Andrew Zimmern Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Very few people know about food as Andrew Zimmern does; he is an American food writer, chef, television personality, and teacher. His career has seen him work as an anchor, consultant, producer, and co-producer of the television series Bizzare Foods. Find out more about this celebrity’s life beyond what you already know about him and his cooking prowess.

Andrew Zimmern’s Bio

The celebrity-chef and Bizzare Foods show host was born on the 5th of July in the year 1961 in New York City into a Jewish Family. His birth name is Andrew Scott Zimmern and he was born to Robert Zimmern (father) and Caren Zimmern (mother). He studied at Dalton School from where he graduated and went to Vassar College.

From an early age, Andrew was interested in food and the art of cooking, therefore, at age 14, he began attending classes for his first culinary training and was known and seen then as an ambitious young boy passionate about what he loved doing – cooking.

Life, as we learned, wasn’t all rosy for Andrew, he had his own fair share of hardship and tough life probably courtesy of his alcohol addiction. At a time, the New York celebrity chef became destitute and had no roof over his head. But in all these troubles, though seemingly self-inflicted, he never lost sight of his life ambitions and made good of his intentions of having a successful life by submitting himself for alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

He got rehabilitated at Hazelden Treatment Center for medication and liquor addiction in Minnesota and his life became anew. Today, he is also a volunteer at the facility helping others rise from what he once fell to.

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Andrew has lectured at a school for social research and restaurant management, he is the host of the show titled Feasting with Death which is all about informing its viewers about unhealthy foods that can debilitate their health and degenerate into death.

He has worked at some of the finest New York restaurants either as an executive chef or general manager. Notably, Andrew Zimmern has won the James Beard Award and has also obtained the highest grading for his menu from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the Minnesota Monthly.

Andrew Zimmern Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Is He Gay?
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Cooking is not all that the celebrity chef has mastery over. He is also a prolific writer and has written for many best selling magazines. Andrew has also built a reputation as a journalist, having made many published literary contributions to many international and national papers. He is as well, a radio host and has gained popularity with his Food Court with Andrew Zimmern radio program.

Family: Wife And Son, Is He Gay?

Andrew Zimmern is a married man. the chef is married to Rishia Haas Zimmern who he met while attending a food college in Minnesota. Rishia was the school’s kitchen storekeeper when Andrew ran into her, soon after, they began interacting with each other and got fond of spending time together.

Their love was further nurtured for a year as they dated despite the huge age difference between them. On the 16th day of December 2002, they wedded at Minneapolis St Paul in a ceremony which was well attended by their family and close friends. Many of their family members missed the nuptials but however honored a grand homecoming party that was held the following year.

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Their marriage has since then been blessed with a child; a son who was born three years after their marriage. Noah Zimmern is his name and his birth has in no small way further made their union a happy one. The family of three currently lives in Minnesota.

Andrew himself is not a gay man as he is married with a kid. He is, however, a man who had a set of male gay parents as he explained in a tweet he shared on his Twitter handle @andrewzimmern on 28th January 2018. He, however, turned out not influenced by his parent’s sexuality as he is a straight man.

Andrew Zimmern Net Worth

The food industry is a big business no matter the side of the industry one is on; whether in the farming part, distribution or processing. More so, those that harness various farm produce to form one whole nutrient-rich meal. Andrew Zimmern is on this side of the food industry and has over the years been well rewarded for his cooking dexterity. The chef, according to online sources, is worth about $5 million.