Angus Young Net Worth, Dead Or Alive, Who Are The Wife And Children?

Angus Young Net Worth, Dead Or Alive, Who Are The Wife And Children?

Angus Young is the enigmatic and ever charismatic guitarist and rock vocalist. He was a part of the band popularly known by the stage name the “AC/DC,” a band that has been regarded as “one of the most influential and important rock bands in history” by the editor of Kerrang! magazine. Of all their albums released, it was the 1979 studio album, High Way to Hell that launched him and his group to great fame as it became their best-selling album to date. Angus was further named the Best Australian Guitar player of all time by an Australian Guitar Magazine on the 16th of May 2012 through a poll conducted. Here are more interesting facts about his career and personal life.

Angus Young – Bio

Angus Mckinnon Young was born ‎on the 31st of March 1955 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. As a kid, he lived with his family in Glasgow, at number 6 Skerryvore Road, Cranhill to be precise. He was no slack too as he began working at an early age as a machine/saw operator in a cement/asbestos processing company. He also worked as a wheel boy. In terms of education, Angus was enrolled in Ashfield Boys High School. However, he never completed high school as he dropped out at the age of 15.

When he was much older, Angus Young served during World War 2 in 1940 as a flight engine mechanic with the Royal Air Force. When the war was over, he found work as a postman and later as a yardman, employed by a builder. More so, in Young’s family, all his brothers played an instrument. The first musical instrument he learned how to play was the Banjo which was re-strung with six strings. He then moved on to playing the guitar after his mother bought him a second-hand inexpensive acoustic model. Later in 1970, Angus bought himself a second-hand Gibson SG, from a music store close to his home.


His first experience with a structured music group was in a band named Kantuckee. The group was made up of bandmates including; vocalist Bob McGlynn, Jon Stevens on the bass, Trevor James on the drums, and Angus Young handling the guitar. Unfortunately, the group was disbanded and this made Young move on to another group named “Tantrums” where he was the guitarist, Jon Stevens was the bassist, Trevor James was the drummer, Mark Sneddon was the guitarist and vocalist. Due to dissatisfaction with the group, Angus Young then joined a band formed by one of his brothers, George Young, and his music partner Harry Vanda.

The name of the band was “Marcus Hook Roll Band.” Together with the bandmates, an album titled “Tales of Old Grand-Daddy”  was released in 1973. The same year in 1973 when he turned 18, he and his older brother Malcolm decided to form a group which they named AC/DC. Angus functioned as the lead guitarist, Larry Van Kriedt was the bass guitarist, Collin Burgess was on the drums, Malcolm Young was the rhythm guitarist and Dave Evans was the group’s vocalist.

In trying to get a personal look for himself, Angus Young experimented with different looks and costumes such as a gorilla, Spider-Man, and Zorro costume. He also tried a parody of Superman called Super-Ang. Interestingly, he later settled for the schoolboy look which was suggested by his sister, subsequently, becoming his signature look throughout his predominant career.

Angus Young Net Worth

With a career spanning decades, Angus Young is considered to be part of the highest grossing musicians of his generation. Also considering record sales, worldwide tour, and merchandising, he sure deserves all the fame and financial earnings he accrued over the years. Though he is rarely in the music scene, his past work still speaks for him, considering his impressive net worth of $140 million.

Angus Young Net Worth, Dead Or Alive, Who Are The Wife And Children?
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Personal Life – Who Are The Wife And Children?

Rock Star Angus Young is a married man. Amazingly, he got married to his heartthrob Ellen in the year 1980 and the pair have been together ever since. In all their years spent together as a married couple, there hasn’t been any rumor of a fight or an impending divorce which is a good thing. More so, considering the fact that Angus and his wife Ellen are over sixty years of age, divorce is highly unlikely. In terms of children, however, there has been no known record of the pair having kids of their own.

Dead Or Alive

Given the fact that Angus lived life on the edge as commonplace with rock stars, many didn’t expect him to live long, especially considering the fact that some of his bandmates kicked the bucket at a young age. However, Angus Young is still very much alive though he battles a few age-related ailments, he plans to be around for as long as he can.