Anjali Pichai Bio and All You Must Know About Her, Her Husband and Family

Anjali Pichai is the wife of the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai. If it is true that behind every successful man there is a woman, then this Indian-born engineer is undoubtedly the woman behind the Google CEO. Sundar Pichai gives the credit for some of his best career decisions to his better half, Anjali Pichai.

Anjali has stuck with her husband Sundar starting from the days when his career doesn’t have any sign of being glorious. Their relationship dates back to the 1990s when they met in College. Sundar proposed just before they graduated and some years later, they tied the knot. Ever since they have remained inseparable, their marriage has been blissful and free of any form of scandal.

Anjali Pichai Bio

Angali Pichai (nee Haryani) was born in Kota, Rajasthan, India. She enrolled at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur 1989 and graduated with a degree (B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering in 1993.

Upon graduation, Anjali worked as a business manager and business operator for a while in India. She later relocated to the US to further her studies. Currently, she works as a business operations manager at Intuit. The engineer tied the knot with her heartthrob Sandar Pichai in the U.S and they have 2 children together.

Her Husband and Family

Anjali Pichai is married to Sundar Pichai. Mr Pichai was born in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and was appointed CEO of Google on August 10, 2015. He joined the corporation way back in 2004 and oversaw the development of a number of its major applications such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Chrome.

Sundar Pichai made headlines as Google CEO in 2017 when he fired a staff of the corporation who had suggested that women were less biologically suited to work in tech and leadership.

Their love story sounds like something out of the movies. The relationship between the couple dates back to their college days. They had met at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and were both in the class of 1993. Anjali was pursuing a degree in chemical engineering while Sundar was studying Metallurgical Engineering. As expected, Sundar Pichai was a nerd, he was a brilliant student and was at the top of his class.

However, he was also very shy and didn’t socialise so much with the ladies. Therefore it came as a surprise to the IIT alumni community when they got to know that the very shy nerd Sundar was getting married to another one of their own.

Anjali and Sundar started out as friends and soon it blossomed into an exclusive affair. In their final year in college, Sundar proposed to Anjali. Upon graduation, Sundar won a scholarship to Stanford University. However, they had to endure a distant relationship when Sundar moved to the US for his master’s degree.

As a couple, they weren’t financially independent and so their communication was hampered. At one time, they went 6 straight months without speaking to each other. However, the love they had for each other was strong and they were able to persevere.

Anjali subsequently moved to the US to also further her studies. Eventually, Sundar was able to get a regular job and with permission from both their parents, the couple got married.

After they got married, Anjali and her husband settled in the U.S and started a family. They are parents of 2 children; daughter, Kavya and son, Kiran. However, they have kept their family life out of the media as much as possible. The couple never announced any of their pregnancies. The family currently resides in Los Altos Hills, California.

All You Must Know About Her

Her husband Sundar Pichai is the head of one of the biggest tech companies in the world, however, things haven’t always been rosy for the couple. Back in India, her husband’s parents had to clear out their savings in order to pay for his flight ticket to the US.

Her husband Sundar Pichai had received different juicy offers from other tech giants such as Microsoft and Twitter to come to head their companies, however, based on her advice, he remained with Google.