Amanda Boyd Wiki, Dating, Boyfriend, Husband, Relationship With Jason Dufner

Amanda Boyd has gained quite a substantial degree of popularity for being previously married to professional golfer Jason Dufner and being romantically linked with the famous Tiger Woods as one of his mistresses. Woods was accused of cheating on his then-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn with Amanda Boyd. The rumors are endless and Tiger has never admitted to any of the allegations. Amanda, on the other hand, never gave any comments about the rumors.

Years have passed since her messy divorce from Dufner and link with Tiger Woods and like the men, Boyd has moved on. Follow us as we reveal details about Amanda Boyd, and explore the many rumors that linked her with Woods.

Amanda Boyd Wiki/Husband

Not technically a celebrity herself, thus, not much is known about Amanda’s biography. It is however known that she is a native of Alabama. She attended the University of Alabama from where she graduated in 2010. As a college student in 2009, Boyd met golfer Jason Dufner, a graduate of rival Auburn college, through a mutual friend. Dufner at the time was already on the PGA Tour.

They began dating shortly afterward. revealed details about their courtship saying;

“Their first date went well, but with Dufner’s hectic schedule, he pretty much kissed her goodnight and disappeared. He did call often, and the two had long conversations, but they did not actually see each other again until both just happened to be in New Orleans for New Year’s Eve. From then on, they were inseparable.”

Dufner proposed to Boyd in 2011, a year after she graduated from college. The proposal happened while they were having lunch in New York City on the weekend of July Fourth after Dufner failed to make the cut at a tournament.

“We were watching the fireworks over the river and when I turned around, Jason was on one knee. I don’t really remember much after that,” Boyd said of her engagement.

Amanda and Jason got married in May 2012 and quickly became a popular couple. A sexy and hot Boyd wasn’t exactly the kind of wife fans expected of a goofy-mannered Dufner. This made them particularly popular especially after Boyd won the 2013 PGA Tour where the couple was frequently seen hand in hand.

Fans were taken aback when news of their divorce hit the media in early 2015, after approximately three years of marriage. According to their divorce settlement revealed in March 2015, the reason for the divorce was as a result of an “Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” The settlement also noted that “a complete incompatibility of temperament that the parties can no longer live together.”

As part of the divorce settlement, Amanda got to keep about $3 million, a Mercedes SUV, and their French bulldog named Prince Louie. The couple had no children.

Amanda Boyd Dating/Boyfriend

About two months after the news of Boyd’s separation from Dufner hit the news, National Enquirer began carrying rumors that Amanda’s affair with Tiger Woods was the reason behind her divorce from Dufner.

An anonymous source told National Enquirer;

“Even though Tiger dated Lindsey for years, he had a “thing” for Amanda.”

Another insider added; “Amanda is gorgeous, and she’s known as a big flirt with the other players on the PGA tour, I guess her flirty ways and good looks caught Tiger’s eye.”

Another unverified rumor had it that Tiger had flown Amanda to Chambers Bay in Seattle for his practice round before the U.S. Open.

However, Tiger who at the time had just split with his superstar skiing girlfriend Lindsey Vonn strongly denied the allegations.

Wood’s agent Mark Steinberg told Golfweek;

“I couldn’t deny this more vehemently. There is less than zero strands of truth to it. 100 percent false. 100 percent fabricated and zero credence. Absolutely, unequivocally untrue. They are not even acquaintances. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Denying the allegations didn’t stop the rumors from circulating. More fuel was added to the fire when Amanda dropped about $675,000 of her divorce fee for a three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,000 sq.-ft. mansion in Jupiter, Florida, situated just miles away from Woods’ own house.

However, many found reasons to conclude that the rumors were nothing more than rumors when Dufner and Woods played the practice round together in full public view at the Open Championship.

Also, since the rumors began to swirl, Boyd and Woods have never been spotted together.

Amanda Boyd Instagram

At the peak of Boyd’s romance with Jason Dufner, the Alabama native didn’t shy away from sharing cute snaps of her and her flame on her Instagram page which slowly garnered more followers as their relationship grew. After their messy divorce, Amanda deleted the Instagram account much to the dismay of fans.

However, Amanda kept running a separate Instagram page for her dog Prince Louie. Amanda often posts pictures of herself and the dog on the account which boasts over 9,000 followers.