Alison Lohman – Bio, Age, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Where Is She Now?

Alison Lohman is a US-based actress who gained widespread popularity for her portrayal of the persona of Christine Brown in the American supernatural horror film Drag Me To Hell. She has also stared in various notable movies that did very well in cinemas across the world.

The young actress is arguably one of the most talented actresses in the American movie industry. She, over the years, has managed to make her presence felt in her industry thereby becoming a household name in Hollywood. Ever since she became a public figure, a lot of people have been asking questions about her like what family she hails from, who her parents are, who her husband is and more. To learn more about Alison Lohman read her profile below.

Alison Lohman Biography (Age)

She was born as Alison Marion Lohman on September 18, 1979, in Palm Springs, California to her mother, Denee who owns a French bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets, and father Gray Lohman, a house engineer. She was born and raised in her hometown alongside her younger brother, Robert.

Digging into her educational life, Alison Lohman was one of the best students in her high school where she would always get the A grade in all her subject excluding drama, which was as a result of her shyness. However, she would go on to overcome the shyness while still in high school, thanks to acting, a craft she’d come to love in earnest. In her final month as a high school student, she received an award from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts because of her outstanding acting skills.

Her intelligent and brilliant performance in school earned her a scholarship to study at New York University which she rejected and decided to start up a career in acting. Alison Lohman had had her first acting at the age of 9 in a theatre production where she played the character Gretl in the Sound of Music production by Palm Desert’s McCallum Theatre Production.

Following her high school graduation, Lohman relocated to Los Angeles to begin her acting career. She began by acting in low budget movies which include: Kraa! The Sea Monster and Planet Patrol. She was also involved in several TV series and children films

Her breakthrough in the movie industry came about when she was given a job to play the role of Astrid Magnussen in the movie White Oleander in 2002. In 2003, Alison Lohman was the female lead character in the black comedy crime film Matchstick Men as she portrayed the persona of Angela – the daughter of Roy a con artist who taught her how to become one. She also featured in the American fantasy drama movie Big Fish that same year.

Alison Lohman was assigned to take the place of Ellen Page in the horror movie Drag Me To Hell as Christine Brown in 2009.
Her other works include Where The Truth Lies as Karan O Connor, The Big White as Tiffany, Flicka as Katy Mclaughlin, and Things We Lost In Fire where she acted as Kelly.

Her Net Worth

According to credible sources, Alison Lohman has over the years gathered a net worth of $5 million which she earned all through the cause of her acting career. Although there is no information regarding how much she earns annually, it is obvious that she earns quite a decent amount of money and has managed to turn her talent into a money-making venture.

Alison Lohman’s Husband and Kids

Lohman is lawfully wedded to movie director Mark Neveldine. The lovers said their marriage vows in the presence of their families and friends at a wedding ceremony in Water Town, New York City. The pair are blessed with two children; a son named Billy who was born in 2010, at Bucharest, Romania and a second child who was born in 2011.

Where Is She Now?

As of this writing, Alison Lohman’s most recent film was 2016’s, Officer Downe. The actress seems to have taken an unofficial break to focus on her family. Her prolonged absence from the media led to a death hoax which claimed that she was dead, however, her official rep debunked the rumors clarifying that the actress was well and alive.

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