All We Know About Billie Eilish, Her Family and Unlikely Friendship With Drake

Billie Eilish had the entire music world talking when – a few months to her eighteenth birthday in August 2019 – the singer topped the Billboard 100 chart with her song ‘Bad Guy’ which was written and produced by her brother Finneas. But that was not her first brush with fame and success though. Instead, she had already taken the music industry by storm three years earlier when she released her song ‘Ocean Eyes’ on Soundcloud, just a month to her 15th birthday.

Certainly, you would like to know more about such a fast-riser. So, here is all we know about her.

Bellie Eilish’s Background and Career Development

Billie was born and named Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell in Los Angeles, California, on the 18th of December, 2001. She was raised by her parents in the L.A. neighboorhood of Highland Park. To enable her to pursue her career hitch-free, she was homeschooled. She has Irish and Scottish ethnic backgrounds while she is of American nationality.

From a very young age, Eilish had a flair for singing which ultimately led her to join the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus by the time she was just 8 years of age. And by the time she turned eleven, she was able to start writing and singing her own songs. As earlier hinted, in late 2016, Billie dropped her debut single, “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud, which she followed up with a music and dance video. By November that year, Ocean Eyes was re-released across the globe via Darkroom and Interscope Records to mainly positive reviews. Another single, “Six Feet Under” was subsequently released by the artist.

In January 2017, Billie Eilish dropped four EP remixes of Ocean Eyes. By February, she dropped another single, “Bellyache” which was co-written with and produced by her brother Finneas. The single was backed-up by a music video that was directed by Miles and AJ. Later that month (March 2017), she released the track “Bored”, which served as the soundtrack for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Between June and July 2017, she dropped two singles; “Watch” and “Copycat”. In July, she announced that she would be dropping her debut EP, “Don’t Smile at Me” and that for every Friday of that month, she was going to be adding a single to the EP. Some of the more notable singles she added to the EP included “My Boy” and “Idontwannabeyouanymore”. “Don’t Smile at Me” was finally released in August 2017.

Later that year, Billie Eilish collaborated with rapper Vince Staples to do “&Burn” (remix of “Watch”), which was thereafter included on the EP’s re-release. With the presence of a growing fan base, Eilish was able to embark on a tour, (Where’s My Mind Tour), in February 2018, which lasted until April that year.

To mark the year’s Record Store Day, she dropped a 7″ vinyl which featured an acoustic version of her song “Party Favor” as well as an acoustic cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. She would also later collaborate with singer Khalid for the single “Lovely”, which dropped in April and was added to the soundtrack for the second season of 13 Reasons Why. Her other singles for 2018 include “You Should See Me in a Crown”, “When the Party’s Over” and “Bitches Broken Hearts”.

How Rich is the Singer?

The most recent reports on Billie Eilish reveals that she has a growing net worth of $5 million. Thus, she made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2019, as she is further listed as one of the upcoming singing sensations to look out for in 2019.

Meet Billie Eilish’s Musically Inclined Family Members

Billie Eilish is from a family of musicians and actors. Her father, Patrick O’Connell, is a huge music enthusiast while her mother, Maggie Baird, is a musician, screenwriter, and actress. As alluded to above, her older brother, Finneas O’Connell, is also a musician who she has collaborated with on multiple occasions.

By the time Eilish was writing and singing her own songs at the age of eleven, her older brother was already writing, performing and producing his own songs too. Her debut single “Ocean Eyes”, was originally written by Finneas for his band.

Here’s the Bizzare Connection Between Billie Eilish and Drake

At press time, there is no indication that Billie Eilish is romantically involved with anyone. However, in a recent interview, she granted to Vanity Fair, she betrayed an emotional leaning towards the Canadian singer Drake whom she said she had only been exchanging text messages but never met him in person.

Considering her age, the news that Drake had been texting her was greeted with outrage across the web community. The Canadian rapper and music producer was labeled “creepy” while others felt “weird” was a better-suited description for the much older music star. As social media went frenzy with the news, people were quick to recall that Drake had in the past been accused of exchanging texts with another young girl, Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things.

In all, many people express their displeasure on Drake texting young girls and in this case Billie. Be that as it may, Billie Eilish has been doing well in her career with a growing fanbase ever ready to lend their support to the talented youngster.

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