All You Need To Know About Natasha Henstridge and Harvey Weinstein Allegations

All You Need To Know About Natasha Henstridge and Harvey Weinstein Allegations

Not minding the glitter and glamour, there is hardly anyone that has ever seen Hollywood in a good light. However, cases of sexual misconduct that led to the “Me Too” movement have cast more darkness upon the little surviving light of the industry. One person who has had his name littered in the gutters of sexual harassment is Harvey Weinstein who has been accused by dozens of women. As a result of this, when the Natasha Henstridge and Harvey Weinstein allegations popped up, not too many people are surprised, just disgusted again.

Before her harassment claims against Weinstein, Henstridge accused director and producer Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct. The Hollywood power player who is behind some very big movies like The Revenant, Horrible Bosses, and the Rush Hour series (director), was also accused by five other women for the same crime. In fact, it was while revealing on Megyn Kelly Today, how Ratner forced her into performing oral sex on him in the 1990s that she revealed what she also suffered in the hands of Weinstein.

Before her allegation against Weinstein, there were already many women that had come forward with the same accusations including actresses, his workers, models, a massage therapist, and more. Here is what we know about the Henstridge allegations against Weinstein.

Natasha Henstridge and Harvey Weinstein Allegations

One of the first among six women who alleged that they were sexually assaulted by Ratner, the Canadian actress and model revealed that her encounter with Weinstein was at Sundance Film Festival during a business meeting.

Even though she did not give a year, Natasha revealed that the embattled producer became flirtatious and he dropped the issue of the business that had brought them. Soon, the actress revealed that he pleasured himself right in front of her.

All You Need To Know About Natasha Henstridge and Harvey Weinstein Allegations
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She said he pleasured himself in front of her while she remained stuck in the room with him. However, she was able to keep him from physically attacking her.

As stated, Weinstein was not the first person to sexually assault her. She revealed that when she was 19, she spent an evening hanging out in the apartment of a friend in Manhattan with Ratner. The producer forced her to carry out oral sex on him.

The next time their paths would cross again was a decade later when they met and the director acted as though they were old-time friends.

Response to the Allegations

Following the Natasha Henstridge and Harvey Weinstein allegations, Weinstein who had at that time already had many other sexual assault cases against him did not respond specifically to it. However, after The New York Times and The New Yorker first reported on how Weinstein had assaulted dozens of women, he came out and apologized that he had caused a lot of pain to many women, although the accounts presented were not accurate.

He denied any non-consensual sex claims, also insisting he has never carried out any acts of retaliation against women who had turned him down in the past. These were some of the claims leveled against Weinstein by many of the other women who accused him.

On his own part, Ratner who in an episode of Family Guy in 2012 depicted him placing bids on sex slaves denied all the sexual claims against him including that of Natasha. He claimed that although he spent some time with the actress in the past, there was nothing that happened as she claimed. He stated through his attorney Martin Singer, that the allegations were false.

In his suggestions, Henstridge once had an interest in Brett but was disappointed when she found out he had a girlfriend he was not ready to let go of because of her. He also insisted that he had been the director’s attorney for more than a decade and yet no one had ever brought any case of sexual assault against him.

As a consequence of all the claims against him, Weinstein who is still standing trial for the cases against him has lost the company which he sold and his wife also left him. On his part, Ratner saw his ties with Warner Bros broken as a result of the assertions made against him.

The hope of the actress at the time she delivered her very emotional experience in the interview was for both Weinstein and Brett to spend time behind bars.