Amberlynn Reid – Bio, Personal Details, Family, How Much Is She Worth

The story of the American plus-size media personality, Amberlynn Reid is very inspiring as she came from a very unstable home but amidst her struggles, she made a name for herself as a celebrity. Amber barely managed to finish her basic education and unfortunately, she never graduated from college but today, her vlogs are trending and she has a lot of views to show for it.

Moreso, on the relationship front, Amberlynn has not been very lucky in finding the right person and she has countless stories of heartbreak. Read all about her bio, personal life, net worth and more below.

Amberlynn Reid’s Bio

The famous vlogger was born on December 27th, 1990 in Key West Florida, the United States. After her birth, her family moved to California, however, her childhood was very chaotic as Amberlynn had to live in different foster homes and at a time, she even moved in with friends as she struggles to make it on her own.

Amidst her challenges, Amberlynn Ried was still able to finish her basic education after which she proceeded to study Criminal Justice at Brown Mackie College in Tucson, Arizona, unfortunately, she couldn’t graduate. She, however, found solace in vlogging and in September 2011, she created a YouTube channel on which she uploaded the popular clip called the Nervous + Awkward + Weight Loss. This instantly launched her into fame as her fashion and beauty haul as an oversized person caught a lot of attention.

Currently, her YouTube account has amassed over 128,000 subscribers with more than 58 million views and it has over 1,297 public videos, making Amberlynn one of the most successful vloggers and YouTube stars in the world.

Amberlynn Reid’s Family

As mentioned earlier, Amberlynn Reid came from a very unstable family and as a child, she witnessed aggressive fights and quarrels between her parents who were both drug addicts. By the time she clocked eight, her parents were denied the legal rights of parenthood which made Amber and her other siblings to be kept under the care of foster parents. Subsequently, her little brother was adopted by a relative of theirs, leaving Amber and her elder brother in the foster home.

After a year, with her brother in foster care, Amber was separated from him and was moved into the children’s shelter where she stayed for a year. When she turned twelve, her parents returned to claim her and her brother and they were placed on a six-month trial before having full custody of their children. The trail was prolonged to two years, and by that time, Amberlynn had turned bad as she was smoking and drinking recklessly. Her parents also went back to their old lifestyle of dealing in drugs and eventually parted ways.

The internet star was then left with no other option than to return back to the children’s shelters. After some years, Amberlynn Reid left the children’s shelter and the cycle of changing homes started up until now that she is living with her friend Becky.

The Vlogger’s Personal Life

Coming to her personal cum love life, Amberlynn has been into several romantic relationships which started back in 2008 with Kasey Cordiva, a transgender also known as Cassie. Their relationship lasted for three years before it ended and was shortly followed by another romantic relationship with Krystle Siviak but the duo parted ways after a four-year-long relationship.

In 2015, Amber switched to dating men and the first on her list was a guy named Destiny Cook, whom she met on social media and eventually, the pair moved in together as a couple. The relationship lasted for two years before Destiny found a new lover called Dana and ended his affair with Amberlynn. Nevertheless, the vlogger hooked up with a new catch and this time it’s a girl named Becky whom she is currently living with.

How Much Is Amberlynn Reid’s Net Worth?

Looking at her achievements as a vlogger and YouTube star, Amberlynn Reid must have accumulated a lot of wealth from her endeavours. However, as at now, there is no specific figure given as her net worth but there is no doubt that she has accumulated a lot of wealth for herself.

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