Alex Aniston – Bio, Family, Facts About Jennifer Aniston’s Brother

Alex Aniston – Bio, Family, Facts About Jennifer Aniston’s Brother

It is not on regular occasions that celebrities are fortunate to have siblings who also star in their fields of endeavors or are doing stuff that their celebrity siblings are proud of. Some celebrity siblings are most times the black sheep of the family and a pain in the neck. This is exactly the case of one of the most famous families in the American entertainment industry: The Aniston Family. While Jennifer Aniston is making the family proud by carrying on their legacy, her half-brother Alex Aniston is very far from doing the same.

Being born into a family with generations of actors was enough to set him on the path of success in the entertainment industry, had he chosen that route or in other careers of his choice but AJ, as he is popularly called, chose an unpopular part for himself. Read on to know all about him and also to find out why he is so controversial.

Alex Aniston Biography

Alexander John Aniston was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States, on May 2, 1989, to popular actor John Aniston and Sherry Rooney. His dad is Greek and his mom is of English, French, German, Irish, Scottish and Welsh descent.

Not so much is known about Alex Aniston’s childhood; his high school and if he attended college, except that at some point in his life, he attempted acting, directing, producing, screenwriting, and signing.

His Family

John Aniston Sr. has been married twice in his lifetime. He married Sherry Rooney (Alex’s mom) after his failed marriage to Nancy Dow who happens to be his half-sister’s (Jennifer Aniston) mother.

Dow is also a talented Hollywood actress who is recognized for the roles she played in The Beverly Hillbillies, The Wild Wild West, The Ice House, and Pure. Before she met John Aniston and got married to him, she was already divorced from her first marriage to the musician, Jack Melick. The marriage was blessed with a son named John Melick who is a prolific writer and director.

Alex is known to have been involved in many things. At a point in his life, he was an actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and musician but recently, the unemployed member of the popular family has been branded a deadbeat dad for abandoning the two children he had with ex-girlfriend Adriane Hallek. The ex-couple welcomed a son, Ryat in 2014 and a daughter Kira in 2016. It is quite obvious that Alex Aniston isn’t ready for a family as he abandoned them to pitch his tent with Kiri Peita – an Australian-born veterinary technician who was raised in Georgia and has a New Zealand Maori heritage.

Alex Aniston – Bio, Family, Facts About Jennifer Aniston’s Brother
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According to a source close to Hallek, Alex does not care about either of his children or even pay them a visit, he’s said to have only met Kira once. He doesn’t even pay child support and it’s never been asked of him.

Other Facts About Alex Aniston (Jennifer Aniston’s Brother)

  • Alex Aniston lives in an unpleasant apartment in California, he seems not to be interested in living a glitzy life. In just six months in 2017, the police recorded not less than 15 crimes ranging from car theft, violent assaults, etc, that occurred within his apartment.
  • He nicknamed himself Aja Nezitic, so as to hide his real identity which is associated with famous personalities, even though most people are of the opinion that he still receives allowances from his famous father.
  • Alex loves to identify himself as a traveling salesman who cleans and hustles roadkills.
  • He is badly hurt by the fact that his sister’s fame is constantly being rubbed on his face, thus, he does not like to associate or have anything to do with her. As of 2017, he was reported to have last seen her ten years before.
  • He once traveled across the U.S. West Coast. While on his tour, he sold animal skulls and engaged in some political protests.
  • Alex prefers dive bars to luxury and expensive living. He is popularly known as an anti-consumerist punk.
  • Alex Aniston’s last appearance in public was at Jennifer’s premiere for Along Came Polly in 2004.

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