Adam Montoya Married, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth 

Adam Montoya Married, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth 

Adam Montoya would introduce himself as SeaNanners and point out that he’s an award-winning content creator, entrepreneur, creative director, and digital pioneer in the YouTube gaming space.

SeaNanners takes pride in having a growing global digital community of over 5.4 million subscribers. He’s established himself as one of the most-watched content creators in the digital space. While his videos have been viewed over 1.9 billion times, he has produced, starred in, and edited over 1,500 videos since 2009.

Most gamers would agree that SeaNanners is one of the best things that happened to the game. The comedy he’s brought to the activity has unquestionably made it more entertaining and interesting.

Adam Montoya is famed as an American video game commentator on YouTube. Presently, he essentially commentates on games he plays with other gaming personalities. According to him, his career path was inspired by his keen desire to create things that are interesting.

He has often been described as a game freak. This is obvious when one regards how he got to be known as SeaNanners. The name was suggested to him as his Gamertag in Xbox Live after he tried to use the “Nanners” which was already taken.

While Adam has been featured on media outlets like CNN and Huffington Post, he’s worked with Disney, Ubisoft, Nestle, and Microsoft.

Adam Montoya Age/Bio

Montoya was born on the 12th day of June 1984 in San Diego, USA.

As a graduate of San Diego State University, Adam couldn’t find a job for himself with the knowledge he’s gathered about television, film, and new media production. This made him take on part-time works related to the field of his study.

Later, he would be inspired by YouTube gaming commentators he encountered to create his own content and upload them on Youtube.

The inspiration gave birth to the SeaNanners Gaming Channel on YouTube. Adam created the channel in 2009.

It’s known that Adam Montoya once worked with Machinima. Sometime in 2010, he announced that he’s a full-time employee of the company. However, he left in 2011 and has completely dedicated his devotion to creating content for his YouTube channel since then.

Adam Montoya Married/Dating

Adam isn’t married to anyone but, he’s dating Cathy Diep also known as Catabot.

Before it became apparent Adam is in love with Cathy, he has not been linked with any romantic partner.

It is believed that the two met when Montoya was employed at Machinima. Though it has severally been rumored that they are married, they aren’t. Adam and Cathy are unmarried lovers.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that they will become life partners soon. To their fans, they are a perfect couple, nothing should stop them from taking the relationship further.

Adam Montoya Married, Dating, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth 
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Adam Montoya’s Girlfriend Cathy Diep

Cathy Diep is also a content creator. She co-founded Craftly, Inc. with Adam Montoya and has been the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SeaNanners since 2015.

Cathy runs two YouTube channels. Her CATABOT gaming channel and the Cathy Diep channel where she shares DIY/how-to videos.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the California State University-Long Beach. That was in 2010. And, has also worked with Machinima. She served at the Social Media & Marketing department of the company for 2 years.

Cathy is passionate about teaching people how to live their best creative life through inspirational content and simple do-it-yourself (DIY) videos. She’s long decided to make of her passion, her life career.

Adam Montoya Net Worth

Gamers and fans have always shown interest in knowing what’s Adam Montoya’s net worth. This has led to different figures being quoted as his net worth.

The fact that the figures quoted are between $1 to 4 million shows that they are just speculations. There is no authentic information about his net worth.

However, it has been estimated based on the size of the subscribers to his YouTube channel, that he ought to be earning about $1,000 per day from ads. That’s $365,000 for one year.

Height: 5 ft 9 inches

While Adam Montoya’s weight and body measurements are unknown, it’s known that he’s about 5 feet 9 inches tall.