Angelica Hale of America’s Got Talent: Her Parents, Net Worth, What is She Doing Now?

Angelica Hale of America’s Got Talent: Her Parents, Net Worth, What is She Doing Now?

Angelica Hale, a smart and talented American singer discovered her talent at a very young age and always wanted to become a superstar through it. Despite the health challenges she encountered as a young child, it didn’t stop her from going for what she wanted, as she went to compete in the reality TV series, America’s Got Talent in the twelfth season and came out victorious. Angelica is an amazing singer who has been busy working on her musical career since she left the show; she also got featured in a short drama Medieval Sockocalypyse and a few others.

Who is Angelica Hale of America’s Got Talent?

Angelica Hale was born on July 31, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia, to her parents Eva and James Hale and she has a younger sister named Abigail.  From the early age of two, Hale started singing and knew she wanted to take it further and become a superstar just like Whitney Houston whom she has always looked up to. She gained her fame when she went for season twelve of the American Got Talent competition.

At the age of four, Angelica suffered from a life-threatening health condition known as Sepsis. This disease led to several organ failures, including her kidney. That was a very challenging time in her life and that of her family as she needed to undergo a kidney transplant. Her mother who matched her samples donated a kidney to her daughter which saved her life, however, the sickness kept her in the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for 80 days.

In 2017, at the age of nine, she decided to showcase her talent to the world when she participated in the 12th season of the popular reality show, Americans Got Talent. She wowed the crowd and judges with her performance of Andre Day’s ‘Rise Up’ during the audition and this great performance got her into the show.

While in the show, she was so amazing that she got a golden buzzer from Chris Hardwick who was a guest judge for her performance of Alicia Key’s ‘Girl On Fire’. Angelica Hale came out as the runner-up (to Darci Lynn Farmer) at the end of the show and the youngest to get to that position in the history of the show.

Family Life – Parents

The only thing that is known about Angelica Hale’s mother Eva Bolando Hale is that she is from the Philippines and besides that, nothing much is known about her. We can also see where Angelica got her beauty from as she has a striking resemblance with her mom, whom she refers to as her hero. Her father James Hale, is a financial accounting consultant who is half Filipino and half Caucasian.

Angelica Hale of America’s Got Talent: Her Parents, Net Worth, What is She Doing Now?
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When Angelica came for the audition of AGT, she announced with joy that she was going to be a big sister, and true to that announcement while still in the show her little sister, Abigail, was welcomed. As little as we know about this family, we can tell they are a happy and united family who supports each other, which is quite obvious from the way Angelica Hale was supported from the start of the AGT show till the end.

Net Worth

Having shown how talented she is and the willingness to go further in achieving her dream of becoming a star, we can tell that the young singer is within steps of hitting superstardom. With the exposure she got from taking part in America’s Got Talent reality show, we are sure opportunities are already knocking at her door.

Information regarding her net worth is not really known at the moment, but there is information that her estimated net worth is around $80,000 but that information is not so certain. But with the way she is going we are sure to hear of an amazing increase in net worth in the nearest future.

What Is Angelica Hale Doing Now?

Since the end of the competition, Angelica Hale has been quite busy with so many projects that she has been working on. Having suffered from Sepsis as a young girl, she is using her love for music to reach out to every other person that is going through what she went through by creating awareness of the condition to the public. ‘It’s About TIME’ is one of the campaigns that she is involved in concerning sepsis; its symptoms, the urgent need to seek medical treatment when the signs are discovered and how to go about it all in order to save the life of the victim.

Also, her fame with AGT has seen the young singer travel to several places including Taiwan, Taipei, etc where she performs. According to Hale, she is working on recording her own songs which is something she has always looked forward to doing.