Is Aidan Gallagher Related to Rory Gallagher and Does He Have A Girlfriend?

The name Gallagher rings a bell in the entertainment industry for obvious reasons. One, it is not like the regular names you know and secondly, almost everyone who has the name attached to his identity is known for greatness and excelling in their chosen career. If you are a fan of the Nickelodeon TV show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, chances are high that you’ve seen Aidan Gallagher on your screen and if you love Irish blues and rock jams, then you should know Rory Gallagher, one of the finest stars from Ireland.

Ever since the young actor stormed the limelight, many people have been wondering if Aidan and Rory Gallagher are related in any way, considering the fact that people who bear Gallagher are known for their exploits in the entertainment circle. Let’s find out if they are of the same bloodline or have a common ancestor.

Who’s Aidan Gallagher?

He is a teen star who rose to prominence in the year 2013 for his role in Christopher Lloyd’s mockumentary family sitcom, Modern Family. Aidan’s popularity doubled the following year after snagging a major role in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn as Nicky Harper, which remains one of his most successful projects as an actor. His role in the series did not only open up opportunities for more gigs but it also earned him nominations for Favorite Male TV Star in the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in the year 2016 and 2017. His most recent television project is the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, wherein he starred as Five.

Gallagher was born in the United States of America, precisely in Los Angeles, on 18th September 2003. Not much is known about his parents, family history, and personal life. In 2018, he was unveiled as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for North America, becoming the youngest ever to achieve such feat. An environmental enthusiast, the child actor has also served as a youth advocate for environmental bodies such as Oceanic Preservation Society, WildAid, and Waterkeeper Alliance.

Who’s Rory Gallagher?

He was a respected and celebrated songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, famed for his love for blues and rock. He was also a former bandleader who went on to release several solo albums after his breakup with the band, Taste. Born William Rory Gallagher in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, on March 2nd, 1948, the multi-instrumentalist was raised with his younger brother Dónal in Cork, a city in Ireland, by their parents Daniel and Monica. Like Rory, Dónal was musically inclined. The two were encouraged by their parents to pursue music which led to Rory learning the coral sitar, dulcimer, dobro, bass, mandolin, alto saxophone, and banjo. He was very proficient in them and well-known for his powerful albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s, which sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

Also known as Liam Rory Gallagher, the Irish multi-instrumentalist performed alongside notable musicians such as bassist Gerry McAvoy, drummer Wilgar Campbell, keyboardist Lou Martin, drummer Rod de’Ath, drummer Ted McKenna, Mark Feltham, drummers Richard Newman and Brendan O’Neill, bassist David Levy, and keyboardists Jim Leverton John Cooke. Rory Gallagher passed away on 14th June 1995, in London, United Kingdom, as a result of liver transplant complications.

Is Aidan And Rory Gallagher Related?

There are no records or evidence proving or showing that Aidan is related in any way to the celebrated Irish songwriter Rory Gallagher. Aidan has never mentioned having some sort of connection to the blues and rock star. The two may have the same surname but they apparently do not share the same blood or ancestors. Looking at it from another angle, Aidan is American while Rory is Irish and the name of the latter’s only brother is Dónal.

Does Aidan Have A Girlfriend?

The fast-rising screen actor may be in his teens but he already knows who his heart wants and how to approach her. At the moment, it appears the young actor is not in a relationship with any lady as he’s not been seen hanging out with anyone lately. But, Aidan Gallagher has been linked to Albedo Absolute actress Hannah McCloud, whom he briefly dated.

The two began dating in 2017 and were known for flaunting their relationship on social media. For a couple of months, nothing has been heard about them and things have not been the same for them on their social media pages, suggesting they might have secretly called it quits.

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