Allison Holker – Bio, Daughter, Boyfriend, Husband, Family

Allison Holker – Bio, Daughter, Boyfriend, Husband, Family

The flexible use of the body is a skill that has only been mastered by a few mortals. These mortals, in turn, have used this gift/skill to build their careers in different disciplines. Boxers, wrestlers, martial artists, stunt performers, and dancers, to mention a few. Talking about dancers, they are a unique group of people who give expression to one of humanity’s greatest inventions, Music. Allison Holker is one of such people and she does it professionally. She started at the age of 9 and has been able to build a life out of it. Who is Allison Holker? Learn more about the American dancer below.

Allison Holker Biography

Minnesota-born Allison Holker started dancing at the age of 9. Though she was born in Minnesota, she did the majority of her growing up in Orem, Utah. Currently, there is not much information regarding her family and there is also no indication as to whether Allison has siblings or not.

Regarding her formal education, we know that she attended Timpanogos High School and graduated in 2006, but there is nothing about her attending college. What Allison may, however, have missed informal education, she gained from starting professional dance lessons at the age of nine. She was a student at The Dance Club in Orem, Utah. At The Dance Club, Holker was immersed in the art of Contemporary, Tap, Ballet, and Jazz dancing. Before she graduated high school, she was already dancing on the international stage, dancing at the 2002 Winter Olympics’ opening and closing ceremonies.

She also entered the Co DANCE National Competition in 2004 and the New York City Dance Alliance in 2005. She won both competitions, finishing the New York City Dance Alliance as the National Senior Outstanding Dancer.

When they are not dancing to the rhythm of different beats in a competition, professional dancers have to lend their bodies to other acts to be the physical expression of their music and their thoughts. Allison Holker has been the mouthpiece for Earth, Wind and Fire, Demi Lovato.

She’s also had the privilege of living Disney’s High School Musical when the rest of us were simply watching it. She was a dancer in the first two films in the Disney franchise. She’s performed in multiple commercials and in her first try, finished Top 8 in the second season of So You Think You Can Dance. Her finish earned her a place in Show’s nationwide tour for that season.

Dancers do not usually have a permanent stable gig; their resumé is a journey of dancing wherever they are needed. She has performed on a show called Ballroom with a Twist, working with dance expert, Louis Van Amstel. She has performed on American Idol, in the special, Tried and True. She also worked with Brian Friedman on X Factor USA.

In music videos, where dancers often find work (sometimes as video vixens), she has featured in a music video by Christian Perri, ‘Jar of Hearts’. Holker has also done the work of impacting aspiring dancers with the wealth of knowledge and experience she’s gained over the years, teaching dancers at different dance conventions and workshops.

Holker got her most stable and longest job to date in 2014 when she was signed as one of the 12 professional dancers to perform with celebrity dancers on Dancing with the Stars. The contract came after she featured in a dance routine with Stephen Boss in 2013.

Although the announcement was initially met with controversy due to her lack of Latin Ballroom experience, she has stayed on the show for four seasons, from seasons 19 to 23, missing out on the 22nd season due to pregnancy. She has a fairly decent Dancing with the Stars record. Her best finish was second in the 20th season and her worst was 11th in the 23rd season. In the other seasons, she finished 9th and 7th.

 Allison Holker – Bio, Daughter, Boyfriend, Husband, Family
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Family, Husband, Daughter

As for her personal family, little to no information is available about them. Her marital family, however, started with her husband, Stephen Boss, who is also a freestyle dancer, actor, and entertainer commonly known as Twitch. The couple got married in Paso Robles, California on the 10th of December, 2013. Their family increased by one on March 27, 2016, when they gave birth to their son, Maddox Laurel.

Before the arrival of Maddox, Weslie Renae was a part of their family. Weslie is the daughter of Allison Holker whom she had with her ex-fiance.

Affairs – Boyfriend

Allison’s relationship history is shrouded in mystery as her family history. She was in a relationship with an unknown boyfriend. The couple were briefly engaged for a while and had a daughter, Weslie Renae before calling it quits. The identity of the father and ex-fiance is still publicly unknown.

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