Alex Drummond – Bio, Family, Facts About Ree Drummond’s Daughter

Alex Drummond – Bio, Family, Facts About Ree Drummond’s Daughter

She might not be touting herself as a television personality but Alex Drummond has done a lot in that regard on her mother’s Food Network show known as The Pioneer Woman. Her mother – an award-winning blogger, bestselling author, photographer, and celebrity chef, has been on the show since August 2011, whipping up sumptuous meals and selling different culinary ideas to various audiences. Not just Alex, but other members of her family has been featured on the show.

Find out more about the Drummond family and why Alex Drummond is different from her siblings.

Alex Drummond Biography

Alex Drummond was born as the first child of her parents on June 25, 1997, in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. She was conceived in Australia during the three weeks honeymoon her parents had there. Alex grew up with three siblings on a ranch owned by her father and even though the family struggled to make ends meet, they still gave their kids the best upbringing.

The details of her early education are not known but she is currently an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University. She took part in the school’s special event known as Aggie Ring Day after which both Alex and her mom posted pictures from the event on Instagram.

So far, Alex Drummond is yet to carve her own career path, perhaps the conclusion of her college education would determine where she will pitch her tent. For now, she is just popular as the daughter of a celebrated TV host and chef. That status has seen her make several appearances on her mother’s show dubbed The Pioneer Woman. Her mother, Ree Drummond, is the host of the show which airs on the Food Network and Alex’s appearances span from the show’s inception in 2011 to 2016.

A whole episode of The Pioneer Woman (Alex’s Care Pack) was dedicated to her and on it, Ree made a lot of dishes that are Alex’s favorites, including homemade cheddar crackers, brownie cookies, and many more. Of course, Alex was there, helping her mother with the cookies which turned out pretty well. Her father, as well as her siblings, have also had their time on the culinary show but not as much as Alex.


Alex’s parents are Ree Drummond and Ladd Drummond – a cattle rancher. The couple has a love story that is worthy of a romantic film. Their first meeting was at a local pub during Christmas. Ree had gone out for drinks with her friends, although she didn’t want to go at first, she ended up meeting the man of her dreams, Ladd, during that outing. Sadly, it took Ladd a few months to reach out to Ree who waited earnestly to see him again. They started dating afterward and on September 21, 1996, they tied the knot and jetted off to Australia for their honeymoon during which Alex was conceived.

After Alex, her parents had three more children, giving her a sister named Paige and two younger brothers Bryce and Todd.

Alex Drummond Love Life

With her college graduation around the corner, it emerged in July 2018 that Alex Drummond and Mauricio, who attends the same college, with her are dating. However, the claims don’t hold much water yet as they have not been confirmed though they stem from pictures of the two which Alex shared on her Instagram account. The two also went on a cruise trip early in 2019 with a few friends tagging along.

Alex Drummond – Bio, Family, Facts About Ree Drummond’s Daughter
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While Alex and her presumed boyfriend are yet to confirm that they are an item, her mother, on her own part, is not ready to accept the fact that her little cowgirl is all grown up.

Other Facts About Ree Drummond’s Daughter

1. Alex Drummond was born and raised in a ranch where she helped out with chores and often offered her services to her mother in the kitchen during her TV show.

2. Alex and her sister are the only ones who got to attend college after being homeschooled. The family faced financial woes while they were growing up, making it hard to afford school fees.

3. She has made appearances in a total of 78 episodes of The Pioneer Woman.

4. The Pioneer Woman is not the only Food Network cooking show Alex Drummond has been on. She graced one episode of Paula’s Best Dishes in 2011.