Amy Shark – Biography, Husband: Everything You Need to Know

Life’s fortunes turn around for some people, either for good or for bad, following a series of events that occur in a twinkling of an eye. Amy Shark can relate perfectly with this as her life (music career) turned around very fast when her song, “Adore”, was put on play rotation at the Australian radio station Triple J. What happened next was a hive of activities which typically characterizes the lifestyle of celebrities in showbiz. Since then, the singing sensation has continued to wax strong in her career; producing more musical works and seeing nominations for some awards while carting some home.

Beyond these, a lot has happened in Amy’s life that has not been captured in her music. We are therefore going to take you through her background, career, and other facts that will also include details about her husband, Shane Billings.

Amy Shark Biography

Amy Shark, whose birth name is Amy Lousie Billings, was born on the 14th of May 1986 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, where she was also raised. Her parents split when she was still a toddler after which she was raised jointly by her mother, Robyn, and her stepfather, David Cushway, who she fondly calls Dave. Amy also has a stepbrother named Mitch who she is senior to with 6 years. As for her biological father, she  that she didn’t speak with him for a very long time until she got famous and they had an interaction on Twitter.

Growing up, Amy Shark attended Southport State High School where she began exhibiting an interest in theatre. Her stepbrother, however, had an electric guitar which was given to him by their grandparents when he was about 8. One day, Amy saw him playing it and thought to herself that if Mitch could play the guitar, she could as well do well at it. From then on, she left her interest in theatre for music.

To add purpose to her music interest, Amy joined a girl band where she played mainly the guitar but didn’t sing because she was shy. Nevertheless, following her graduation from high school, she met New Zealand-born Gold Coast resident Shane Billings (future husband) who also shared a great passion for music like her. When her girl-band days were over, Shane encouraged her to continue honing her music skills and pursue a career therein. He booked her for performances and wrote severally to people asking them to hear her sing. Amy Shark gained an audience with some performances, others were terrible but in all, she got better, wrote more songs and remained focus on the big picture with Shane.

With regards to her lyrics, Amy disclosed that she lets her subconscious take over as she usually spends more time on the melody using a piece from a guitar. If she is unable to come up with a cool melody, she often spends time taking a walk or grabbing a cup of coffee before getting back to work. When asked what type of team she works with, she said, “I am the team, I am currently flying solo.”

Amy Shark’s first recorded single came in 2014 and was titled “Spits on Girls”. This was followed by “Golden Fleece” and her APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) award-winning single, “Adore” both in 2016. The song charted favorably in her home country at number 3, 8 in the New Zealand Music Chart, 32 in the US Alternative Songs chart, and 17 in the US Adult Alternative Songs chart.

In 2017, she recorded the singles: “Weekends”, and “Drive You Mad” which were then added to her album Night Thinker. Amy Shark grew bigger in her music career in 2018 with the gold-certified album Love Monster. The album had songs like “All Loved Up”, “Psycho” (featuring Mark Hoppus), “Don’t Turn Around” and “I Said Hi”.

Seeing how fast Shark’s music career is growing, her fans and the music world, in general, are always agog for her next release, which we are confident will not be a disappointment.


Is She Married? Everything You Need to Know About Her Husband

Amy Shark is married to Shane Billings. He is from New Zealand but resides in the Gold Coast city of Australia. Shane was born in 1983, however, there are no much details about his childhood. As earlier stated, the duo met when Shark finished high school. They had a friend who at the age of 21 died as a result of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His death was quite devastating for both parties but it also brought them closer.

After high school, Billing got a double degree in finance and business before landing an accounting job. Some reports also have it that he worked with the Gold Coast Titans Football club at a time where Shark joined him as a video editor. The duo got married on May 11, 2013, and have remained together ever since. It has not been revealed whether or not they have kids, at least none since the Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter and song producer got famous.

Shark has revealed that she was overwhelmed by the real love her husband showed her after having been in a couple of relationships with “losers.” She added that the same love was not denied her by his family members who all cared about her in contrast to what she experienced with her own father who was hardly ever in her life till she got famous.

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