Ann Cabell Standish – Bio, Family, Facts About Robert Mueller’s Wife

Ann Cabell Standish – Bio, Family, Facts About Robert Mueller’s Wife

The name Robert Muller (FBI director between 2001 and 2013) is a popular name but the same cannot be said for his wife Ann Cabell Standish who had lived a rather private life, away from the spotlight. She came to the limelight as the wife of the American lawyer who was the 6th director of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). It happened that Ann’s husband, Robert Muller was the incumbent director of FBI during the infamous World Trade Center 9/11 attack – a post he assumed just one week before the attack. Ann was really supportive of her spouse as she threw her weight behind Robert during the traumatic period.

Robert’s profile on the website of the University of Virginia’s law school revealed that he views his wife as a “true Saint” for her love and support especially when he had to go to Vietnam as a soldier and then to law school. While her husband was fighting in Vietnam, Ann occupied herself working at a private school in Washington with children who had learning disabilities as a special education teacher.

While Ann Cabell Standish has lived her past life away from the limelight, there has been a renewed interest in her life since her husband’s appointment as the special counsel of the investigation charged with the responsibility of looking into Russian interference in the last US elections of May 2017.

Ann Cabell Standish – Biography

Ann Cabell Standish came into the world in Sewickley, Pennsylvania on the 2nd of April 1948. Although the professions of parents are not known, they have been identified as Dorothy Lucile Standish (née Cabell) and Thomas Anderson Standish Jr. It is not known whether she is an only child or has other siblings.

She had her early education at Miss Porter’s School located in Farmington, Connecticut. Ann did not stop there; she proceeded to Sarah Lawrence College where she achieved her college graduation. However, her course of study and year of graduation is not yet public knowledge.


Ann Cabell Standish’s relationship history is well-publicized; her first contact with her husband was at age 17 when she attended a high school party. Robert was equally 17 at that time and their dalliance commenced after he invited Ann over for a weekend visit. Robert joined the military shortly after graduation but they tied the knot in 1966. Their wedding took place at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, and was officiated by Rev. Samuel Odom during the Labor Day weekend on September 3. After a couple of years, Robert went off to Vietnam with the Marine and Ann spent the intervening years as a teacher in a special private school in Washington, taking care of kids with learning disorders. When her husband had a stopover at Hawaii to recuperate, she went over to visit along with their daughter Cynthia, whom Robert had not seen at all, at the time.

Although Robert had plans of extending his deployment for another half a year, he was sent to Marine headquarters in Arlington Virginia to take up a desk job. Subsequently, he attended law school and graduated as a lawyer. Robert Mueller and Ann Cabell Standish had another daughter named Melissa and now have three grandchildren. One important thing to note is that one of their children had spina bifida at birth. This means that her spinal cord didn’t develop properly.

Facts About Robert Mueller’s Wife

Rise to Fame

Ann Cabell Standish has been the wife of Robert Muller for over five decades, standing solidly behind him through his illustrious law career as well as his military career. Though she prefers to maintain a low profile, she has made the headlines more than a few times in connection with her spouse’s career. A good example was when a Washingtonian article mentioned how she once stood up for her husband’s employees, pointing out to him that he was overworking his staff.

Influence on her Spouse

Robert Muller himself is the one who blows his wife’s trumpet, always full of praises for Ann for supporting him through thick and thin. In the same vein, Robert has not been averse to voicing out his deep devotion to his wife. Even when he has to travel overseas, he makes sure to spend as much time as possible with her. Robert is forever devoted to the woman who moved across 17 states in the United States with him because of the demand of his job. He is the type who listens to the counsel of his wife; this is evident by a report that surfaced in the Sydney Morning Herald which revealed that Ann Cabell Standish banned her husband from using online banking after he almost fell for the tricks of a phishing scam.

Net Worth

Ann Cabell Standish has never been a celebrity in her own right but she earned a good income in her teaching job. At the moment, Ann’s total net worth has not been revealed. However, her spouse earned handsomely in his political career and is listed as #100 most powerful people by Forbes in 2018.