Those who are familiar with children’s books have definitely come across one written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Amy was renowned as a writer, filmmaker, and radio show presenter. Apart from writing children’s books, Amy also had a few adult books to her credit. The celebrated author also had a keepsake journal with 11 titles in all.

Unfortunately, Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just when she was at the peak of her career. She eventually died at the age of 52 but the legacy she left in the form of books, her short films, and journals will continue to keep her memories fresh in the mind of her fans and family.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal Biography

The veteran American author was born on the 29th day of April 1965 and died on the 13th day of March 2017 after spending 52 fruitful years imparting lives through her authorship of both children and adult books.

Amy’s short films which she made with her phone and shared on YouTube were also well received by her fans and at some point in her life, she also served humanity as a radio show host.

After her early education, Amy Krouse Rosenthal proceeded to Tufts University where she majored in the French language. Later in life, she realized that her course of study would not help her to earn a living in Chicago where she resides. As such, she made the decision to go into advertising, and surprisingly, she fell in love with her work as a copywriter.

It was at that point that she started nurturing a career as a writer. At her death, it was accounted that she has written more than 30 children’s books and about 4 adult books.

Her Husband

The New York Times bestselling author and short filmmaker got married to her lifelong partner Jason Brian Rosenthal in 1991. It is said that the couple met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend in 1989. According to Amy, their first date was life-changing for her because she knew she was going to marry Jason before the end of the date.

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Jason, on the other hand, was a bit slow in making his feelings known; it took him a year to come to that decision. It is known that Amy’s husband has been a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago since 1990. He spends most of his time at the Law firm of Jason B Rosenthal where he practices his profession. Jason’s hobbies include music and painting which he occasionally dabbles into.

The couple lived in marital bliss for 26 years and their marriage was blessed with three children namely Justin (son), Miles (son), and Paris (daughter).

The couple learned of Amy’s diagnosis of ovarian cancer around the same period that their last child was going off to college. Due to this, they had to cancel all previous plans to travel.

Amy who was madly in love with her spouse until her demise described him as a sharp dresser. According to her, Jason who’s 5 feet 10 inches tall has hazel eyes and salt and pepper hair. The bestselling author and filmmaker eulogized her husband listing his attributes and stressing that he’s wonderful and never changed for over two decades of marital life.

As culled from Amy’s narratives of her love life, Jason is an extraordinary man. He showed up at her first ultrasound armed with flowers and most Sunday mornings, he would wake up early to surprise her with some kind of oddball smiley face which he usually fashions out of items like a spoon, a mug, and banana. Having only a few days to live, Amy expressed hopes of Jason finding another love.

Meanwhile, Jason told People Magazine that he was not privy to the fact that Amy was going to write a public dating profile for him and so, was emotionally torn apart when he read it for the first time and saw the beauty of the write-up. The man also revealed that he was surprised at the unbelievable prose his wife produced given her terminal condition. He regretted that he did not have the same aptitude for writing, expressing that his own tale would have been the most epic love story of this generation.

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Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Books

Amy was renowned for her skills in writing both adult and children’s books some of which are on the New York best seller list. Her books like Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, Uni the Unicorn, Plant a Kiss, and what have you have been read at White House’s Easter Egg Roll.

It’s also on record that Amy was picked as the 2015 writer for the Global Read Aloud program which was a two months activity where classes all over the world engaged with each other by reading the same books. Also, you’d love to know that Amazon named her alphabetized memoir Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life which was published in 2005 as one of the top ten memoirs of the decade.

Some of her other notable adult books include Mother’s Guide To The Meaning Of Life: What I’ve Learned On My Never Ending Quest To Become A Dalai Mama (2001); The Book Of Eleven: An Itemized Collection Of Brain Lint (1998) and The Same Phrase Describes My Marriage And My Breasts: Before The Kids, They Used To Be Such A Cute Couple (1999).

The list of the children books she wrote can be described as endless, some of them include The Wonder Book (2010), I Scream! Ice Cream! A Book of Wordles (2013) and Little Miss, Big Sis, (2015).

Other Facts To Know About The Late Author 

1. She was also known as a contributor to the TED conference and National Public Radio.

2. Her most popular videos are The Kindness Thought Bubble, The Beckoning of LovelyLife is a Marathon and The Money Tree.

3. Amy Krouse Rosenthal loved creating something out of nothing, making salads and being in touch with the universe.

4. History recorded Amy as the first writer to pen 3 kid’s books that made it to Best Children’s Books for Family Literacy in one year.

5. Her website ( is regarded as one of the best official sites of authors.