Alison Becker – Bio, Height, Husband, Family, Acting And TV Career

Most modern day celebrities have only one talent but there are others who are blessed with multiple, Alison Becker is among them. She makes her money from acting, comedy, appearing on television shows, as well as writing. The multi-talented superstar is a major inspiration to the younger generation and a role model to so many people struggling to break into the mainstream success in the showbiz community. Although Becker didn’t hit it big in her younger years like most stars in Hollywood, her fans are grateful she eventually made it to the top after so many years of unalloyed commitment to the career she cherishes so much.

Alison Becker’s Bio

The Daily Habit former host was born Alison Helene Becker on the 8th of March 1977, in Allamuchy Township, New Jersey, in the United States. The names of her parents, siblings are yet to be publicized and further details about her family background are not accessible to the public. However, we can confirm that Alison Becker received her college education at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., from where she graduated cum laude in 1999 with a degree in English. It was after her graduation that she relocated to New York City to explore the theatre and comedy industries.

Acting And TV Career

With the constant flow of super amazing success stories making the rounds in the showbiz circle, you may think that success and stardom are only meant for young people or kids who have celebrity parents around them. There are several celebrities out there who only tasted fame and success later in life. Remember, the ever-impressive Kenyan-Mexican actress  who didn’t receive industry praise until the age of 30. Similarly, American renowned actor Jonathan Daniel Hamm only began delivering his classic performances almost at the age of 40. Alison Becker is yet another celebrated personality who started pursuing her career late.

It was in 2003 that the beautiful star found her way to the showbiz community. During her budding years, she devoted much of her time to comedy and theatre and even worked on sketch comedies. She first appeared on the screen as a member of the television series, Boiling Points in 2003. Following her brilliant performance, she went on to land her first movie role that same year in the film, Pushing Tom. Thereafter, Becker’s popularity grew and began to bring more roles to her doorstep. So far, she has made on-screen appearances in over 30 television series, including Popping the Question with Star Jones (2004), Jump Cuts (2004), AV Squad (2004), Comedy Academy (2004), and Cavalcade of Personalities (2004), which were some of her earliest projects and then Lucifer (one episode, 2017), LA to Vegas (2018), Hot Date (2017), Adam Ruins Everything (one episode, 2015), Curb Your Enthusiasm (one episode, 2017), and New Girl (2014), which are some of her recent works.

On the television, Alison has made a mark for herself as well, having starred in a handful of movies, which include The Other Guys (2010), God-Links (2006), Four Dead Batteries (2004), May the Best Man Win (2008), Premium (2006), and Arranged (2007).

Moving over to her theatrical career, the multi-talented star has participated in many productions, including performing for American comedy clubs such as Caroline’s on Broadway, Upright Citizens Brigade improv theatre (an American improvisational theatre and training centre), and Hopscotch: A New York Sex Comedy.

Outside the stage and set, the beautiful media personality has played host to many shows and events. Being an exceptional and talented artist, she worked as a Video Jockey (VJ) on the popular music video television channel, Fuse, where she also played host to many shows, including F-List. Becker was previously a co-host on the talk show, The Daily Habit, which airs on FuelTV. She once served as the host of the VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown. She is currently on the online show Mayne Street with ESPN broadcaster Kenny Mayne on ESPN. She recently appeared in an episode of Lucifer in 2017. Her net worth is unknown.

Other shows where she has gallantly displayed her expertise innclude Parks and Recreation, wherein she featured in all seven seasons as Shauna Malwae-Tweep, a local newspaper reporter, as well as “If Google Was a Guy” sketch and Batman spoof videos.

Family – Husband

The Boiling Points actress is happily married to her long-term boyfriend called Cameron Salco. The sweethearts have been living as husband and wife for some time, though the details of their wedding, including the date and location, are not known to the public. At the moment, they have not given birth to their own offsprings but this has never impacted their relationship.

What Is Her Height?

Alison Becker stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches, which is equivalent to 1.62 meters. Other information about her body measurements is difficult to come by. But from her pictures, it is glaring that the television personality is in good shape and that her body features are well-placed and suitable for her demanding career.

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