All You Need To Know About Davy Jones Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Sea

All You Need To Know About Davy Jones Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Sea

Many will remember Davy Jones, the antagonist in the movie series popularly known as the Pirates of the Caribbean. The monstrous role was portrayed by the famed actor Bill Night but the character of Davy is not human, it is a fictional persona that is completely computer-generated. He made an appearance in the second movie dubbed Dead Man’s Chest and was part of another installment known as At World’s End.

The computer-generated image of Davy Jones was named as the 10th best computer-generated movie persona in the history of movies by Entertainment weekly. His character comes after that of King Kong in the 2007 movie of the same name. Furthermore, Industrial Light and Magic which is responsible for the work on Davy Jones’ character won the Academy Award for Visual Effects in 2006 for their effort in Dead Man’s Chest.

All You Need To Know About Davy Jones Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Sea

1. Origin Of The Name Davy Jones

The origin of the name is not clear-cut, it might turn out to be a corruption of Duppy, the ghost spirit in the West Indian folklore, it might even refer to the patron saint of Wales Saint David popularly called Dewi. Some sources have traced his roots to a pub operator of British origin who was part of the 1594 song titled “Jones’ Ale is Newe”. According to legend, the pub owner was known for throwing drunk sailors into his ale locker prior to dumping them into the sea. There are versions of the tale which said that some of his victims chose to render their services to the pub owner for a century out of fear of death.

Another legend has it that Davy Jones was once a mortal who fell head over heels in love with the goddess Calypso and in a bid to spend time together, she gave him access to the Flying Dutchman to transport the deceased to the other side. The duo was meant to be an item after Davy’s several years of service but Calypso failed to show up. In his devastated state, Davy Jones is said to have severed his heart from his body and locked it in the Dead Man’s Chest, he didn’t die but rather roamed the seas and ceased to continue his task. Davy offered the doomed who were afraid of death an opportunity to serve his ship and the rest of them were abandoned in a purgatory referred to as Davy Jones’ Locker by sailors. Angry over Davy’s deeds, Calypso made Davy, his ship, as well as the people serving on it, a bunch of monstrous creatures. In response, Davy Jones made the pirate Brethren Court capture Calypso in the body of Tia Dalma.

2. Conception & Creation

Davy’s character is generated through the aid of a computer during filming, Bill Night’s role was recorded with motion capture with Bill putting on several markers on his face as well as on his apparel. He also used some make-up on his eyes. Davy Jones’s lips and around his mouth were equally made-up to aid in the Scottish accent of his character.

All You Need To Know About Davy Jones Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean Sea
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3. Design & Appearance

The producers designed Davy’s physique to be a mix of various aquatic fauna and flora features but the cephalopod-like head is his most striking feature with appendages like that of an octopus, giving the illusions of a bushy beard. There is a prominent protrusion beneath his barnacle-encrusted tricorne, a siphon on the left side of his face aids him in breathing, and on his left arm is a crustacean-style claw.

Davy Jones’ right index finger is replaced by a tentacle and he has the leg of a crab. The color of the fictional character’s face was inspired by a coffee-stained Styrofoam and he spoke with a visibly distinguishable thick Scottish accent slightly adjusted to account the absence of a nose

4. Powers & Abilities

The make-believe character of Davy Jones had many ethereal powers, he passes through solid objects and has the ability to teleport himself on board the Black Pearl as well as the Flying Dutchman. He is immortal with the capacity of surviving fatal injuries that can kill mortals on the spot, but he can suffer some level of pain – this is evident when some of the tentacles on his face were cut off in a battle with Jack Sparrow. Davy has the supernatural ability to track elusive souls who owe him loyalty with the aid of the black spot. He has the power to communicate with the Kraken, a sea monster capable of destroying ships on command and even controls it.

Davy’s facial tentacles endow him with the capacity of manipulating objects while his two hands remain free. His tentacled finger gives him the capacity to grip his sword strongly as well as control it more precisely and quicker than an ordinary hand. There is enough strength in his crab claw hands to sever sword blades as well as bend them.