Angela Tian – Biography, Personal Details & Facts About Lil Tay’s Mom

Angela Tian – Biography, Personal Details & Facts About Lil Tay’s Mom

Being a parent is hard work. There is no know-it-all guideline that drops from the sky into the laps of every new parent, teaching them exactly what to do and what not to do. Even preparation, willingness, and commitment can only take one so far. Parents will make mistakes as they go and learn on the fly, often, some of the decisions they make will be life-altering. Such is the topsy turvy world that Angela Tian found herself in.

Many would argue that Tian is in a relatively more complex situation than many other parents, seeing as she is the mother of a kid celebrity while not being famous herself. Angela is the mother to the trending child rapper, Lil Tay, the self-proclaimed ‘flexer of the century. And as expected every decision the kid makes reflects on Angela Tian, one way or the other. Here is everything we know about her and her famous child.

Angela Tian Biography And Personal Details

As stated earlier, Angela may not have become known to the world; she may have remained just another ordinary mother fighting to provide for her family if not for a series of life decisions that have brought her to the forefront of the global discussion around issues like parenting and responsible social media use.

Nothing is known about Angela Tian’s upbringing. The identity of her parents, siblings, and educational background remains a mystery as well. All that is known is that Tian, judging from her looks and name, is of Asian descent. She is also an immigrant to the United States.

Facts About Lil Tay’s Mom

1. Angela Tian Used To Work As A Real Estate Agent

Before her daughter became a social media celebrity, Angela made a living supporting her family as a certified real estate agent. She worked for a real estate brokerage in the bustling city of Vancouver, Canada. The firm is known as Pacific Evergreen Realty and is located at Oakridge Centre on West 41st Avenue.

At this point, her daughter had started making videos and building her social media brand. Tian then made the decision to move the family to the United States where she could focus on growing Lil Tay’s brand.

2. Lil Tay’s Online Antics Are Causing Many To See Angela As A Bad Parent

Since Lil Tay became a viral celebrity online, Angela and her family have continued to get a lot of bad press for the kid’s online antics. Tay’s Instagram is full of videos and photos of her showing off a luxurious lifestyle in a very rude and condescending manner.

She is often filmed spraying cash and spouting racially abusive words like n***ga and b**tch. Tay also did a video with a veteran cyber celebrity, where both were spraying cash around while Tay mouthed off. She has been pictured with all sorts of high-end cars and products while filming in opulent mansions.

This has led netizens, in their numbers, to come for Angela’s head. They have called her out for not teaching her child responsible social media usage. Others have said that she is just trying to monetize her own kid. They even started a petition to have the child’s account deleted from Instagram. These accusations have done nothing to phase the former realtor, however, as she reaffirms her daughter is unique and is a success story.

3. Angela Tian And Lil Tay Have Done Some Big Name Interviews

This kind of viral story often doesn’t go unnoticed by big media brands. As a result, Angela and her daughter have been brought on interviews by names like Buzzfeed and ABC’s Good Morning America.

For the latter interview, they sat down with ABC’s Juju Chang to answer some questions. During the interview, Tay said asserted that her expletive-laden utterances in her videos were all her idea and that she wasn’t reading a script prepared by anyone else. When asked by Chang how they respond to the online haters, Angela quipped that they don’t read comments and basically just ignore them.

4. A Video Of Angela’s Daughter Surfaced Online Where She Was Being Coached

Despite her assertion on the ABC interview that she wasn’t scripted, a video soon surfaced of Lil Tay sitting in a green room and taking directions from a voice behind the camera. The person was apparently telling her what next to do, what to say, and how to act while Tay kept asking questions for clarity.

The child didn’t seem happy in the video clip. Furthermore, the clip drew the attention of big names the iconic rapper, . He posted the video on his Instagram, criticizing whoever was managing her online persona.

It was later revealed that Angela’s other child, Jason Tian was responsible for coaching Lil Tay before all her videos. The mother of two just seemed to be happy and content with the fact that her children were working together.

5. Tian Was Not Fired From Her Job

As earlier stated, Angela once worked as a realtor in Canada. Many news sources quote that she was fired from her job because she had used her boss’s car as a prop for one of her daughter’s Instagram videos and she did so without his knowledge or permission.

However, as her boss would confirm later, while she did use his car for the said purpose and without his knowledge, he stated that she wasn’t fired. Angela was the one who resigned from the job.

Angela had previously also taken pictures of her boss’s luxury cars to help boost her daughter’s star-style image online.

6. Angela Revealed That Lil Tay Was Actually Nothing Like Her Persona

Judging from Tian’s own admission about her daughter, it turns out that many more people would like her if they knew what she was like in real life. Angela says her daughter is actually a mild-mannered and well-behaved child. She also revealed that Lil Tay is a stand-out straight-A student.

So when quizzed as to why she didn’t opt to let this part of her daughter shine through, Angela Tian admitted the online persona Tay was using was just for entertainment purposes and nothing else