Aaron Goodwin – Bio, Age, Married, Wife, Height, Net Worth

Aaron Goodwin is a popular camera operator who is known for his work behind the scenes. It’s only a handful of people in his line of trade that make it to the limelight as they work best in the background. However, such wasn’t the case for Aaron Goodwin. He is also exceptional in front of the camera as he has been behind the camera.

He became famous for his role in the American TV series, Ghost Adventure. In the TV series that was showcased on the Travel Channel, Aaron was cast as a co-investigator into paranormal activities. His show of bravery and tact was quite intriguing.

There’s much to this cameraman turned screen celebrity than meets the eye. Just read on to know more.

Aaron Goodwin’s Bio (Age)

Aaron Goodwin was born on the 1st of April, 1976 in Portland, Oregon. He spent most of his early days in Portland, but as his interest in camera operation grew, he made a location switch to Las Vegas. This he did in the hopes to connect with top players in the industry.

Frankly, Aaron Goodwin is very secretive about his background. As such, there’s little known about his early life and education. 

After moving to Vegas, he started his journey behind the camera. His dexterity got him a spot in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s payroll. He became a cameraman at the UFC for years. As a result of his proficiency and quality output, he got some gigs as a cameraman in a couple of TV shows.

Aaron’s career took a new turn in 2004 when he became an assistant camera operator for the movie, Malevolence. The same year, he was listed as part of the cast for Ghost Adventures, the full-length documentary movie. The movie later inspired a TV series of the same title in 2008.

When Travel Channel decided to run Ghost Adventures as a TV series, Aaron Goodwin was called back for two roles. He was manning the camera between 2008 and 2009, while still playing his investigative role. By the end of 2009, he had become a full-time screen player in the TV series. He continued in this role till 2018. He was also part of the Ghost Adventures: Aftershock series that aired from 2014 to 2016.

Aaron Goodwin featured in a couple of other TV series, both as an actor, cameraman, and producer.

Is Aaron Goodwin Married? Who Is His Wife?

At the peak of his career, Aaron Goodwin was in a romantic relationship with a woman named Sheena. They both loved themselves deeply and eventually got married. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted a few months before hitting the rocks. 

As the news of their divorce hit the airwaves, the couple declined from disclosing the exact reason for their divorce. However, Aaron attributed the divorce to the working of supernatural powers. He blamed evil spirits for possessing him and ruining his lovely marriage. Obviously, Aaron was better as a boyfriend than he was as a husband.

Though divorced, Aaron and Sheena are in close communication. They are still on very good terms as Aaron tweeted a picture of Sheena in October 2012 – years after their divorce. Aaron is enjoying life as a divorcee and doesn’t look to be settling down any time soon. He has fallen madly in love with his career which is blossoming with each passing day.

What is His Net Worth?

Without a doubt, Aaron has made a killing both on and off-camera. He has a flood of revenue coming in from his Reality TV shows and he is also paid a handsome fee for his services behind the camera. His career alone has put his net worth at over $1.5 million. Although he has yet to disclose how much he earns from other sources, Aaron rakes in tons of money in his other ventures. He also has a clothing line named Big Steppin.


Aaron Goodwin’s Height And Body Measurements

Aaron Goodwin is a well-built man. He is good looking and stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches. His average weight of 90 kg compliments his height. However, he has had his weight fluctuate increasingly over the years, which he blamed on junk food. Now, he prefers to take yogurts as a way of keeping in shape, as opposed to regular exercises.

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