Anna Zak – Biography, Facts About The Israeli Internet Personality

Anna Zak – Biography, Facts About The Israeli Internet Personality

Anna Zak is a gorgeous and talented youngster who has stormed social media with both her beauty and skills. The Isreali internet personality made her entrance into the entertainment world as a child back when she appeared in the 2014 show, The Boys And The Girls. Shortly after that, Anna started getting offers to represents various brands and in 2017, she stunned everyone when she showed her singing side.

It is also interesting to know that she is a highly sort after model who has worked with firms like Milk Model Agency and ITM Models. Anna currently ranks as a very influential social media celebrity in Isreal and she is gradually becoming a music sensation.

Anna Zak’s Biography

Anna Zak celebrates her birthday on the 12th of March every year as she was born on that day in 2001. Her place of birth is Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia but at age 9, she moved back to her home country, Isreal with her family. Although it is known that Anna is still in school, she is yet to reveal the name of her school. She is fluent in Hebrew which she learned upon her return to Israel.

The internet sensation is known to have commenced her career in entertainment back in 2014 when she made an appearance in the reality sitcom The Boys And The Girls. Two years later, she was picked by Scoop Fashion Shoes, an Israeli footwear chain as their brand ambassador. This was shortly followed by a contract with Veet, a hair removal product that she created an international awareness for. Anna Zak then landed the opportunity to work with the Isreali channel Music 24, serving as an anchor for their popular show titled To be a singer.

Towards mid-2017, Anna was a part of the back-to-school advert sponsored by the American office supplies firm, Office Depot. She is also known to have worked with the popular music brand, Now United which must have triggered her interest in music as she dropped her single ‘Money Honey’ in August 2017. The song was a success for the rising star and as of this writing, it has been viewed more than 4.3 million times on YouTube.

The internet celebrity ended 2017 with the release of her second song titled ‘My Love’ and like her first song, it was a huge success with more than 3 million views on YouTube. Armed with the encouragement from her teeming fans, Anna Zak started to concentrate more on music and by March 2018, she dropped the song ‘Bang Bang’. She has also been invited to a number of shows in Isreal as a guest singer. In July 2018, Anna was contracted to work on the soundtrack for the Isreali film To The Edge which further boosted her fame as a singer.

Moreso, she was featured in the song ‘Gravity’ by the singer Richard Orlinski in August 2018. The song which also featured the popular American singer Fat Joe is a trending song on social media with more than 5 million YouTube views. Furthermore, Anna Zak put her talent to work in the production of her fourth song called ‘Tik Tok’ which had a blend of Hebrew and English lyrics. Her recent single titled ‘Call It Out’ which she released on June 9th, 2019 is gradually gaining grounds like her past songs with more than 400,000 YouTube views.

Fun Facts About Anna Zak 

Other interesting facts to know about the Israeli internet personality include the following:

1. The gorgeous young lady is notable for her towering height which is believed to be 5 feet 11 inches.

2. Anna’s physique is best described as slender and she has a body weight of about 55 kg.

3. The internet sensation has her real name as Anna Kuzenkov but she later shortened it to Anna Zak.

4. The blue-eyed damsel is close pals with the model Neta Alchimister who is also the co-owner of the bikini brand called Bananhot Bikinis. Moreso, Anna’s buddy is a top model who has worked with Elite Models in Tel Avis as well as the fashion company, Castro.

5. Anna Zak is known to have an elder sister who was a member of the Isreal Defense Forces.

6. She is estimated to have a net worth of about $10 million which is accounted for majorly from the youngster’s work as a model, social media personality, and musician.

7. Anna is currently regarded as the most popular Isreali social media personality.