Adrian Peterson Wife, Son, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Many American footballers are famous for the dazzle and spectacle they bring to the game, but for someone like Adrian Peterson, he is a lot more famous beyond what he does on the football gridiron.

The footballer reportedly has a record number of kids, one of the highest for any athlete in recent history to be associated with. Here, you will learn all about the juicy details of his family life including his involvement in a child abuse case and admittance of actually causing injury to one of his kids.

Adrian Peterson’s Wife, Son

The footballer is reported to have between six and eight kids from different women. In fact, he didn’t even know about the existence of one of his sons until a few weeks before the boy was reportedly killed by another man – his mother’s girlfriend; Peterson’s former acquaintance

Nevertheless, he has been married since July 2014 to Ashley Brown. The two had been dating since 2010 and now share two sons together. The footballer also reportedly has a daughter with a certain waitress who works in Minnesota. Words got out about this said daughter of his after the waitress heard about the murder of his son and decided to speak out about having a child for the NFL star. When asked to reveal the exact number of kids he has, Adrian declined and rather said he knows the truth and is comfortable with it.

Though details of all his kids have not been revealed, for the ones that we know of, albeit for the wrong reasons, a lot has been revealed about them.

Tyrese Ruffin: in 2013, Tyrese was Adrian’s 2-year old son who was living with his mother Patterson in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In October that year, his mother’s boyfriend Joseph Robert Patterson claimed he called 911 when he saw the boy choking on a fruit snack, the kid died 2 days later in the hospital. Following the investigations carried out by authorities, it was revealed that Joseph probably hit the boy when they were both alone as autopsy scan results showed that Ruffin had 4 blows to the head which caused a head injury and his untimely death afterward. A second-degree murder case such as this carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment if he finally gets convicted.

His other son: a year later after he lost Tyres, Adriana was in the news for an indictment on a charge of reckless or negligent injury from a punishment he meted out on his then 4-year-old kid. The footballer didn’t deny he whooped his son as he admitted he did it with a tree branch when the child pushed one of his brothers off a motorbike video game. In a police report, however, the kid revealed that his dad did more as he hit him in the face and with belts as he put leaves in his mouth. Investigations revealed that the boy had injuries on his back, buttocks, genitals, ankles, and legs which were all consistent with cases of child molestation.

As a result, Adrian Peterson was fined $4, 000, sent for 80 hours of community service and was put on probation as he avoided being sent to jail after reaching an agreement with a Texas court. After the case was settled, the NFL suspended him until April 15, 2015.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

American football is a sport where the height and bodyweight of a player play vital roles in determining the performance of such a player while on the field. For this reason, having players with the right body measurements for any particular position is of prime importance for any team and a thing of concern to players.

Adrian Peterson isn’t the tallest in the NFL or in his team standing at 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m, at this height, he is not also the lightest or the heaviest player at 220 lbs or 100 kg in weight. Nevertheless, with his height and weight, he has consistently proved that he is apt to perform the duties of a running back in American football. Considering his age, there is no doubt that he works out well enough to maintain his athletic physique.

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