Aja Dang Biography – Everything You Need To Know

Aja Dang Biography – Everything You Need To Know

Aja Dang is an American broadcast journalist and television personality turned fashion model and lifestyle blogger. She is well known for using her social media platforms to spur others to live according to their truths and become their best selves. She pours the knowledge and experiences she has gathered from her life’s journey so far into creating content that is informative, engaging, and delightful to consume. Aja’s passion for wellness, natural living, self-improvement, and facilitating a community of supportive millennials has endeared her to millions of people who flock to her self-titled YouTube channel and Instagram feed to share in her life and absorb valuable lessons for their own.

She has forged an authentic brand as one of the best social media influencers today, and she continues to use her platform to make room for the uncomfortable and difficult conversations absent from the social media landscape such as they struggle to repay student loan debts, navigating one’s way to self-expression through the lens of the internet. Aja has worked with several big corporations, including Fox Sports, Maxim Magazine, Xbox LIVE, and the NFL Network. She is slowly, but surely, building an empire for herself as a self-employed entrepreneur, and inviting everyone along for the ride.

Aja Dang Biography

The beautiful lifestyle blogger and internet sensation was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on January 29, 1987. Although Aja is of American nationality, she is of mixed race, boasting Chinese, Slovenian, and Welsh ethnicity. She spent her early years in Hawaii, and would often be found running up and down the beaches, throwing a volleyball with her friends and family.

Aja Dang became taken with fashion when she was still very young, and she nursed dreams of becoming a model or going into show business and building a career as an actress. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at the University of San Francisco, where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Afterward, she pursued a Masters’ education in broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism.

While in college, Aja began modeling to earn some income as she made her way through school. Her incredibly striking looks ensured that she had little trouble finding modeling gigs. She appeared in a couple of music videos including Girls Like You and Quickie, by the rhythm and blues star Miguel. Maxim Magazine named her on their list of Top 10 Hometown Hotties in 2011.

In 2012, Aja decided to try her hands at blogging, so she created a YouTube channel where she shared lifestyle advice, fashion lookbooks, beauty tutorials, and wellness content. The channel now has about 2 million followers, and her videos attract millions of viewers, establishing her place as a verified social media celebrity.

Before Aja Dang found fame as a lifestyle blogger, she put her broadcast journalism degree to good use. She was a host for Clevver Movies, and her own sports show on FOX Sports called 1 on 1 Sports. She also worked with companies like Xbox LIVE, The Hollywood Reporter, Maxim Magazine, NFL Network, and has used her talents in public access television for a while. Dang has reported on big events like Comic-Con, Superbowl, and more. Over the course of her journalism career, Aja interviewed major sports celebrities including Floyd Mayweather, Shaquille O’Neal, Ed O’Neil, and Robert Guerrero.

Aja has more followers than most people can dream of on her social media pages. Her Facebook account has over 509K followers, with over 162k on Instagram.

Aja Dang Biography – Everything You Need To Know
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Who Is She Dating?

It’s impossible to not notice how beautiful Aja Dang is, and she no doubt receives more than her fair share of suitors who want to date her. Although the social media influencer is still unmarried, she has been in a loving and committed relationship with Brian Puspos for a while now. Her handsome beau has been featured in a number of her videos, and she frequently posts pictures of him on her Instagram feed. The couple appears to be very much in love and happy together, and show no signs of splitting up anytime soon.

Net Worth

Aja Dang is very open about her finances, she regularly shares her income and monthly budget with her followers. Since there is no stability in her profession, she doesn’t have a standard monthly or annual income, but she makes enough to sponsor her lifestyle and entrepreneurial efforts.