Angelina Jolie’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Her name should not be foreign to anyone who has access to any kind of media, especially in recent times, with even CNN carrying the news of her ongoing divorce. Make no mistake, Angelina Jolie casts a bigger shadow than her split with Brad Pitt.

Her work as an actress, film maker and humanitarian have set her apart, making Angelina Jolie’s height in her career quite commendable. Today, it’s mostly going to be about the actress body statistics and not her personal life, but if it pops up anywhere, just know that we couldn’t help it.

Angelina Jolie’s Height

The actress isn’t freakishly tall, but she is well above the average height of a woman at 5 feet 7 inches. Other celebrities that share Angelina Jolie’s height are Kurt Cobain, Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber. Just like in the case of  all other celebrities out there, speculations have risen as to whether the star actually stands that tall.

Unlike our basketball players out there who aim to play down their height, Jolie has apparently added a few extra inches. Fans and haters alike have taken out time to dig out pictures of the star with people that will expose her ‘real height.’

One fan wrote, ‘I always thought she was freakish tall, specially after they said she was like 173 cm for Gia and Lara Croft and even Salt… But then I watched Girls Interrupted, while she do look freaking tall, she is wearing at least an 6-8 cm boot-heel and barely looks taller than Whoopi Goldberg who is supposed to be 165 cm.’

Another wrote, ‘In the VF interview she said it was one of the problems with her character. She was supposed to do all these fights and she was so much tinier than everyone else on the set and they had to somehow make it look believable that someone so tiny could be so tough. 5’1″ is probably about right.’

We have to give the crown to the person that said this though, ‘Good lord, not the height debate again?!!? DOESN’T MATTER who is taller or shorter than anyone else. DOESN’T MATTER!! I don’t care if Jen is taller or shorter than Angelina (cause you know that’s where this discussion is going to lead to ) – and I don’t care if either of them are 5’1″ or 5’7.’

If the lady says she’s 5 feet 7 inches, then let’s go along with that till she says otherwise and that’s all we have on Angelina Jolie’s height.

Angelina Jolie’s Weight

Forget about all the fuss about Angelina Jolie’s height, the actress’ weight has been a cause for a concern for some time now and is even more so now amidst her divorce. Back in 2014, when her weight loss took a drastic turn, it turns out that the actress was shedding weight in a bid to show solidarity with the actors forced to slim down for her WWII movie, Unbroken.

That was the same year she underwent a preventive double mastectomy because she did not want her children to lose her to cancer, the way she lost her mother Marcheline Bertrand to the disease.  Nevertheless, her weight continued to plummet.

The actress was already underweight at 52 kg, but amid her ongoing divorce, she’s only getting worse. When the divorce was still a rumor, Jolie’s weight loss caused John Voight, her father, with whom she has had a long-running feud, to reach out to her in concern. At the time experts said she weighed 35 kg, any father would be concerned.

Angelina and her father have feuded since 2002, when Voight described Jolie as having “serious mental problems.” More recently, now that the divorce is no longer a rumor, the actress may weigh a little more at 40 kg but it’s still very unhealthy. Apparently she isn’t coping well with the divorce and she has to be reminded to eat.

Hopefully she will calm down and try to build up her weight, it would be a shame if she went through the trouble of having a double mastectomy to stay alive for her kids, Just to end up dying from starvation.

Angelina Jolie’s Body Measurements

In addition to Angelina Jolie’s height and her dwindling weight, we have some of her other body measurements here for you. Her breast size is 36 inches, her waist size is 27 inches and her hips measure 36 inches, making the actress a perfect hour glass.

Jolie wears a US shoe size 9, European size 40 and UK size 7.

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