Aisha Morris – Bio, Family, Facts About Stevie Wonder’s Daughter

Aisha Morris – Bio, Family, Facts About Stevie Wonder’s Daughter

Groomed by one of the greatest musical icons the world has ever seen, Aisha Morris grew up to become a talented singer-songwriter herself. What else is expected of the first fruit of the legendary Stevie Wonder who has won as much as 25 Grammys alongside several other prestigious awards?

Asides from inspiring some of Stevie Wonder’s musical exploits, Aisha has also joined her father on musical tours and concerts, as well as contributed to some of his recordings. More details are below.

Aisha Morris’ Bio

On February 2, 1975, Stevie Wonder and his partner Yolanda Simmons, welcomed their first child named Aisha. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, the United States, and named Aisha, an African name which means ‘strength and intelligence.’ Her parents were never married but they raised two children.

Aisha’s birth ushered in a new phase in Stevie Wonder’s career as she became the inspiration he has been waiting for. He made it very clear that the birth of his first child was the one thing he needed to give his life a nudge in the right direction. True to this, Aisha has constantly motivated some of his successful projects to date.

Compared to her father’s many hats as a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, as well as record producer, Aisha’s career as a singer may be very inconspicuous. Nonetheless, she has the right ingredients to excel in the industry and she is doing a great job so far. She has often tagged along during her father’s numerous tours and concerts. Also, she follows him to recordings and these moments with the iconic performer have shaped her career further.

Aisha also contributed to her father’s twenty-third album (A Time to Love) in 2005. On the album, she was featured in the track How Will I Know to much acclaim. She also garnered fame for working with her father on projects like the BBC Stevie Wonder 1981 Documentary, The ’25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert in 2009, as well as Stevie Wonder: Live at Last, also in 2009.

So far, no musical offering has been linked to Aisha Morris asides from her joint works with her father. She is yet to win an award for her works but has received a Grammy Award nomination in the category of Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

Family Life of Aisha Morris

Aisha Morris is yet to start her own family but she comes from a very large one. She has one brother from her parents and seven half-siblings from her father’s numerous escapades. Stevie Wonder has been married to three women but he has nine children from five different women. Aisha might be his first child but the singer was never married to her mother and they went on to have another child together.

Aisha Morris – Bio, Family, Facts About Stevie Wonder’s Daughter
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Stevie’s first marriage was to singer-songwriter Syreeta Wright but they only lasted for two years and by 1972, Stevie was back in the market, seeking love. It was during this time that he met Aisha’s mom when she applied to work as a secretary in the singer’s publishing company. Subsequently, they began a relationship that led to the birth of two children – Aisha and Keita born in 1975 and 1977 respectively. However, marriage was not part of their union.

In 2001, Stevie Wonder walked down the aisle the second time with fashion designer Kai Millard. Though they were married for at least a decade, the couple headed for divorce in August 2012. Five years after his second foray into matrimony failed, the singer married Tomeeka Bracy in 2017.

In 1983, Aisha got a half-brother Mumtaz Morris from her father’s relationship with  Melody McCulley. Her father’s second marriage then produced Kailand and Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris. Two more half-siblings came from her father’s current wife Tomeeka Robyn Bracy; one of them is the youngest in the family and she’s named Nia. Sophia and Kwame are the remaining half-siblings Aisha has and their mother(s) is not known.

Facts About Stevie Wonder’s Daughter

1. She is agemates with Tomeeka, her father’s third wife.

2. Aisha was the major inspiration behind Stevie Wonder’s hit single Isn’t She Lovely?

3. She is not active on social media although she has an Instagram account that boasts just 192 followers with one picture on it.