Andy Signore – Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Where Is He Now?

Andy Signore – Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Where Is He Now?

Before joining the likes of Harvey Weinstein on the notorious list of entertainment bigshots with multiple sexual misconduct allegations on their neck, Andy Signore was in a good place in his career as a film director, among many other things. He is the brain behind several digital series and has created, written, and directed a lot of them. Some of his acclaimed works include but are not limited to Honest Trailers, The ScreenJunkies Show, Man at Arms, Prank it FWD, and Super-Fan Build.

It’s no surprise his works have also been rewarded heavily by several award bodies and even amid the claims and allegations threatening his life-long career, Andy Signore is still one of the best at what he does.

Andy Signore Biography

Andy Signore was born on August 15th, 1979, in the city of Philadelphia, United States, where he also grew up. Without much information available on his background, it is a known fact that he became interested in the act of writing and producing digital content when he was just a kid and his works have always been unique. Apparently a smart kid, Signore scaled through school with good grades and got his college degree in 2003 from Columbia College Hollywood, graduating Summa Cum Laude. But what’s the essence of good grades and quality education if you can’t put it to good use? Andy Signore didn’t waste time in launching his career by nailing a domestic distribution deal that came after he wrote, co-directed, and starred in his first feature-length comedy film The Janitor.

While his career was still taking shape, he freelanced for IGN in 2009 after which he took the job of a writer and producer at Current TV and later as a producer and content developer with Disney Interactive, the latter lasted for three months. At this time, Signore knew that his talent lies with online content, thus, he put his all into it. Using his comedy brand, SecretSauceTV, he released some successful clips and later joined The Collective (Collective Digital Studios) where he worked as a Director of Digital Content. His time with the Beverly Hills distribution company and talent management firm saw him team up with talents like Kevin Nealon, Eddie Izzard, Garry Shandling, among others. Disney’s Internet Media Group invited him to work on the Original Content Development team for as the lead producer.

In 2009, Break Media secured his services and there, Andy Signore created, wrote, and directed back-to-back hit series among which is the highly-acclaimed series/brand – Honest Trailers. It was also at the media firm that he created The Screen Junkies Show, Speakeasy with Paul F Tompkins, and Man At Arms, all to rave reviews. Break Media later joined forces with Alloy Digital in 2013 to form Defy Media with Signore retaining his job but this time as the VP of Original Programming.

Andy Signore – Biography, Wife, Net Worth, Where Is He Now?
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In recognition for a good job, the MTV Movie Awards gave him a nod for Best Movie Spoof for his video United 300 in 2007 and he won. Again, his Screen Junkies series made the list of nominees for a Streamy Award in 2015. He was also on Variety’s 2013 Comedy Impact List.

Net Worth

From the foregoing, it is quite clear that Andy Signore didn’t graduate top of his class without putting his talent to good use. He has really made a great impact with his passion for video creation and production. He has also been recognized for his works with accolades and there is no gainsaying he has been getting financial rewards as well. That notwithstanding, he hasn’t been generous with the details of his net worth.

His Wife

He married his wife, Miranda Signore, in 2016 and they have a son together. Miranda is an actress and cinematographer and has worked with her husband on several occasions. The two have been living a quiet and stable life since they got married but this might not be the case again if the accusing fingers pointing at Andy Signore are anything to go by.

Where Is Andy Signore Now?

An unfortunate turn of events led to Defy Media axing Andy Signore and this has everything to do with the multiple women who spoke up in October 2017 about the sexual harassment they experienced at the hands of the director in the past. These women notably worked with Andy on the Screen Junkies channel. Consequently, Signore lost his job and has not bothered to make a public statement to refute or apologize for the claims. He has been off the radar since then.