Anna Kendrick’s Relationship Status; Single, Taken Or Married

Being in the public eye means that practically every detail of your life is subject to public speculation, most especially the romantic aspect. Even in our personal lives people are constantly trying to keep up with who is dating who and who is married to who, so it’s pretty much the same everywhere. Today it’s all about Anna Kendrick and her love life, so let’s get started.

Is Anna Kendrick Married?

The answer to that question is no, but she has some pretty lovely wedding pictures out there. In 2013, Anna got married in the movie The Last 5 Years, and since then the pictures of her sealing the deal with her handsome co star Jeremy Jordan, have been in circulation. The movie was based on the 2002 off-Broadway musical, the duo each illustrates the struggle and deconstruction of their love affair.

The fact that the star isn’t married does not mean that she hasn’t had a love affair here and there. There have been a couple of speculations about who the star is involved with and since there’s no husband to stalk lightly, let’s check out a few of her relationships.

Is Anna Kendrick Taken?

The answer to that question is yes, but not only is she taken, she has been alleged to be ‘taken’ on quite a few occasions and we are going to check out every one of them.

In 2014, Anna starred in the movie Into the Woods alongside Chris Pine, who was the Prince Charming to her fairy tale princess. After what must have been an intense on screen romance, someone must have been trying to project their on screen chemistry into reality by starting this rumor. Soon after the rumor emerged, it proceeded to fizzle out.

In Hollywood, it is practically impossible to step out with members of the opposite sex without fake wedding invitations surfacing. After being spotted out and about with her close buddy, Game of Thrones Star, Alfie Allen, the rumor mill began it’s churning and the gist was that the two were deeply involved.

One of her more entertaining dating hoaxes is the one that involved Zac Efron. Movie sets do not have to be boring places and these two stars are testaments to that fact. While shooting Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, the two of them were involved in a game which involved them taking goofy snap shots of each other and posting them on Instagram.

That nearly broke the internet, but it turns out that they were just playing… internet fixed.

Now onto some guys the actress has actually dated, from 2009 till 2013, the star was involved in a very secret relationship with the movie director, Edgar Wright. Apparently, they met while filming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the relationship was so secret that no one really caught a whiff of it till they broke up.

A year later, Anna found love in the arms of Ben Richardson, a cinematographer who worked on her film Drinking Buddies, and theirs is a love that seems to be waxing strong. They recently went on an outing that warmed the hearts of all fans of love everywhere.

It was nothing fancy or elaborate, just a couple taking a walk with cold beverages in their hands, as cute as that is, it is not the most recent news that has been circulating about the couple. There have been speculations that the star secretly got married in a private ceremony attended by only family and close friends. The rumors arose when the Anna was seen sporting a wedding ring.

Without any further confirmation from any of the parties involved, it is safe to say that this is a rumor, especially since they are yet to announce an engagement, but in the event that it is true having a secret wedding is one of the best ways to avoid all unwanted guests at their nuptials.

Is Anna Kendrick Single?

With all that we have seen, it’s safe to say that the star is as far from being single as Pluto is far from the earth, but only time can tell and as her story progresses we will all know more.

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