Akiko Matsuura – Bio, Family, Facts About The Drummer And Vocalist

Straight out of Osaka in Japan, singer and drummer Akiko Matsuura went beyond her home country to create a niche in the British rock scene. She is best known as the drummer and vocalist for Comanechi rock band, singer for the Pre band, as well as the drummer for The Big Pink music band. The famed performer is known by fans on the professional front as Akiko “Exceedingly Good Keex” Matsuura.

Her debut band Comanechi came into existence during her years as an art student when she met her first band member Simon Petrovich, the duo bonded over a common love for barbecue and before long, they were already talking about having a music band. She came to public attention with the aid of her stage antics, as well as her stage apparel which consists of only her underwears.

Akiko Matsuura Bio

It is believed that Akiko Matsuura is the only offspring of her parents whose identities have never been made public. Nonetheless, it is a known fact that they own a barbecue restaurant back in Osaka, Japan. Although her exact date of birth is not known to the public, it has been established that she was born in 1994 in her home town of Osaka in Japan. She is obviously Japanese by nationality with Asian ethnicity.

On her educational qualifications and institutions attended, not much is known but it is believed that she completed high school. Though it is not known whether she continued to the university or not, she started her career from her teens and today, she is renowned as a musician and has amassed a notable fanship to go with her celebrity status.

Facts About The Drummer And Vocalist

1. Career attainments

Her professional career took off when she met Simon Petrovich – her future bandmate, they met at a party hosted by a mutual friend and got talking. Their first subject was barbecues which turned out to be a mutual favorite, eventually, their conversation shifted to music and consequently, they made the decision to form the band known as Comanechi. They were managing to get along on the indie rock scene for four years before Akiko Matsuura found another spot with The Big Punk as the electronic rock band’s drummer.

Comanechi’s debut album titled Crime of Love was released after a while – 12 July 2009. became part of the band as a drummer and there was one last member called Patsy. Unfortunately, Comanechi shot down officially in 2013. Akiko later joined Pre – a British noise rock band where she has gained a lot of fame for her stage antics and half nude performances.

2. Her stage antics

Akiko is popular for her eccentric antics on stage, according to her, the event needs to be exciting and she hates when performers just stand in one place and sing without going the extra mile to keep things interesting. In order to get the full attention of the audience, Akiko performs in her underwear and exhibits some interesting moves like stage dives which she claims removes boredom from the audience and keeps them fully involved. She has fallen on her face several times in the past while trying to entertain the audience but this has not deterred her.

3. Net worth

Recently, Akiko Matsuura’s net worth was pegged at $1 million which she made majorly from her career as a musician. It is expected that her wealth would enlarge as her career progresses.

4. Who is she dating?

Akiko Matsuura has a record of one major romantic relationship in the past. Her ex-significant other was English actor Charlie Heaton whom she met as a teenager. Their dalliance took off when Charlie joined the Comanechi rock band; they dated for a few years and were still an item during the last tour of the rock band. It emerged in 2014 that the couple was expecting their first child Archie who was eventually born in May the same year when Charlie just turned 20 and Akiko was still in her teens.

It’s important to note that Archie’s existence was hidden from the public for many years, the public only got to know when the boy turned three. Akiko and Charlie eventually called it quits but nobody is privy to the reason behind the split. Also, the time of their split is not known. The only thing that is obvious is that they are no longer together as a couple but they maintain a close relationship for the sake of their son.

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