Adam Burks – Bio, Family, Everything About Jessica Mendoza’s Husband

Adam Burks is a former engineer who has been involved with a lot of things in the past including athletics when he was in school and the US Marines. However, what he has become famous for is as the husband of American sports broadcaster and Olympic Gold medallist, Jessica Mendoza.

The couple has been together as man and wife since 2006 having met back in 2004. Even as Mendoza keeps enjoying a great career as a broadcaster, she has got the overwhelming support of Burks who is now a stay-at-home dad.

Adam Burks Biography

Adam Burks was born in the United States. However, because he is not the regular celebrity and because he has preferred to keep his personal life to himself, his date of birth, as well as other personal information such as his childhood, parents, and even siblings, have all remained missing from the public domain.

As regards his education, it is known that he went to a University High School from where he graduated in 1987. From there, he proceeded to Eastern Washington University. In 2012, he obtained a Social Science for Education concentration degree from Ashton University.

Following his graduation, he later took a job as a civil engineer and he also worked with the U.S. Marine. In fact, beyond being a former Marine, Burks served in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. It was after he returned from service that he went back to complete his education at Eastern Washington University.

Relationship with Jessica Mendoza

Adam Burks and Jessica Mendoza have a rather interesting love story. The first time the couple met was in 2004 which is the same year that Mendoza helped the US Women’s Softball team to clinch the Gold Medal at the Olympics in Athens. They met at a wedding and almost instantly, they fell for each other.

Because of their different engagements and the softball career of Jessica, their relationship at the time was mostly long distance, but that did not change a thing for the lovers. Two years into dating, they decided they wanted to share the rest of their lives together and so they tied the knot in 2006.

In 2009, the two welcome their first son, Caleb Ashton. At the time Mendoza was still playing softball and she was just offered a professional softball deal in Florida. She wanted to drop it for the sake of their kid but Adam who was an engineer encouraged her to take it while he became a stay-at-home dad. This did not only help her with her career as a player, but it also helped her to get a job in the media after she had retired from playing.

Their union was later blessed with another son, Caden Adam.

Things to Know About Jessica Mendoza’s Husband

1. His Wife

Born Jessica Ofelia Mendoza on November 11, 1980, the wife of Burks is of Mexican descent. She used to be a softball player who played for the US Women’s team, winning a Gold Medal at the 2004 Athens and then a silver at the 2008 Beijing. She is also a broadcaster who works with ESPN.

2. Burks also loves sports

While she has been able to turn her love for sports into a profession, she is not the only person to love sports in their family as Burks also loves it. He was involved in athletics when he was still in school. At the time, he played multiple sports but was unable to make a career out of any.

3. He has something in common with Jessica’s Father

As pointed already, Adam Burks served with the Marines but what is interesting is that he is the second man in the life of the ESPN broadcaster to be linked to the military as her father also served in the Army. She revealed that originally from Mexico, her father was there when the East and West Berlin wall was built.

4. Net Worth

Based on their arrangement, Burks is now a sit-at-home dad, which means he doesn’t make so much in terms of income. That said, his net worth is not known as his other engagements are not known. However, it is known that his significant other has a net worth that is estimated at $2 million. Mendoza makes her fortune from her career as a broadcaster.

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