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There are so many artists including some of the greatest in the music business that the world did not get to hear about until probably after EPs and albums, and there are many others that even after many albums and EPs, the world did not get the privilege of hearing their music. The story of Alice Merton is completely different.

With her first single, No Roots, which she released in 2016, the German-Canadian-English singer made her break into the mainstream. Since then, she has gone on to achieve even greater things.

Alice Merton Biography

It was in Frankfurt, Germany on 13 September 1993 that Alice Merton was born to a father who is British and a German mother. Only a few months after her birth, her family moved to Connecticut in the United States before moving again shortly after that to Ontario. She remained here for the first 13 years of her life before she had to move again to Munich.

While she was growing up, her family was almost constantly moving because her father worked as a mining consultant. This would later influence her first song which also gave the young singer her first taste of fame. The singer lived in places like New York, Bournemouth, London, Connecticut, and different other places.

She was first drawn to music as a little girl when she started learning to sing and play classical piano. Alice had her high school education in Germany where she also wrote her first song ever. After high school, she moved yet again with her family to England. However, she later found her way back to her country of birth where she got a composition and songwriting degree from the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim.

Career-wise, the first time that any light of fame shone her way was in 2015 when she featured in The Book of Nature album of Fahrenhaidt. The next year, she released her first single No Roots which was an instant hit in different parts of the world including the US where it was certified Gold as well as Germany where it attained 3 Golds and in Austria, Poland, Switzerland, and France where it was certified platinum.

In February 2017, she released her first EP, No Roots, which recorded fair success. It was later followed by the release of her album Mint in January 2018. The album was considerably successful in Germany and other parts of the world.

Her Family

Alice Merton described the family in which she was brought up as pretty much very restless, which she claimed to be the reason behind some of the movements of the family.

As already stated, while her father is British, her mother is German, although their names are not given. More so, although she revealed that she has a brother and a sister, there is no information about their names also.

On a more personal level, the platinum-selling singer and songwriter is yet to start her own family as she is yet to get married.

Alice Merton’s Height

A very good looking woman, Alice Merton is not the tallest you will find on any stage. That said, her real height is not known even though there are those who speculate she may be 5 feet 5 inches tall.


Facts About The Singer

1. Her father encouraged her to become a singer: The first push she got into music was from her father who taught her to play the piano when she was just five and later at the age of 9, he got her to take singing lessons. He continued to help her on her musical journey as she grew up.

2. She has her own record label: Together with Paul Grauwinkel who is her manager, Merton has founded her own record label known as Paper Plane Records Int. It is under the record label that her first song was produced.

3. Alice was constantly on the move as she grew up: As pointed out, because of the work of her father, the singer and other members of her family were almost always on the move as she was growing up, hence she grew up in different countries of the world and can speak more than just one language. She revealed that by the time she was 24, she had already moved around 12 times.

4. She now shares her time between England and Germany: After all the moving around, the singer now has what can be said to be a fairly stable life as she shares her time between her country of birth, Germany, and England.

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