Amber Laign – Bio, Facts About Robin Roberts’ Partner

Amber Laign – Bio, Facts About Robin Roberts’ Partner

In 2013, not to the surprise of many, Robin Roberts came out as gay. In an end-of-the-year message on Facebook that she shared with her fans, she revealed the name of her girlfriend whom she had already spent many years with as Amber Laign.

Before then, Amber had maintained a very private life as a massage therapist, but the disclosure which was only a confirmation to what was believed by some suddenly brought the light on Laign. Many years later, through the good and the bad, the two have remained ever close.

Amber Laign – Biography

It was on September 6, 1974, that Amber Laign was born in California. However, it was in Lebanon, New Jersey that she spent her childhood. She was brought up by her parents Andrea and Paul Laign and she went to Round Valley Middle School. Later, her family left NJ for California where she went to Clayton Valley High School in Concord, from where she graduated in 1992.

After she was through with her high school education, she later went to The Swedish Institute of Health Sciences where she spent a year studying massage therapy. Before switching careers, she once worked for Berger & Stevens, a fashion showroom for evening and sportswear, separates, and other accessories. She spent 9 years in the showroom as a sales representative.

Facts About Robin Roberts’ Partner

1. Their Relationship

The story of Roberts and Laign did not begin when it was announced in 2013. It dated back to 2005, which makes it eight years before it was finally made public on social media. In 2014, the Good Morning America host opened up some more about her relationship with her long-term lover of close to 10 years at the time when she sat with Ellen.

More so, they had appeared in public a number of times before finally letting the public in. They first met through a mutual friend who introduced them to each other.

Amber Laign – Bio, Facts About Robin Roberts’ Partner
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2. Age Difference and Family Support

14 years before the birth of Amber Laign in 1974, her lover was born in 1960. Despite the age difference of more than a decade, the cliché of lovers that age is only but a number applies here. What is more, is that the families of the two have openly given their support and blessings.

Following the public announcement of the relationship by the ace broadcaster, Amber’s parents revealed that they were really thrilled and they wished the couple the best in their life together.

3. Amber is a Very Private Person

Even though she is in a relationship with someone as popular as Robin Roberts, Amber is an individual who hates the spotlight and as much as possible, she has always tried to stay away from it.

According to her lover, despite the fact that she is always coming for public events with her, she is only being supportive and does not like public attention. Roberts revealed that Amber Laign does not even want to go on stage with her but she is always by her side to offer support whether it’s pertaining to her work or health challenges.

4. She co-owns and runs an Essential Oils Business

Robin Roberts is a breast cancer survivor. Through her travails and battles with the disease, one person that has been by her side has been Laign who has also served as her caregiver.

Having seen the effects of cancer treatment on patients following the bone marrow transplant of Roberts in 2012, Amber tried to find a way of minimizing the side effects of the treatment on her lover and so she researched and realized that essential oils had so many benefits.

Amber later met Marci Freed who has also been advocating for essential oils. An artist, Freed used the oils to handle some health challenges of one of her twin daughters. The two women came together and started the Plant Juice Oils company.

5. Net Worth

On her own, Amber Laign has been a very hard-working individual who does not only has a well flourishing career as a massage therapist but also runs her own business. Thanks to this, she has a net worth that has been estimated at $1 million US dollars. While this is much, it is still significantly lower than what her lover has with a net worth that is around $35 million US dollars. Robin made her fortune from her career as a media personality.