Ally Hills Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The YouTuber

Ally Hills Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The YouTuber

Ally Hills is a talented songstress and YouTube star who focuses more on matters relating to the LGBT community on her channel. For many reasons, the beautiful online sensation is well-loved and appreciated on YouTube; she does amazing cover songs, shows off her good musical skills, and relates very well with her fans.

Hills has a couple of songs under her belt, including her original EP ‘The Province’ and coming out song, ‘Coming Out – The Official Song’. The latter is dedicated to gays and lesbians finding it difficult to come out of the closet and has been used by a lot of people to express how they feel about their sexuality.

Ally Hills’ Bio (Age)

The parents of the YouTuber gave birth to her in the United States of America, in Los Angeles, California, to be precise on the 11th of December 1992. Before the arrival of Ally Hills, her parents earlier raised a child named Kimberly. She is the elder sister of the YouTuber as well as her confidant.

Apart from the information provided above, further details about Ally’s family background, parents, and educational achievements have not been disclosed for public consumption. And being someone who loves protecting her family and other aspects of her personal life from the curious media, the YouTuber has never given her fans the impression that she really wants to talk about herself in detail.

Ally Hills operates an eponymous channel on YouTube, where she talks more on subject matters that are related to the LGBT community. Her channel also features a wide range of music and comedy videos.

Prior to fame, the YouTuber was known by the alias ‘ItsAllyHills’ online. As a multitalented personality, Hills has been exceptional in music and content creation. In addition to the numerous song covers she has done, she has released many singles as well as an EP.

Talking about her sexuality, the YouTuber is openly lesbian and someone who doesn’t shy away from talking about her sex life, sexuality in general, and then the LGBT community. She often makes out time to explain a lot of things to straight people on her page, especially issues revolving around the LGBT world.

Ally Hills Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The YouTuber
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Whenever the YouTube star is online, she passes messages across to her fans with a great sense of humor and excitement. Ally Hills published her first video on YouTube on 13th July 2012 under the username ItsAllyHills. The video was titled: For You, Rose Ellen Dix and equally earned her massive followings.

Today, the Los Angeles-born sensations channel on YouTube has been subscribed by more than 753k people. She is being followed by 175 people on Twitter while her Instagram page has 367k followers.

As regards her relationship life, Ally could be possibly single as she is not dating anyone openly. Between 2015 to 2016, the YouTuber dated fellow YouTube sensation, Stevie Boebi. While their relationship lasted, the pair flaunted their chemistry in their collaborative videos and also a lot of crazy things together.

Born on July 13, 1988, in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Ally’s ex-girlfriend is also an actress and producer. She created her YouTube channel (SassiBoB) on May 1, 2010, and has been nominated for Shorty Award for LGBTQ+ YouTube Channel and Shorty Award for Best LGBTQ+ Account.


Although Ally Hill has not mentioned it, it appears the YouTuber has an amazing family; one that can make extreme efforts to bring out the best in her and also support her music and online careers. On several occasions, Ally has featured her former girlfriend in her videos but no member of her family has been seen with her in any of her YouTube videos.

However, as hinted above, the only known member of her family is her elder sister but what’s currently up to is from the picture. It is not known if Kimberly is single or married. In the same vein, the names of her parents, their residence, and occupation are yet to be publicized.

Facts About The YouTuber

1. Ally Hills is currently based in Los Angeles.

2. The emerging songstress has made covers of many popular hits, such as Panic At The Disco, Thinking About It (Let It Go), Jingle Bell Rock, and Wrecking Ball.

3. Ally Hills was among those who took part in the Love is Love tour in the year 2018.

4. Apart from YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, she is also active on platforms such as Tumblr and Spotify.

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