Ann Cowherd – Biography, Family, Facts About Colin Cowherd’s Wife

Ann Cowherd – Biography, Family, Facts About Colin Cowherd’s Wife

It is no longer news that some persons become celebrities as a result of their being associated with someone who is of interest to the public, better put, a celebrity as well. One of such lucky persons is Ann Cowherd. Seeing that her celebrity husband’s (Colin Cowherd) first marriage ended for unknown reasons, a lot of people kept a close watch once Colin began his romance with our cynosure in this article. The duo has been married for a couple of years now and things seem to be going pretty well for them.

Besides all that you may already know about Colin, let us focus our attention more on his second wife – Ann Cowherd – and really get to know her aside from being the wife of the American sports media personality.

Ann Cowherd – Biography

Before the fame and attention her marriage to Colin brought her, Ann Cowherd was born many years ago somewhere in the United States of America. She is, therefore, an American national, and going by her looks, she is also of white ethnicity. Though her exact date and place of birth are not yet publicly known, available estimates have it that she was born sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. If that be the case, then her husband Colin will be older than her by at least 10 years as he was born in the 60s, precisely on January 6, 1964.

Just like the details of her birth are still obscure, the same goes for her family members. It is not yet known who her parents are, what they do for a living, whether or not she has siblings, and all other stories that are relatable to one’s childhood life. The unavailability of her background information also extends to her education. Ann has not disclosed which schools she attended whether high school or college but it is generally believed that she attained an appreciable level of education and possibly went further than her graduate degree, pursued a career before falling head over heels in love with Colin Cowherd.


Before Ann Cowherd’s marriage to Colin Cowherd, the latter was previously married to model Kimberly Ann Vadala. The two got married in 1996 and in the next 11 years that followed, they became parents to two children. However, in 2007, the couple divorced and split their assets into two.

Ann Cowherd – Biography, Family, Facts About Colin Cowherd’s Wife
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As Colin moved on, he got to know of Ann through a mutual friend Trace Gallagher in Los Angeles. The two became friends, then took their friendship further as they began dating. In no distant time, they were pronounced husband and wife before their family and friends sometime in 2010. They are currently parents to 6 children as reports have it. Ann had 4 kids prior to marrying Colin while Colin on his own part had 2 kids from his previous marriage with Kimberly.

Facts About Colin Cowherd’s Wife

  • Net Worth

The obscurity of Ann Cowherd’s career has made it difficult if not impossible to estimate what her net worth might be. However, seeing that she is married to a media celebrity with a burgeoning career, we can rest assured that she is living comfortably. Her husband Colin reportedly has a net worth of about $14 million.

  • Family Home

Considering the size of her family which is a family of eight, Ann and her husband knew what was just right for them as they bought a mansion in the Tree Section of Manhattan. The befitting home cost them over $3 million. The house is not only ideal for a family of their size, but it is also everything they ask for in a home.

  • Social Media

In contrast to what you might be expected of a celebrity in an age and time like ours, Ann Cowherd shuns social media in its entirety as she prefers keeping her personal/family affairs off the glare of the public. Though a quick search on any of the popular social media sites will bring up several profiles/handles bearing Ann Cowherd or variants of it as the result of your search query, none of those profiles belongs to Colin Cowherd’s wife.

  • Fitness Enthusiast

Through Colin, we learned that his wife is a fitness enthusiast. She even installed gym equipment in the basement of their home so they can be working out at home.