Ahmad Suradji – Bio, Family, And Facts About The Indonesian Serial Killer

Ahmad Suradji – Bio, Family, And Facts About The Indonesian Serial Killer

Ahmad Suradji was a cattle breeder of Indonesian origins who later became a serial killer following a dream in which he claimed that his dad instructed him to drink the saliva of 70 women for greater spiritual powers. In addition to cattle rearing, the notorious serial killer was a sorcerer who practiced black magic. According to the records, he succeeded in murdering 42 women in cold blood by strangling them with the aid of a cable and as part of the ritual process, he buried them in the ground up to their waist in a sugarcane plantation within his vicinity, always with their heads facing his house. His victims were all females with their ages ranging from 11 to 30 and his killing spree continued for all of 11 years before his eventual arrest and ultimate execution in 1997.

Ahmad Suradji’s Biography

Ahmad Suradji who is also known by the two names Datuk Maringgi and Nasib Kelewang was born in Medan, Indonesia on the 12th of December 1952. Ahmad Suradji spent all his years in Medan, which is the capital of Indonesia’s province of North Sumatra. He earned a living as a cattle-breeder and belonged to the dunkun – a class of shamans who has the reputation of being in possession of supernatural powers. He ran a sorcerer’s home where the majority of his clientele were women who often sought spiritual powers to enable them to look beautiful, find good fortune as well as prevent their spouses from having feelings for other women.

Ahmad Suradji commenced his king’s adventure after he reportedly encountered his dad in his dream, who commanded him to consume the saliva of 70 women for more spiritual powers. He was able to successfully execute and conceal the killings of 41 women, but the law caught up with him after he killed his 42nd victim – a 21-year-old lady named Sri Kemala Dewi, who had enlisted the help of Andreas – a 15-year-old rickshaw puller to take her to Ahmad’s residence. The lady had requested that her whereabouts be kept secret and didn’t request for a pick-up. After three days, her decomposing naked body was discovered in the sugarcane plantation very close to Ahmad’s house. It was later exhumed and the case was reported to the police.

when investigations commenced, the rickshaw puller Andreas opened up and his revelations led the police to arrest and interrogate Ahmad Suradji. Although he initially tried to deny the allegations, the serial killer later admitted to his crime and led the authorities to discover over 41 other decomposed bodies during the excavation process.

Family of Ahmad Suradji

Although his family background is not known, Ahmad Suradji claims to have seen his father in a dream instructing him on how to get spiritual powers. No reference was made to his mother but he married three wives who were all found guilty as accomplices to his crimes. Though one of his wives had her sentence reduced to life imprisonment, it was later repealed and changed to a death sentence too.

Ahmad Suradji – Bio, Family, And Facts About The Indonesian Serial Killer
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Facts about the Indonesian Serial Killer

He is a Shaman

According to Ahmad Suradji, he is the kind of spiritualist known as dutak. Technically speaking, the government of Indonesia only recognizes six religions which include both Christianity and Islam. But the populace believes in magic as well as different healing practices. They saw Ahmad as a shaman who had the capability of making women appear more beautiful, they also believe that he can grant them riches and the fortune to find faithful husbands and boyfriends and it’s all thanks to his spiritual powers.

His Victims Willingly Came to him

Ahmad Suradji had no need to go looking for his victims as they willingly come in their numbers searching for spiritual powers. Word of his magical gift had previously spread all over his village and nearby towns which successfully brought numerous women who wished to benefit from his healing powers.

surprisingly, he deceived the women into digging their own graves as a part of the spiritual process. The unsuspecting women willingly let themselves be buried waist-deep in the ground also as part of the purported healing process after which Ahmad will proceed to strangulate them with a cord once he is sure that they can no longer run for their lives. In the case of a dry spell when the clients ceased to materialize, Ahmad Suradji reportedly went after prostitutes to use as victims.

Ahmad Suradji Death

At the time the shaman was arrested, he had successfully committed enough murders to ensure that he would get nothing less than the death sentence. He was arrested along with his wives who according to investigations knew of his activities but chose to look the other way and let him get away with it. As the sole perpetrator of the deaths, Ahmad Suradji got a death sentence and was executed on the 10th of July 2008 alongside his loving and devoted wives. Many argued that the wives were most likely under a spell.