, not much is known about his relationships as he rarely speaks of them in interviews. This is also why the media is not sure if he is married. The actor once dated actress Emily Cline. The two had met on the set of In the Company of Men and took things to another level. However, in 1998, they split under unknown circumstances.

Eckhart was also in a relationship with Kristyn Osborn, a songwriter for a year. The talented actor was linked to Ashley Wick after his split from Cline. Afterward, he was linked with Molly Sims. In all this, Aaron has not given out any information to prove or disprove the media assumptions.

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